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In the ward.

“Bo Silin! Bo Silin! F*ck! Quickly look at Su Feifei.”

Bo Xi held her phone and did a live broadcast, her high heels clattering against the ground as she rushed into the ward.

Her footsteps suddenly came to a halt.

The next second, question marks filled her face.

Bo Silin turned around in his suit.

His tall figure was filled with a sense of self-restraint, and he was even wearing a pair of metal-rimmed glasses.

He reached out and pushed his glasses, and his slender fingers patted his clothes.

His entire person looked like he had walked out of a comic.

“What are you doing”

“Its my wedding today.

Are you coming” He smiled.


Bo Xi was speechless.

Bo Silin took his phone and walked out of the door.

“I dont know if she would like this suit though…”

“Bo! Silin! What are you doing!”

Her roar echoed throughout the hospital.

The nurse in the corridor was stunned for a moment before she shrugged.

She was used to it.

Ever since the siblings came, the screams would occur three to four times a day.


In the Bo family, a butler knocked on the door.

When he brought the medicine in, he saw Grandpa Bos hand suddenly retract.

He immediately placed the phone on the table.

The butler was speechless.

‘Do you think Im blind he thought.


He had been following the show for several days.

The sound of Su Feifei driving the bats away could be heard two buildings away.

Isnt it a bit too late to hide now

“Sir, remember to drink your medicine.”

The butler was very tactful and did not expose his secrets.

“Yes.” Grandpa Bo nodded.

The butler put down the bowl of medicine and turned to leave but not before he heard something.

“Wheres Bo Silin”

“He has been in the hospital.”

“Tell him that I wont be going over for the next two days.

The helicopter is also empty.”

The butler was speechless.

What did that mean

In other words, was he allowing Bo Silin to go back to the island just like that Did the world change Or did he go crazy

“What are you doing standing there” Grandpa Bo narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, yes, Ill go and tell them now!”

The butler ran away.

After making sure that he had left, Grandpa Bo took out his phone again and started the live stream, happily.


This girl was getting more and more interesting.

From horse-riding to fencing.

She was quite a handful!

At the same time, the comments were as lively as ever.


[I really want to see Bo Silins expression right now.]

[Do you need to say more]

[Su Feifei, is this a confession Is this a confession]

[Let them get married on the spot!! Im already sick of saying this!!]

[I thought Su Feifei had forgotten about him.

I didnt expect her to be so reserved.]

[God is f*cking real! If Su Feifei were to be enlightened, wedding bells will be playing soon!]

Then, the screen flashed.

Once again, a large, bold, and flashing comment could be heard!

[Wait for me.]

The comments went silent for a few seconds, then exploded.

[Ah ah ah ah, its Bo Silin!!]

[Ive caught him again!!]

[If I dont see the two of you together, I wont be live on any longer!!!]

[Is Bo Silin on his way]

[Knowing his personality, he will really come over.]

After Su Feifei said this, she didnt care how much of a shock she had caused and turned around.

“You guys wait here, Im going out for a bit.”

Xiao He noticed that she had taken out a torch and a fire seed and realized that something was wrong.

“Su Feifei, where are you going”

“The bat cave,” Su Feifei replied calmly.


Xiao Hes expression changed drastically, and he exchanged a look with Tiantian.

They had just left the cave, and now they had to go in again.

Why Was she addicted to almost dying

“Su Feifei, those bats are very dangerous.

Lets… Lets not go” Tiantian advised.

“I wont allow it!”

Qiu Ye walked over with a serious expression.

“The cave is too dangerous.

What are you going there for”

“Im looking for something.” Su Feifei tilted her head.

“Xiao He and Qiao Hefeng will be with me.”

“A-alright, Ill go with you.” Xiao He hesitated for a moment.

After saying this, he waited for a few seconds, but the other person didnt say anything, so he turned around in confusion to look for Qiao Hefeng.

He looked around and finally fixed his eyes on a man who had his face covered by a mask.

When the man met his gaze, he desperately shrank back.

If there was a crack in the ground, he would not hesitate to crawl in.

“Qiao Hefeng” Xiao He called him.

The other team members also turned their heads and saluted Qiao Hefeng with a sense of loss.

Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

Why were they looking at him

[Hahahahaha, Qiao Hefengs grievances are grave.]

[Qiao Hefeng looks like he would rather hide in a hole forever than be here.]

[I used to hate him, but now I just feel bad.]

[Captain naked is the laughingstock of the entire Festival Group now.]

[Su Feifei bringing him might be too risky…]

[Su Feifei has her own reasons for doing things.

Ive been watching for so long, Im used to her antics.]

Under everyones gazes, Qiao Hefeng finally raised his hand and braced himself to step forward.

“Im here…”

“Take your things and follow me.” Su Feifei said.

The three of them quickly left.

“Why did Su Feifei want to go” Someone came over with a face filled with confusion.

“We dont know either,” Tiantian shook her head.

“The bats here are all very poisonous.” The man sighed.

“I hope nothing happens to her.”

Half an hour passed by.

Su Feifei and the other two hadnt returned yet.

Qiu Ye frowned and quickly made a decision.

“Lets go and help them.”

“Director Qiu, wait.” Su Ling interrupted his footsteps, “You mean, we have to follow them”

Qiu Ye turned to look at her.

“No need to go in, well just light a torch at the entrance and wait for her.” Qiu Ye said, “If anything happens, we can deal with it immediately.”

Su Ling pursed her lips and adjusted her expression.

What a joke, they had just come out of that d*mn place barely alive, how could he be willing to go again

“Director Qiu, my dear sister always has her own ideas.

If she has decided to do something, she must be confident in it.”

“Weve just been bitten by the poisonous bees and chased by the bats.

Were already exhausted… Even if we go, we probably wont be of any help, right I dont know what important things shes looking for, but we shouldnt die… because of her, right”

Her last sentence was not loud, but it instantly stirred up the emotions of the people on the team.

“Thats true! She wanted to go in! Why should we bear the consequences”


“If you dont have the ability, you cant do anything even if you get bitten.”

“It wasnt easy for me to escape from death, but I almost lost my life to film a show.

I dont want to go!”

A few of them chimed in one after another, instantly making the atmosphere tense.

Su Ling successfully retreated and hid in the dark.

Tiantian and the others were infuriated.

“Su Feifei was the one who risked her life to save you just now!” She stomped her feet.

“Where did your brain go If it wasnt for us, you wouldnt be alive to say these words!”

“Whats there to be ashamed of” A stern shout rang out.


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