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As joy overwhelmed Solus, she couldn\'t help but wonder what would\'ve happened if she had made her move before Kamila did.

Solus was hurt and so was Lith.

Maybe it could have been the right time to reveal him her human form.

Maybe, by sharing their weaknesses they could have grown closer and stronger.

Unfortunately, happiness was but a temporary respite before her wounds ached again.

Their bond made them experience each other\'s suffering.

The combined emotional pain was unbearable to her.

\'I need some time to understand how much of what I\'m feeling is because of him and how much it\'s because of me.\' She thought as Lith brought her back to the mana geyser near Lutia.

In her tower form, Solus could remain separated from Lith for a prolonged time without any of her abilities being diminished.

As soon as he left, Solus asked Tista to join her.

In the past, Scarlett had told them that Lith was corrupting Solus.

Back then, she had given no importance to those words.

After what had happened with the wargs, she needed time, distance, and a friend to make sure that they didn\'t hold any truth.


House Ernas, Ernas Grand Duchy.

Jirni\'s birthday was nearing and the entire household was busy with the preparations.

Usually she would keep things simple, making it a social event of small importance.

Her job as a Royal Constable coupled with her personality didn\'t make her very amiable.

The events in Othre, however, had forced her hand.

The Crown had decided to award Jirni for her services during the celebration, using her as an example for the other ancient noble households.

This made her guest list much longer than usual and not limited only to her closest friends and family members.

It was the reason why she had recalled home all of her children and invited most of Lith\'s family.

Aside from her eldest son, Gunyin, who would inherit the title of Duke in case anything happened to his parents, everyone else hadn\'t attended to a real social event in years.

After finishing the academy, Quylla had been working in the light department of the White Griffon.

After a couple of failed attempts as an adventurer, she was usually too busy with her research to take part in any non mandatory celebration.

Becoming a Professor without solid achievements was impossible.

After realizing she wasn\'t a fighter material, Quylla was resigned to obtain that role by contributing to expand the magical knowledge of the Kingdom.

That kind of discoveries required time and effort.

Quylla was also determined to having a family of her own, so between her research and her social life she didn\'t have much free time left.

Jirni missed her, but at the same time was really happy that Quylla had overcome her trauma and managed to live independently.

Also, she seemed to have the most successful romantic life among her sisters.

Are you finally going to introduce to me this boyfriend of yours Jirni asked while the butler served tea and pastries as the entire family was taking a break in the living room.

She already knew everything about him.

She had performed a full background check the moment Quylla had mentioned him twice.

When she started to speak with Jirni about her boyfriends, it meant things were getting serious and so would Jirni.

She feigned ignorance only to not make Quylla feel pressured or scare him away.

Most young men would quake in their boots just by hearing Jirni\'s name.

Everyone had something to hide and even if they didn\'t, their families would.

I hope so, mom. Quylla sighed.

Time and her adoptive parents loving care had turned the skinny and child looking small girl into a pretty young woman.

She was now 1.65 meters (5\'5) tall with long brown hair with shades of silver which proved her affinity for light magic.

I really like Anathor, but I\'m starting to fear he doesn\'t feel the same.

Either that or he has something to hide, which would be even worse.

He\'s making too much of a fuss about meeting you and dad.

It\'s suspicious.

\'My thoughts exactly.\' Jirni inwardly nodded.

Don\'t worry, dear.

Maybe he is just shy or he doesn\'t feel yet ready to marry. She actually said, not wanting to sound paranoid.

Yet she was proud of her daughter not letting her feelings preventing her from using her brain.

For a noble, meeting the parents is a big step forward.

Yeah, or maybe he\'s just another jerk. Quylla grunted.

Being a member of a very powerful family and a powerful mage, she had learned most of her lessons the hard way.

Men would usually approach her and her sisters with a hidden agenda.

Well, at least you have someone. Friya snarled while sipping her tea.

I\'m single for months and my last boyfriend lasted less than the effects of a potion.

After Nalear\'s attack, she had become wary of both men and women.

Friya was a gorgeous girl, 1.67 meters (5\'6) tall, with long black hair with shades of red held up in a ponytail.

Her soft curves and ample bosom usually brought her the wrong kind of attention.

After leaving the White Griffon, she had founded her own mercenary group which had a remarkable turnover of its members.

Most of them would leave after making and failing a pass at their indomitable leader.

Friya didn\'t join the army to not have to compete with Phloria again and she had learned from her time as Assistant Professor that she didn\'t enjoy teaching.

The missions regarding monsters were so difficult and most requests from the nobles so disgusting that she was seriously reconsidering her career.

\'If I have to risk my life again for pocket change, I may as well join the army or the Association.\' She inwardly grumbled.

After paying for the equipment and covering the travel expenses, even killing a tribe of monsters didn\'t pay much.

That\'s because you have high standards and you travel too much. Phloria shrugged.

Unless you start dating the members of your unit, only gold diggers will be willing to put up with your crazy schedule.

Said the one who didn\'t have a single date for over a year after dumping her boyfriend. Friya\'s retort made Phloria spill most of her tea on the table.

It was an unwritten family rule that only their parents were allowed to mention Lith in front of her.

Boot camp is no vacation.

After that, I was just too busy. Phloria quickly regained her cool.

Please, even I don\'t need over six months to get a date.

I think you made a mistake breaking up like that.

You could have just taken a pause. Friya was still angry at her sister.

Lith was Friya\'s best friend and the only man beside Orion she was able to fully trust.

She blamed Phloria for cutting him off their lives.

Agreed. Quylla, Jirni, Orion, and even Lucky said in unison.

The big dog had evolved into a magical beast, becoming able to talk and reason.

It had also earned him a spot at the family table and a strict diet.

It\'s not because of lack of trying on my part. Phloria said while blushing violently, noticing that most of the house staff was nodding at the family\'s statement.

In fact, I do have a date for the gala. She said leaving even the butler with his mouth wide open.


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