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Chapter 879 Simple Math Part 1

People might wonder how could Acala best an opponent that had managed to kill Verhen, if not even suspect him to have killed his fellow Ranger with his own hands.

Saving Lith\'s life, instead, would have given Dawn the perfect witness to her puppet\'s heroics.

To add insult to injury, Lith would not only be forced to publicly admit his defeat, but he would also owe them a big favor.

Acala was still a social outcast, whereas Lith was acquainted with all the upper echelons of the Kingdom, to the point of being familiar with the Royals themselves.

\'I\'m dying to steal all the secrets behind the success of such a man and Verhen is far more valuable alive than dead.\' Dawn thought while studying Lith\'s movements through her spawns\' eyes.

\'I\'ve made up my mind.

I\'ll use Verhen as a stepping stone and revel in his ruin before using one of my spawns to take control of…\' Her plans turned into a pile of debris in a second, along with a big portion of the south wall.

The scaled hybrid came through a wall with enough strength to make the cave tremble, destabilizing the whole underground network.

Die, you monster! He said while unleashing a white-hot energy beam that filled the entirety of the corridor Acala was in.

The giant ray was too fast and too close to dodge it, leaving Acala no way out.

You again Both Rangers said in unison, uncertain whether to be more surprised by the creature\'s return or by the fact that their respective partner knew the hybrid as well.

Much to anyone surprise, the undead Acala was fighting against turned around, shielding him with their bodies and using their own light magic to take the brunt of the damage.

The creatures fighting Lith were torn between their instinct to protect their master and obeying her command.

The inner conflict slowed them enough for Lith to kill the last thrall of the group with a palm strike that pushed her away and engulfed her body into Final Sunset\'s black flames.

The sudden death of all the thralls and Dawn focusing on the newcomer allowed the vampires near Lith to regain their senses.

The cursed item had not possessed them for long, allowing them to retain their personality.

Get out! Said a vampire that looked like a dandy young noble in his early twenties.

Lith was so flabbergasted by how sincerely worried his enemies now looked about his wellbeing to stop his attack midway.

I said get out! The vampire had a panicked look, all the bloodlust in the room was gone.

The other Ranger is possessed by the Horseman of Dawn.

It\'s too late for us, but I\'ll be damned if I let go of the opportunity to screw up with her plans, even if it cost me my life.

Listen to him and run! Said a charming middle-aged woman while pointing at a corridor with her still extended claw.

She might be back any moment and if you strike us down, she\'ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Warn the Kingdom.

Warn the undead Courts that the Bright Day is back.

She\'s… The prism in her chest released so much light to become visible underneath the heavy clothing.

The white energy traveled through the undead\'s veins, making them bulge as it reached their brains and restored Dawn\'s control over their minds.

Lith stepped back and raised his arm to the ceiling.

He pretended to perform a hand sign to hide Solus returning on his finger.

Too many things were happening at the same time and the only thing he was certain of, was that he couldn\'t afford to leave her behind.

Acala\'s skin was burned to a crisp, yet he didn\'t seem to care much.

Only a few shreds of his uniform covered the Ranger\'s chest.

His eyes, bloodshot from the heat and damage, were fixated on the scaled hybrid.

Nalrond I\'m so sorry.

I swear, I didn\'t want to do it.

If only your tribe would listen to me… Acala started to sob, but Nalrond didn\'t care for his tears nor excuses.

We took you in as one of our own.

We saved your life and shared with you our very homes.

Yet you turned on us, killed our youths, stole our treasure, and you dare to say you\'re sorry The hybrid brought his palms closer, making a small star appear between them.

At the same time, the missing 15 undead came rushing from every tunnel, sealing all the way outs.

\'I think I\'ll follow Obi-Vamp\'s advice and get out of here.\' Lith darted away the moment Solus was back.

She had confirmed to him that the undead was telling the truth.

Despite all the damage Acala had sustained, he was actually stronger than before.

A white gem as big as a fist emerged from his chest.

It was the purest mana crystal Lith had ever seen and it was brighter than the sun.

That\'s great.

Thanks for ruining my plan.

Now I have to kill you all. Dawn\'s feminine voice replaced Acala while the white light from her crystal mended all the wounds on Acala\'s body.

\'By my maker, that crystal bears the same energy signature that all the undead share.\' Solus thought while the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

\'This was all a charade.

We\'ve danced in the palm of her hand until now.\'

\'Thanks, captain obvious.\' Lith replied while defending from three vampires at once.

They were now much stronger than any undead he had ever faced.

Dawn\'s light element provided them with more power than even ancient blood cores would hold.

It was as if they were constantly feeding, even during battle, making any wound last but a second and their bodies brim with vigor.

Undead didn\'t need to use fusion magic to become faster and stronger, their might came from consuming the essence stored within their blood cores rather than from their bones and muscles.

Yet they could still use fusion magic to further boost their already enhanced physiques.

Between their prisms and fusion magic, Lith was facing three creatures as strong as Kaelan, the ancient vampire he had met in Othre.

Running wasn\'t an option.

The slightest opening would lead to his demise, let alone showing his back to such powerful opponents.

\'Solus, remind me to never work with another Ranger anymore.

They\'re nothing but trouble.\' Lith\'s left elbow deflected the first vampire\'s claws that were lunging at his head before striking at the creature\'s face with a darkness infused fist that released a few tier three spells on impact.

Lith\'s right shoulder shoved away the second opponent that had come too close, sending her slamming against a wall.

Then, Lith intercepted her on the rebound with a pillar of black flames emitted from his right hand that was still channelling Final Sunset.

The third vampire rushed at Lith, whose front and back were exposed, only to be impaled on Ruin wielded by a second right arm.

Three arms Dawn couldn\'t believe her spawn\'s eyes so she ignored the massive energy mass accumulating between Nalrond hands and turned her head toward Lith.

The third limb came out his right side and was made entirely of stone.

It had a bright green gemstone on the back of its hand, and two more bright yellow crystals, respectively near the elbow and shoulder.

Lith had no reason to hold back.

Everyone in the room wanted to kill him and it was his policy to return such favors in kind.

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