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Chapter 2073 Past Grudge (Part 1)

Very funny, jackass! Kamila blushed violently, turning around to make sure that no one had overheard Lith.

I\'m serious.

As any mage, I love experimenting with new stuff and I never had the opportunity to see you drunk.

Well, since you are so willing to try something new, I guess tonight you can sleep on the couch for a change.


Ernas Mansion, the day after the doghouse.

Phloria\'s words during the gala had stung hard so Lith had made as much time as he could for the Ernas who also threw him a party where only his actual friends and Council allies were invited.

Friya and Quylla exploited the occasion to introduce their respective boyfriends to society despite the objection of their parents.

It was also the perfect opportunity to force Jirni and Orion to meet them after months of dodging the issue.

War made courtship short since every day on the frontlines could be the last and many of their daughters\' peers and academy mates had married lately to leave at least one heir behind.

That and Lith\'s marriage setting the example were enough to make the Ernas couple sweat bullets.

Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend, Morok Eari. Quylla said, making Jirni purse her lips until a small line was all that was left of her mouth.

Morok, these are my parents, Jirni and Orion Ernas.

It\'s nice to meet you again, ma\'am. The Tyrant said in what was supposed to be the best smile of his human form.

If I didn\'t know better, I\'d say that it\'s clear from who Quylla inherited her beauty.

It\'s been almost two years since the last time we saw each other but it seems like yesterday.

You are a person hard to forget, Great Mage Eari. Jirni said with her best poker face.

To a regular person, her words sounded nice yet her cousin Dyta could hear all the poison they hid.

The former Ranger was the kind of man who always left a strong impression, but not because of his wits or charms.

It\'s a pl… A plea… Just being forced to speak such a blatant lie in her own home gave Jirni\'s voice the same intonation of someone who was about to hurl.

She twisted and turned an ivory fan between her hands to keep her expression under control.

A pleasure to have you here. Dyta completed the phrase for her.

That. Jirni nodded, restoring the perfection of her façade.

It\'s the first time we are properly introduced, sir. Morok extended his hand and Orion looked at it as if it was a blade aimed at his throat.


I heard a lot of things about you, young man. Not even a blind man would have mistaken Orion\'s expression for a smile.

He was simply curling his lips while clenching his teeth so hard that his jaw popped.

I\'m past 26 years old so I\'m not so young anymore. Morok managed to miss the subtext entirely and smiled awkwardly.

But I can understand that to a man of your age anyone below forty must look like a kid.

I promise you that I\'ll make your daughter happy and with a bit of luck, we\'ll give you plenty of grandchildren before you die. His honesty was accompanied by the sound of Jirni\'s fan snapping.

Quylla glared at him, stomping his foot to make sure Morok wouldn\'t embarrass her further.

He\'s joking.

We are just hanging out. She said.

We never even discussed such matters.

Alas, for an Emperor Beast, her stomp felt like a footsie, or at least that\'s how Morok perceived it.

Then maybe we should, darling.

These days people are dropping like flies and even if they survive the war, your parents don\'t have much left to live.

Try putting yourself in their shoes. Truth to be told, the Tyrant was just referring to the fact that he and Quylla were Awakened and had a much longer lifespan.

Ha, ha, ha! What a funny guy. Orion\'s maniacal laughter was accompanied by the savage smile that usually appeared on his face only on the battlefield.

I wish that the rest of your life is as long as happy.

Thanks, sir.

I wish you the same. Once again, Morok missed the subtext and Orion hoping that the prick would die a gruesome death a few seconds later.

Quylla noticed the throbbing vein in her father\'s neck and temple so she dragged Morok away before Orion could have a stroke out of sheer rage.

Help! I don\'t want to die! Nalrond grabbed Lith\'s arm in search of protection.

If I meet a guy that big and angry right now, he\'s going to kill me.

Don\'t be such a baby! Friya dragged him along effortlessly.

Even though with his 1.84 (6\') height Nalrond was much taller and heavier than her, an Awakened of her level could lift him with one hand.

Besides, this is the perfect moment to meet my parents.

No matter what blunder you make, compared to Morok, you\'d still be a gentleman.

Nalrond hadn\'t been so scared since the day Night had tried to kill Selia and the children yet he would have gladly faced the Horseman alone rather than be there.

He whimpered all the way to the Ernas couple, like a man walking to his own funeral.

Mom, Dad, he\'s Nalrond of the Desert.

He has no last name because his village was destroyed and it\'s still painful for him to talk about it. At those words, Orion\'s gaze softened enough for Dyta to notice.

Nalrond, these are my parents, Orion and Jirni Ernas.

Never believe a word my mother says and don\'t be afraid of my father.

He\'s actually a softie and I\'m sure you two will go along just fine.

Having heard terrible things about her, Nalrond\'s eyes went wide when he saw how short and lovely Jirni was.

On the other hand, it was hard recognizing the loving father Friya had told him about in the fuming giant in front of him.

Orion was 1.96 meters (6\'5) tall, making Nalrond feel like a small boy.

Sir, ma\'am, it\'s a pleasure to know you. He gave them both a deep bow.

I currently live with the Fastarrows as their nanny, but I plan to buy a house of my own one day.

I\'m a skilled healer and a Light Master. Nalrond emphasized the concept by conjuring a hard-light construct of his dream home under their noses.

Also, I own a share of Lith\'s silver mines in Jambel so I have my own money and-

Slow down, kid. Orion patted his shoulder while laughing heartily.

This isn\'t a job interview.

You\'ve got nothing to prove to me except how much you care for my little girl.

How do I do that, sir Nalrond sweated profusely and tugged at the collar of his shirt which seemed to become tighter by the second, making it difficult for him to breathe.

You just did. Orion turned toward Jirni who didn\'t seem to agree with him.

This house of yours, where do you plan to build it In the Kingdom or the Desert She asked.

I have no idea. Nalrond replied, making Jirni tilt her head in curiosity.

It\'s not just my decision to make, but if I had the choice, I\'d like to build it in Lutia.

I wasn\'t born in the Kingdom but the Fastarrows are my family.

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