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Chapter 2089 Turning the Tide (Part 1)

This way, Thrud will be forced to spread her still weakened army thin, making it easier for us to conquer our real targets since she won\'t realize that most of the cities that we\'ll siege are just a diversion.

On top of that, by observing which fortresses she focuses on the most and which she leaves exposed instead, we can catch a glimpse of her long-term strategy.

With a bit of luck, we\'ll understand where she is going to strike next and prepare in advance.

As for the why the two of you have been chosen for this mission, it\'s because you\'ll represent the Kingdom in the battle for Zehnma. Queen Sylpha pointed at a city in the Nestrar region, located near the new border that Gentor\'s charge had created.

Just the two of us Tista was flabbergasted.

Don\'t sell yourselves short, Mage Verhen. King Meron said.

We know that your abilities synergize with those of Magus Verhen and that very few creatures can match the destructive power of your Cursed Flames.

The enemy will expect us to try and slip inside the city once the siege starts and take control of the City Gate like usual, but this time things will go differently.

You two will enter the city before the battle starts and once inside, your target will be the defensive array system.

While Magus Verhen conjures his army of Demons and the Council keeps Thrud\'s forces focused on the outside, your duty is to find and neutralize the focal points of the arrays from the inside.

Beware though, we want you to temporarily deactivate the magical formations, not to destroy them.

This way, once the arrays go down, our army will bypass the walls and storm the city while Magus Verhen\'s Demons strike at the enemy\'s back.

If done properly, the collapse of the defensive system will set up for a pincer surprise attack that will grant us full control over Zehnma with minimum losses among the army and the civilians.

With just you by his side, Mage Verhen, your brother will be capable of displaying the full scope of his abilities without worrying about witnesses.

Your combined strength and that of the Demons should be enough to take care of any non-Divine Beast stationed there.

What if it\'s not enough Lith asked.

What if Thrud has three Divine Beasts stationed in Zehnma if not even a full seven-man unit

That would be an excellent scenario for us. Raagu replied with a sly smile.

Sure, you wouldn\'t have any chance of victory but it would also mean that a lot of the enemy territory is left unguarded.

In such a scenario, your duty would turn from conquest into stall for time.

By keeping so many Divine Beasts locked in one place, you would give us the opportunity to adjust our strategy and recapture more than three cities.

None of them would be as strategically important as Zehnma but together they would be worth much more.

No one asks you to die for the mission.

Just hold out as long as you can and Spirit Warp out the moment you feel cornered.

We can always make a second attempt at conquering any city whereas there are only two living Demons of Mogar.

For now. The human representative\'s lips curled up in a little smile that Lith assumed to be Raagu\'s way to congratulate him.

That or the hope that the Tiamat would die, leaving behind a baby that would be just as powerful as him if not more but much more easily bent to the Council\'s agenda.

Who\'ll represent the Awakened in this battle Tista said.

I\'m glad that you asked. Raagu\'s smile went wider while the Royals\' frowned deeply, staring at her in contempt.

Solus wondered the meaning of that exchange until her mana sense perceived the answer closing in to the Throne Room.

Phloria Ernas walked through the door without wearing her deep green Great Mage robe nor her uniform as Lieutenant Colonel of the army.

Her clothes consisted of a leather jacket over a white shirt and brown linen pants.

It was the standard attire of the Awakened corps that she had founded and trained herself.

Commander Ernas is both a loyal member of the Royal Court and your personal apprentice, Magus Verhen. Raagu said.

Her presence will ensure that our Awakened troops will be led by the person who knows their abilities best and someone who has your blind trust.

Also, an Ernas on the battlefield guarantees the Council that the Kingdom will do its best to back us up in case something goes wrong instead of using the Awakened as a sacrificial pawn.

The Royals nodded but they were inwardly cursing the human representative.

They had chosen to send solely Lith and Tista to showcase the power of their newly appointed Magus while also saving as much strength as they could to attack another target if the opportunity arose.

This way, if everything went well, even those among the members of the ancient magical households who were still sceptic about the deal with Verhen would be forced to recognize how useful it was.

By single-handedly solving a mission he would instil hope in their troops, fear in the enemies, maybe even make them defect, and save the noble heirs from being conscripted into the army.

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Phloria stepping in, however, ruined their plan.

If anything were to happen to her because the Royals had pulled their punches, they would lose the support of the Ernas and with them all their political allies.

It would have been a disaster of colossal proportions that alone might cost them the war.

Ever since Jirni and Orion had married, the Ernas and the Myrok Households acted as one.

If Phloria were to die in action, it would\'ve alienated the Crown two of the only still active members of the four founding pillars of the Kingdom.

An event that would throw the Court in disarray and turn the domestic policy into chaos.

On top of that, Commander Ernas is the only member of the current Council besides Magus Verhen who knows how to use Blade Tier spells. Raagu continued, pretending to not have noticed the Royals assigning more troops to Zehnma.

Together, they can even take down one of Thrud\'s seven-man units of Divine Beasts.

In my opinion, this is the perfect set-up for success.

Lith glared at the human representative no less than the Royals, angered by her attempt to manipulate him through Phloria.

\'I already didn\'t like bringing Tista along and now this The **ing Royals want her presence to make sure that I give my all and Raagu is doing the same.

They are just bright blue-cored kids, dammit!\' He thought.

\'That\'s not necessarily true.\' Solus said.

\'Remember that Tista needed a Royal Pardon as well and she has to take part in the war per your same deal.

By assigning you two work on the same mission, the Royals are allowing you to be her mentor on the field.

\'As for Phloria, I think your anxiety for the baby is clouding your judgement.

Raagu isn\'t using her against you.

Tiamat is now more than ever the golden boy of the Council.

Raagu is using Phloria because she doesn\'t trust the Royals.\'

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