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Meanwhile, the four remaining orcs surrounded Lith, threatening him with their weapons from every side.

Their duty was to restrict the enemy\'s movements and create openings for the chieftain.

\'Five against five.

Once again, I hate fair fights!\' Lith thought while unleashing his Death Call spell.

Four tentacles made of darkness magic came out from his body, targeting the orcs like sharks following blood in water.

The warriors stood their ground, clubbing and slashing at the tendrils only to see their weapons getting covered in cracks.

Darkness magic wasn\'t tangible, but its hunger was real.

To not get eaten, the four orcs were forced to step back whenever Lith came too close to them while dodging the chieftain\'s blade.

Before the boot camp, Lith would have had a hard time against an opponent such as Testa\'Lhosh.

It still wasn\'t an easy fight, but the skill gap made it manageable.

While the chieftain put all of his might behind each strike, Lith used his blade to deflect the opponent\'s by using the least amount of strength possible.

Between Death Call and Lith avoiding their mighty chieftain\'s blows by a thread, the orcs truly believed they were facing a demon.

One of them had been grazed by the tentacles multiple times.

The contact had sapped her strength and hastened her body\'s decay.

The female orc\'s skin was full of cracks, she knew her death would come in a matter of seconds.

In her mind, the orc thought the demon was to blame.

She had no idea it was all her shaman\'s doing.

The warrior threw herself against Lith, disregarding what little life she had left.

The tentacles drained her life force and defused the explosion at the same time, but they weren\'t fast enough to prevent her from crashing against Lith and sending him towards the Chieftan\'s oncoming blade.

Cursing at his bad luck, Lith could only attempt a parry and watch it fail.

Testa\'Lhosh\'s blade clashed with the Gatekeeper, moving it aside.

The lunge had enough power left to pierce the Skinwalker armor and penetrate into Lith\'s flesh while breaking his collarbone.

Lith would have fainted from the shock if he had not cut off his pain receptors at the last second.

His left arm was now limp, blood came out profusely from his shoulder.

The only silver lining was that the energy robbed from the dying orc was already mending the wound.

The problem was living long enough for it to matter.

Testa\'Lhosh fearlessly pressed forward.

\'The demon is doomed.\' The chieftain thought.

\'With only one hand and the blood loss sapping his strength, he can\'t avoid my blade anymore.\'

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