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They were too regular as if someone had carved directions in the stone to not get lost.

Lith pointed them to Yondra, who carbon-copied them with a piece of paper and chalk.

How the heck did you notice them She blurted out after calling the rest of her colleagues to take a look at his discovery.

Secret of the trade. Lith replied since revealing his Fire Vision was out of the question.

The humidity in the cave had filled the carvings with water, making them stand out like a sore thumb to his thermographic vision.

After studying the carvings, the unanimous conclusion was that they were indeed some kind of ancient language.

If I\'m right, our expedition will go in history books. Said Professor Ellkas from the Fire Griffon.

I recognized this alphabet! It\'s an ancient dialect of the Odi language. Cheers and applause to both Lith and Ellkas erupted from the group as everyone took their books out of their respective dimensional items to decipher the writings.

The Odi! Most of the Professors and their Assistants repeated enthusiastically so often that it almost resembled a chant.

Who the heck are the Odi Morok said, followed by the soldiers.

\'Fuck me sideways! The Odi.\' Lith thought.

They were the reason he had chosen to be assigned to the Kellar region in the first place, but he had never predicted to stumble into their legacy with so many people to babysit.

Worse than that, the Professors could actually do more harm than good, so he started to think of a way to ditch them with no consequences for his military career.

What\'s wrong Lith Quylla asked.

You\'re doing your \'I\'m screwed\' face.

Seriously, we have spent too much time together! Lith didn\'t like being read so easily.

Phloria he could understand, but Quylla too

After setting a perimeter to defend the blabbering Professors, Lith took Morok, Quylla, and Phloria aside to share with them the history of the Odi Kalla had taught him about.

According to the books in Scarlett\'s lab, they were an ancient and powerful race that had conquered all illnesses.

They had reigned above the other races until they had become so conceited to resort to forbidden magic in the attempt to become immortal.

They had developed spells able to move the conscience of an individual from one body to another, achieving eternal youth.

Their plan had backfired for two reasons.

The first was the fact that the new body was younger, but the talent for magic wasn\'t carried over.

The second was that their victims and the Odi lower class had rebelled to such use of their children, leading to a revolution that had wiped the Odi from the face of Mogar.

On top of that, the Odi were considered to have laid the foundation for Lichhood.

Let me get this straight. Morok said.

If any of this crazy ass story of yours is true, then rather than ruins we might stumble into a populated city since those guys are supposed to live as long as they got a spare body.

Also, they might have access to technology as good as ours if not even Liches

Lith nodded in reply.

He doubted the Odi could have actually progressed that much, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Okay, I\'m out of here.

I\'ll call my superiors and abort the mission.

I\'ve got plans! I\'m too young to die just a few months before retirement and in the company of a group of fossils at that!

Phloria waited for the Ranger to be far enough before saying.

Anything else we should be aware of


The Odi were incredibly arrogant and racist. Quylla said.

They believed to be the master race and that everything besides magic was below them.

They were divided into caste according to their magical talent.

I\'m telling you this because if somehow their protections are still working, they\'ll discriminate us based on our mana.

Another thing.

To avoid doing menial jobs they had slaves, but for protections they used golems.

Lith and Phloria stared at Quylla with surprise.

How do you know all this stuff They asked in unison.

Because even though what they did was wrong, they reached the apex of Body Sculpting.

All historical sources agree on the Odi having truly defeated all illnesses, it\'s not just a groundless legend.

They managed to do something we still can\'t.

If we get our hands on their data, at least the sacrifice of their victims will do some good.

We could achieve the same results without injuring anyone! Quylla was trying to convince herself as well as the others.

She couldn\'t stop thinking about the moral implications of using such bloodstained knowledge.

\'My biggest fear is that the modifications the Odi underwent to become immune to disease might have also caused the collapse of their society.

Such a deep change in the life force might have easily affected their minds.\' She thought.

Is the expedition you needed my help with also related to the Odi Lith asked.


Their empire was located in the Kellar region, but aside from some small ruins, nothing relevant has ever been found.

I joined this expedition hoping I might find something that could help me to locate their capital, Reshia, but I would\'ve never thought we would find something in the Odi language.

What if we are about to discover Reshia itself

It\'s unlikely.

A capital is a place that must be easily accessible.

A city with a constant flow of people, merchandise, and a lot of guards. Phloria said.

Signs on the walls and underground tunnels make me think more about a secret facility of sorts.

Their debate was interrupted by Morok\'s return.

Goddammit! The high command ordered to continue with the mission and seal all the communication with the outside. He took a small device the size of a glass marble out of his dimensional amulet.

A shorth pulse of orange light spread through the tunnel, drawing the attention of the Professors.

Lith expected them to be enraged by such lack of trust, but they looked all smug instead.

Excellent move, Ranger Eari. Said Professor Gaakhu, from the Crystal Griffon.

She was one of the youngest in the group, a woman in her early forties with several blue streaks in her light brown hair and dark eyes.

According to the markings found by Ranger Verhen, we are about to find the ruins of Kulah.

What\'s that Lith asked turning to Quylla, who shrugged in reply.

I\'ve no idea either, but since it must have taken a lot of effort to build something so deep below the earth, it must be something important.

Captain Ernas, I don\'t need to tell you how security has just become of paramount importance. Gaakhu said.

We\'ll keep protecting you at the best of our abilities. Phloria nodded.

Not us, foolish child! I mean our discovery.

Ranger Eari, didn\'t you explain anything to her

No, because you butted in before I could. Morok said with a snort.

Odi ruins are considered a state secret.

Revealing their position or stealing any kind of artifact and knowledge is an act of treason.

According to my commanding officer, all Odi ruins discovered so far contained priceless treasures.

Everything we found is considered a Royal property.

At that point, Morok turned to Phloria.

We\'re now under martial law and since you are the highest ranked officer, the command is now yours.

It makes me happy because everything that goes wrong it\'s your fault and not mine.


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