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Zinya started to cry again, but this time out of joy.

She appreciated even her newfound vision turning blurry because of tears.

Anything was better than the eternal night she had been trapped in.

Zin, only you can decide if Mogar is worth fighting for.

Even at your age, there are so many things you can still experience.

There are so many things that I want to share with you.

I won\'t force you to do anything, just know that no matter your choice, I\'ll always be by your side. Kamila said.

Zinya turned her head to look at Lith\'s face.

She didn\'t know much about magic, but she had guessed that the moment he would remove his hands from her head, she would lose her sight again.

Your trick is quite a low blow.

How can I say no after you showed me all this After seeing the pain and anguish in Kami\'s face Yet I\'m grateful you did it.

I\'ve been stuck in this cage for so long that it had trapped even my mind.

If you think you are likely to succeed, I\'d be grateful to have you as my Healer.

You are the first man I\'ve ever seen, so I have no idea if you are handsome or not.

Yet the way Kamila describes you fits like a glove.

You\'re terrifying and kind at the same time. Zinya said.

I\'ll take that as a compliment.

If there\'s one thing you have to learn is that in life there\'s no such thing as a low blow.

Only victory and defeat.

Prepare for my next trick. Lith conjured an ice mirror in front of Zinya, to allow her to watch at her reflection.

Is this my face She said.

I\'m so pale and thin.

I must look terrible. Zinya moved her eyes from the mirror to Kamila, trying to make a comparison.

Believe me, for someone in your situation, you look gorgeous. Kamila said.

I just wish the children were here.

I\'d give everything to see them, even just once. Zinya sighed.

First things first. Lith took a piece of paper out of his pocket dimension.

This is the legal form that grants me the status of your personal Healer.

I\'m aware you are illiterate, so you can just draw an X where Kamila points you to.

Then, we\'ll need three witnesses.


Kamila ran out of the room with a huge smile on her face.

\'I can\'t believe Zin accepted to get treated so fast, nor that Lith would bring a legal document that grants him the authority to protect her.

This is all too good to be true.\' She thought while knocking to the neighbor\'s doors.

It took her less than a minute to come back with two men and one woman.

They all signed the document and then Kamila showed Zinya how an X was shaped.

Just a few words before you leave. Lith said while never leaving Zinya\'s side.

If you think even for one second to go back on your word and deny to have signed the document, remember this.

The moment you do that, you\'ll become my enemies and I\'ll treat you as such.

If anything happens to Lady Sarta, I\'ll hold you responsible for it in front of the Law and the Mage Association. 

His voice was calm, yet the three started to shake uncontrollably.

Lith wasn\'t using killing intent to not scare Kamila, but his gaze was more than enough to scare normal humans to death.

There was no warmth in them, just a silent promise of pain.

They nodded and gave him a deep bow, their heads almost touching the floor before rushing out of the door.

I\'m sorry, but I can\'t keep the spell up any longer without the risk of hurting you.

Your body can\'t handle so much mana at once. Lith said, waiting for Zinya to nod before he interrupted his spells.

Since everything had been settled in a matter of minutes, they had the time to enjoy tea with some pastries together.

Kamila loved seeing her sister\'s real smile, instead of the fake one she had worn during her last visit.

Seeing Zin eat and talk so much filled her heart with happiness.

All of her questions about their personal life, especially as a couple, not so much.

\'Oh, gods! I\'ve never introduced one of my boyfriends to her before.

This is so embarrassing.\' She thought while Lith dodged a question about having children.

When they left, Kamila was still on cloud nine.

There were so many things that she wanted to tell Lith, but there was no time.

He had to Warp them to the city\'s Warp Gate to not make her arrive late at work.

I\'ll see you tonight! She said with a radiant smile before leaving.

Lith called the greatest expert of Body Sculpting he knew, Professor Zogar Vastor.

What a pleasant surprise, Lith.

What can I do for you Vastor replied immediately, as always.

Unlike Manohar, he often did freelance jobs and unlike Manohar, he was reliable.

Lith has learned everything he knew about Body Sculpting from him and he had seen Vastor perform miracles with that spell.

Lith explained to him the situation and requested his help.

I would be glad to help, but you caught me in a bad moment.

The Academy is about to open and I\'m swamped preparing my lessons and filling old paperwork.

Can you wait for a couple of days I should be free by then. Vastor said.

Yes, of course.

Thanks for your help, Professor.

I\'d like to show you the patient\'s status.

I think it might help you understand her problem. Lith placed his amulet on a table and started to focus.

He conjured a real size hologram of Zinya\'s head, peeling off one layer at a time until only the eyes, the brain, and the skull remained.

Good gods.

That\'s almost as good as visiting the patient in person.

Almost. Vastor said while recording everything to look at it later in detail.

It\'s a difficult case indeed, but it\'s treatable.

I\'ll send you all the reading material my assistants can find.

The rest I\'ll explain to you in person. Vastor hung the call.

Lith informed Kamila and then went back to Lutia.

\'I\'ve done all I could for Zinya.

I\'ve even alerted the local authorities of her situation and added her to my patient list at the Mage Association.

I have a lot of free time until evening, time to try Bloom Forge out.\' He thought.

Zekell was still smelting the first batch of Orichalcum, so there wasn\'t much else Lith could do.

He wanted to put to the test both the Forgemastering techniques he had created before working on the new Skinwalker Armor.

\'One of them is bound to be better than the other.

Another thing I could do is a replica of Orion\'s cloaking ring.

That way Solus and I could move separate ways when necessary without anyone noticing her.\'

\'Excellent idea! Yet isn\'t an Orichalcum ring wasted for a single spell\' She asked.

\'No, if it allows us to make a better and more powerful ring that completely hides your life force.

Safety is priceless.\'

Once they got back inside the tower, Lith took out the second hammer and performed the Bonding spell to fuse it with two cyan magic crystals.

Only when the mana circulatory systems of the hammer had stabilized did the real Forgemastering begin.


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