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\'I don\'t like this situation.\' Lith thought.

\'The shaman seems to always know where I am.

She caught us unprepared twice, so it\'s likely that if I stand for too long in the same place, she may attack us from a distance.\'

\'Agreed.\' Solus replied.

She had regained about half of her strength, but they couldn\'t afford to wait much longer.

If the Sergeant returned with the reinforcements the crystal would be lost.

\'We need to aim for a quick exchange.

We have to get there fast, before she can siphon any element so that we can Blink in for the kill.\'

Lith nodded.

That kind of approach was outside his comfort zone, but there weren\'t many options left.

He took off, flying at full speed towards the location where he had killed most of the members of the Grey Wolf tribe.

Ragh\'Ash hadn\'t gotten far.

Moving the holy crystal was a delicate job.

She couldn\'t fly with it.

If anything happened and the spell was broken, the holy crystal would be lost.

She just made it float a few centimeters from the ground, pushing it while she walked back towards the camp.

The silver lining was that thanks to the constant contact, she could sweep her surroundings from time to time to check on Lith\'s whereabouts.

As soon as Ragh\'Ash noticed him getting closer, she knew only one of them would come out alive from their next meeting.

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