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“No way shes dead, right”

“She doesnt look like shes breathing!”

“Didnt she get bitten by a snake So does that mean that shes really dead!”

“Someone died on the first day of the shows recording… What should we do!”


The sound of whispering echoed around.

Su Feifei suddenly opened her eyes and gasped for air! Then, she was met with an array of gasps.

Her eyes swept over the people around her and her mouth opened in confusion.

Where was she

She was originally the Empress of Great Yan, and she had led thousands of soldiers and horses into the enemys base.

In the end, she was shot in the head by an arrow, and she could not rest in peace even before she died.

In the blink of an eye, the world changed, and countless strange memories appeared in her mind.

Su Feifei closed her eyes and took a while to digest the information.

She finally accepted the reality within mere seconds… She had reincarnated in another body.


Moreover, this was no longer the original world she lived in.

The owner of this body was a performer.

People here called her a celebrity but she was just an A-list celebrity.

She had the same name as this so-called celebrity — Su Feifei.

At this moment, the host had been secretly signed up by her stepsister and was participating in the variety broadcast — The Deserted Island of Stars 2!


This variety show was in the form of a live broadcast.

Once the news was released, it garnered the interest of the public for only one reason.

This variety show was a life and death contract!

Their lives would literally be at stake!

Once they get thrown to this deserted island, they would face all kinds of survival challenges, such as poisonous snakes, insects, and fire ants.

The first season had a death count, so logically speaking, there should have been fewer people signing up for the second season.

However, there were actually more people who wanted to join compared to the first season.


First of all, the prizes were very attractive.

After staying on the island for 30 days, one could sign a contract with Tianhua Entertainment and get close to a years worth of top resources.

This was more attractive than any monetary prize.


What was even more alluring was that the best actor of the year, Bo Silin, was participating in this season as well.

It was also because of him that the company promised to do a good job of safety this time, which attracted all the lascivious men to sign up.

The number of females was more than three times that of the males.


After Su Feifei digested the information, she looked down and saw a wound on her leg.

It seemed that a snake had bitten her.

It was a flower snake, which was one of the five types of venomous snakes on the island, and it was very common in Great Yan.

However, this place seemed to be warm and humid, so why would there be a flower snake


Su Feifei raised her head with a frown and looked at the people around her.

She couldnt help but pout.

The public morals of clothing were really degenerating day by day.

The people here were all dressed like courtesans in a brothel, it was polluting ones eyes!


Just as she was about to get up, a figure with a strong stench pounced on her.

“Are you alright I was so worried about you!”

The delicate sound of a clamp was heard, and her arm instantly had a latched pair of hands around.

Su Feifei immediately took a step back, grabbed the mans hair, and smashed him into the stone wall!



Screams immediately rang out.

“What are you doing Su Feifei!”

“Quickly let go! Are you crazy!”

Su Feifei acted as if she didnt hear everyone and only sized up the person that came close to her.

In her memory, this person was the hosts best friend, Shen Ruoqing.

She had always liked to express her goodwill to the host in front of the camera.

The original Su Feifei was used to this kind of bestie trick.

However, as the Empress of Great Yan, she had seen all kinds of political strife.

What kind of twisted thoughts had she not dealt with

There was no way that she would be deceived by this simple trick!

“Remember, I… I dont like to be touched.” Su Feifei released her hand and said.

Everyone thought that Su Feifei was acting up.

However, it was normal for Su Feifei to act like this.

Her management company had set her on the naughty role, but in the end, she gained backlash from it and couldnt get popular no matter what.


Not only did she do whatever she wanted, but she also entered the entertainment industry with the sole purpose of chasing after celebrities.

Because of her, the management company even wrote an inspirational quote as their main seller; to chase a star until you become a star! However, Su Feifei was the type to chase after 18 people at the same time.

Shen Ruoqing sobbed, “Whats wrong with you If youre still angry about Bo giving me an autograph, I…”

She was trying to spread false rumors for everyone to hear! What a narrow-minded vixen!

“Or are you blaming me for not getting you the tickets to that d*mn girls concert Ive stayed up late to snatch it, but I really couldnt get anything!”

The crowd gasped.

She had always known that she was domineering, but she didnt expect her to be so excessive! Su Feifei and Shen Ruoqing were both members of the same girl group.

This was already considered bullying, right

The director immediately gave his assistant a look.

“Turn on the live stream! Hurry up and turn on the live stream!”

When the assistant received the cue, he immediately started the live broadcast in advance.

Originally, the first day of the programs live broadcast was just supposed to be an introduction and some highlights.

They never expected to suddenly have drama!

One must know that Su Feifei herself was a popular celebrity.

She herself had the physique to attract haters, but she had a sister, Su Ling, who was a popular and uprising star!

When this combination, it would definitely attract viewership!

The comments flooded the screen instantly.

[Whats going on Theyre starting the live stream early]

[A video!]

[Theyve finally done something!]

[Is it that exciting]

[Isnt that Su Feifei]

[What bad luck, to see such a dirty thing the moment I open it!]

On the other side, Shen Ruoqing rolled her eyes.

She could not hold back her tears and continued to cry, “I really didnt mean to ruin your good thing! The last time we changed rooms at the hotel, it was Bo who told me that you knocked on his door in the middle of the night and disturbed his sleep, so I even willingly changed rooms with you…”

Everyone was speechless.

The comments were full of questions.

[What did I just hear]


The director couldnt stop smiling from the drama.

Its settled! The hot search and viewership ratings were settled!

Sure enough, Su Feifei didnt treat him in vain! Moreover, he had accepted Su Feifeis offer because he had been bribed.

How could he not be happy with this outcome He had struck it rich!

At the same time in the Su family.

“Mom, dad, shes on the hot search again.” Su Lings almond-shaped eyes were watery as she worriedly frowned.

“What” Su Yaoguos face turned cold.

Su Ling deliberately put the live video in front of Su Yaoguo and even opened the hot search bar.

Surprisingly, it mentioned that Su Feifei was beating and harassing people on live television.

Su Yaoguo was instantly furious.

It happened again! How many times had she been on the hot search this month! The Su familys status had been completely thrown down the drain because of her!

The comments on the live broadcast were even worse.

[They are both members of the Su family.

How did they raise two completely different children]

[Its too scary.

Shes like a secret fan!]

[She hit someone! Can they call the police now]


[I suggest calling the police!]

Su Lings lips curled up, and her beautiful eyes were filled with cold light.

The venomous snake did not manage to bite her dear sister to death, so she would have to suffer for a while longer! She inwardly chuckled as she read the other comments.

Shen Ruoqings crying continued.

As the curses became more and more intense, a cold voice suddenly rang out from the microphone.

“Change rooms” Su Feifei looked at Shen Ruoqing coldly.

“Oh, youre talking about that.

Werent you the one who asked me to change”

As soon as she finished speaking, Shen Ruoqings crying stopped.


“You said that my place was closer to Director Liu, and you wanted to discuss the script with him.” Her cold voice was particularly loud in the empty field.

“After that, I even heard you guys fighting in the middle of the night.

The sound of you hitting the wall was loud.

In the middle of it, you even shouted for him to be more gentle or something…”


“I couldnt sleep at that time, so I went to borrow some earplugs from Bo, thats why I knocked on his door.”


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