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A pillar of light emerged from Faluel\'s body as she shrunk into her human form.

She placed one hand on the amulet and used Invigoration to study it for a split second before returning it.

Yes, it\'s a standard device, just like the one I would have given you after making sure that you\'re just as Protector says.

You need to be careful.

If the humans discover that you\'ve Awakened so many people, they will get pissed. She said while pointing at the other kings.

I\'ll keep that in mind. Lith nodded and then checked the equipment the kings had collected from the young Awakened after slaying them.

The weapons were made of standard metals and the enchantments were nothing useful.

They would help Lith to understand how to shape a pseudo core to give it the desired effects but nothing more.

How did you know it was me He asked once he realized that not even Protector knew about it and he trusted the kings to keep it secret.

Just like I know that Protector was Awakened by Scarlett without the need to ask him.

Because of the breathing technique he uses.

When someone Awakens, they always make up their own method, unless they are taught.

There are no two identical techniques, so the moment I noticed that the four of you breathed in unison I understood why the kings of the Trawn woods are so loyal to you.

Lith inwardly cursed, but appreciated her kindness.

If Faluel had noticed it, then Raagu had probably done the same.

Do you mind if we go to my place I\'m sure that you have a lot to ask and so do I.

I\'ve never met a hybrid like you before and there are a few things I\'d like to try out. Faluel asked with a dazzling smile.

Those words triggered Lith\'s paranoia, making him realize that he had no reason to lower his guard.

Because of her relationship with Protector, Faluel knew too much, yet between the help she had provided him and her appearance she had managed to make him relax.

Faluel now looked like a young woman in her mid-twenties, about 1.7 meters (5\'7) tall.

Her face had an oval shape, with rainbow-colored eyes and long hair that framed her fine features.

Unlike Mogar\'s avatar, along with the six colors of the elements, there was also the emerald green of mana, making Lith wonder if she was somehow in tune with the natural forces even more than the planet itself.

The reason Lith had instinctively trusted her was that she had nothing of Tyris\'s overly perfect beauty or of the Awakened women\'s usual stunning bodies.

She was indeed a lovely woman, but she also had a girl next door vibe that put everyone at ease.

Nothing in her face or curves screamed look at me, Lith had met plenty of regular girls as pretty as she was.

Yet she could be easily called a perfectly imperfect beauty.

The simple grace of her slender body seemed to be perfectly attuned with her demeanor, making the final result much more stunning than the sum of the single parts.

Lith\'s attention was drawn more to her eyes and smile rather than her figure, while her voice sounded reassuring like that of an old friend.

Even her oddly colored hair was easy on the eyes rather than look like something out of a Comicon.

She was wearing a pink shirt that left her arms exposed and tight pants that Lith could swear were jeans.

The contrasts with her Emperor Beast form was so great that Lith had a hard time remembering that she was always the same person.

Not at all.

Care to join us Lith asked Protector.

One moment of weakness was one too many for him.

He needed his friend\'s presence to make sure that the Hydra didn\'t play any more tricks on him and because otherwise he wouldn\'t believe a word she said.

Protector would ensure both his safety and her sincerity.

Yet the Skoll whined loudly.

Between Selia, the kids, and his apprenticeship, it was the first occasion in years he had to reconnect with his old pack and friends.

After exchanging his contact rune with the kings of the woods, he followed them through the Warp Steps Faluel had opened.

The moment Lith stepped inside, he was almost blinded by the shine of all the gold and rare metals amassed in her lair.

The Hydra\'s home was nothing like its master\'s human form, it was a tacky mess of invaluable items piled up like a child\'s toys.

Only her Forgemastered creations were orderly displayed behind glass cases, creating an impressive and classy museum.

Lith held the desire to inspect them one by one in and patted Protector\'s neck, apparently as a thank you.

He was actually letting Solus hide in his fur.

The Hydra was likely to use Invigoration on him at some point and Lith wasn\'t willing to let her learn about Solus\'s existence.

Sure, beasts had turned out to be better than humans on average, but they had also proved to be greedy and prideful.

If the story about Menadion was true, if Solus really was the key to the Ruler of the Flames\' tower, then a Forgemaster like Faluel would treasure her much more than an oddity like Lith was.

How did you make so much money Lith asked.

First, I\'m older than I look. She said with a lovely chuckle.

Second, I don\'t live under a rock.

Part of these riches I inherited from my ancestors, the rest I earned them through war, my services as Forgemaster to the Council, and my investments in the human society.

I beg your pardon

Whenever the Griffon Kingdom went to war, I offered my services for a price, both as a warrior and an artisan.

Also, as you already know, being a Forgemaster requires a lot of money, I can\'t just sleep on my treasure or I would be broke in a few decades.

All that you can see here is just a memento.

The rest is invested in merchant guilds and magical shops.

Now, if I\'ve satisfied your curiosity, I\'d like you to satisfy mine.

Please, show me your other face. Faluel said.

Lith had a hard time not immediately complying with her request.

More than a Hydra, he had the impression of dealing with a Siren.

Everything she did, no matter how insignificant, was soothing and her voice was so kind to almost make him feel guilty for doubting her goodwill.

The room was full of treasures, yet she didn\'t sound arrogant nor tried to make him feel small.

There was a stone throne in the center of the room, from which she could have looked down upon him, yet she was standing in her own home.

Faluel\'s form was so short that she needed to look up at him and she had even said please.

It was a form of courtesy that no one had ever given him unless they needed his help, let alone someone so powerful.

Lith took a deep breath to regain his cool and remember why he was there.

The thought that his secret was known by so many people gave him a headache, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

Scarlett had been the first one to realize, then Protector and Kalla had witnessed his transformation.

The only silver lining was that beasts seemed to be very secretive about their own since no one even among the members of the Council had discovered the anomaly Lith was.

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