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Please, refrain from asking more titles or annuities, because those who rise too fast draw on themselves the wrong kind of attention. Tyris said.

Then I\'d like to keep the Balor\'s body for myself.

Also, I think I\'ll spend my leave practicing Forgemastering.

Can you provide me with these metals Lith handed her a very short list, but each material was accompanied by a big number.

I can assure you that all of your requests will be fulfilled, except for the adamant.

It\'s too rare and precious to waste it for the experiments of a novice Foragemaster.

No offense. She replied.

None taken.

What\'s the next best thing I could receive

Money and Orichalcum.

Gold is a mage\'s best friend.

Whatever your project is, you\'ll need it.

As for the Orichalcum, it\'s a natural alloy of silver containing traces of adamant.

It\'s the perfect material for most artifacts and with the proper treatment, it can become harder than steel.

Is it good enough for you Tyris asked.

Yes, thank you very much.

I would also like to learn the metalworking techniques you mentioned earlier.

\'I can\'t depend on Zekell forever.

Especially for the items I need to create with true Forgemastering.\' Lith thought.

Everything will be delivered to your door.

But I have to order you to remain here until the situation settles. Tyris made him snap out of his reverie.

Removing so many nobles at once will make the city chaotic.

Once Count Cestor\'s treachery gets exposed, the citizens of Zantia will lose much of their trust in the nobles who have failed them and they will shift it on the heroes who saved them.

Your presence will help to make the transition as quick and painless as possible.

Lith was happy at the idea of spending some more time with Friya.

Leaving right after completing his mission would mean treating her as if she was just a means to an end, whereas she was his friend.

\'I can\'t believe I\'m thinking about this in a non sarcastic way.\' Lith thought.

\'One step at the time.

Progress, not perfection.\' Solus said.

In her eyes, Lith had many important people in his life, yet he appreciated only a few of them.

Solus too was afraid of the possibility that he could die and reincarnate somewhere else.

However, what really terrified her was the idea that to achieve his goal, Lith would lose everything and everyone else in the process, making it a hollow victory.

I\'ll take my leave.

Scourge, Ernas. Protector opened a Warp Steps and disappeared.

The arrival of the army and all the magic employed during the battle had lured quite a crowd of onlookers.

Lith approved of Protector\'s choice.

He had left before more humans could see him and had pretended to not know Friya.

\'I guess that during the past five years he has learned some common sense.\' Lith thought.

Friya and Lith had to provide a full report of all the events before returning to Viscount Krame\'s mansion.

They were both starving and craving for some rest.

Shouldn\'t you call Kamila I bet she\'s jealous of you spending so much time alone with a gorgeous woman. Friya said during dinner while sweeping her hair behind her ear.

Don\'t worry.

Tyris and I are barely acquaintances.

Also, I never remained alone with her, so my reputation is safe. He replied with a sneer.

Son of a… Friya didn\'t like her joke being turned against her and punched him on the shoulder.

Pain radiated from her wrist the moment her fist struck him.

She had hit softer brick walls.

I noticed that you didn\'t bring any member of your guild with you at the Church of the Six.

We could have used some help. Lith said.

I know, that\'s why I had them waiting outside in case things got out of our hands.

Yet I couldn\'t risk them meddling with your play.

They would see Protector\'s beast form and your holograms.

As much as it pains me to admit it, I don\'t trust them with my own secrets, let alone with yours or those of your friends. She sighed.

They could have panicked or tried to blackmail the two of you.

If there\'s something I learned during the last year, is that it\'s better to hire mages from minor academies rather than those from the great ones.

The former never got the opportunity to learn a specialization, so they are full of hope and ambition.

People like Wyra are loyal and grateful for the opportunity to gather merits.

Once she gets enough, she can join the Mage Association and search for a teacher.

The latter, instead, are bitter because of their failure at learning any specialization, dimensional magic, or even Crystalsmith.

Very few of them have the confidence to study again on their own and their wounded pride prevents them from asking for help.

By the way, what was that golden light you used That guy was huge and used that strange magic, yet you handed his ass to him. Lith asked.

How the heck did you have the time to pay attention to my fight Do you have eyes even behind your head

I was just looking out for you. Lith lied.

Solus could see all around them and then share her memories once a crisis was resolved.

That was one of the dimensional spells I created.

Even during our time at the academy, I knew I could never be a Healer as good as you or Quylla, nor a Mage Knight as good as Phloria.

I\'m very good at my specializations, but I\'m aware I\'ll always be the Vastor of our group.

Instead of moping, I realized that I wasn\'t called \'Master of Space\' for nothing.

I had my own thing and did all I could to get good at it.

Now I\'m a full-fledged dimensional mage, like Professor Rudd. Friya was brimming with pride.

To her, dimensional magic was just like her guild.

Friya was tired of being second in everything she did.

She wanted to carve her own path thanks to her talents.

Even though the jury was still out on the guild, Friya was certain that dimensional magic would become her true field of expertise.

She was explaining to him the effects of Dimensional Ruler, leaving Lith wondering if he would be able to handle such a spell, when the butler entered the dining room.

Regent Verhen.

Lady Ernas.

Please forgive my intrusion.

Your friend is back and he is asking for you. He said while giving them a deep bow.

Most of the house staff was so grateful to both of them for saving the city and their jobs that they treated them better than their own master.

Let him in and bring another serving. Lith had yet to finish to speak that Ryman walked through the door with an embarrassed look on his face.

The butler did as instructed and left them alone.

Did Selia kick you out again or did you just miss me too much Lith asked.


I forgot to give you your enchanted items back. Ryman took out both the mace and the pseudo Skinwalker.

You can keep them.

You already have imprinted them, plus they are just failures. Lith dismissed the issue with a wave of his hand.

Also, I need a favor.

Lith nodded for him to continue while Ryman sat at the table with them.

Ryman looked at the great number of silverwares near his plate with wonder.

He took a fork and a knife at random, making Friya giggle.


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