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Chapter 2024 Cranky Mood (Part 2)

Can\'t they just shapeshift and use an alias Lith shrugged.

That\'s what Friya is doing right now.

She is in Vesta to protect the Gate network.

As a dimensional mage, that\'s the perfect place for her to show her full prowess.

Quylla is the Royal Healer and she has to stand at the ready so that they can dispatch her where she is needed.

As for Phloria, after the start of the war, the Royals pressured her to resume her old rank in the army.

With all the crap that Jirni is taking for helping you with the deal, Phloria\'s refusal would have hurt the Ernas\' reputation.

She has been dispatched in Prode to fight by Orion\'s side.

She can\'t be in two places at the same time so Aalejah will lead the troops in her stead. The Hydra said.

She is stationed in Vesta as well and Protector is with her.

As soon as they deal with the situation there, they\'ll come to our aid.

Protector has decided to join the war efforts Lith was flabbergasted.

Not really a choice.

He\'s my disciple and a member of the Council.

He had to.

As you can imagine, Selia was far from happy at the news. Faluel exhaled sharply.

You have no idea the earful she gave me.

The Hydra took the lead, introducing Lith to the rest of the Awakened company.

Since shapeshifting made it hard to understand who was who, she would always point at the person she was referring to.

This is Crank the Hyperion. She weaved her hand at a man over two meters (7\') tall.

Like the Bastet you have recently met, he\'s a Divine Beast from Verendi.

Well technically he\'s just an Emperor Beast since his father is not one of the original six Guardians, but we call them Divine Beasts anyway to avoid confusion.

Nice to meet you, man.

I\'m glad to have another heavy hitter to rely upon. Lith extended his hand while taking a good look at the man.

The form of his choice had quite the pale skin, more suited to someone who had lived for a long time in the mountains rather than the savanna.

He had long reddish hair and a beard, both tied in a long braid each.

He only wore thick leather pants, leaving exposed his massive chest and the flaming thick body hair that covered him.

He was so big and his shoulders so wide that he made Protector\'s human form look small in comparison.

His build was that of a man grown in the open and that no building could ever hope to contain.

By his side stood a giant two-headed battle ax and a honey badger that was gnawing at the bones of a steak, probably his pet.

Man, you should have picked a more discreet form. Lith said while they shook hands.

This one is a dead giveaway.

No one in their right mind will ever believe you are a human.

If you don\'t like it, you can kiss my hairy ass. The honey badger replied with a burp as he took another serving.

Lith\'s eyes opened wide while the barbarian burst into laughter, incapable of keeping a straight face anymore.

He\'s Crank.

My name is Hengar Shuul and believe it or not, I\'m human. His grey eyes looked at Lith in hilarity.

Before you ask, no.

I don\'t have bear blood in my veins.

I just look like this.

Nice to meet you, Hengar.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Lith said.

No problem.

How are doing, Crank Lith offered him his hand and the honey badger gave him the plate full of scraps.

Still a bit hungry.

Do me a solid and take out the trash, kid.

Don\'t mind him. Faluel said.

He\'s a bit cranky due to the cold weather and the even colder reception he received.

Don\'t forget the stupid jokes about my name. The Hyperion snarled.

Well, you should\'ve expected that with everything that\'s happening in the Kingdom, no one would have liked a talking furball. Lith said while emptying the plate into the nearest bin.

By the way, why a honey badger

My father became a Hyperion after achieving Guardianhood, but he never forgot about his origins nor was he ashamed of it. Crank said.

Let me guess, neither are you.

Nailed it in one.

What\'s your position on the battlefield Lith conjured a hologram that reproduced Berion\'s map down to the smallest detail.

Light Mastery Crank\'s words made the entire room turn in their direction.

Lucky bastard.

Your reputation is well deserved.

The honey badger used one of his long claws to point at one of the dots that would have been considered the vanguard, if not for Lith\'s even more advanced position.

What about you

I\'m right here. Lith replied, making his own marker appear as well.

What the ** Crank nervously scratched his chin.

Either you are even better than what the rumors say or someone wants you dead, kid.

You are wrong on both accounts.

They just want to see what I can do.

I\'ve set a high price for my services and they want to make sure that I\'m really worth their money.

That\'s why I hate working with humans.

No matter how much they smile at you, there\'s always a catch. Crank said.

Then why are you here Lith asked.

For the money, of course, and tax-free at that.

After 500 years of nomadic life, I decided it\'s time to find myself a nice hole.

When I heard that the Royals of the Griffon Kingdom offered citizenship and an estate to any Divine Beast willing to join their cause, I-

Who cares about that! Faluel cut him short.

The only silver lining is that all the big Emperor Beasts like me and Crank are assigned to the frontlines.

If something goes wrong, give us a signal and we\'ll cover your retreat.

Don\'t speak for me, lizard.

I barely know- The Hydra marked her position on the map as well, making the Hyperion soften his words.

I mean, I\'ll be glad to help, for the right price.

Promise to teach me Light Mastery once the battle is over, and I\'ll be your best friend today.

\'The Tiamat knows Light Mastery as well, but he\'s a Divine Beast.

If half of what I\'ve heard about him is true, he should be able to get to safety on his own.

The Hydra, instead, is nothing but a lesser Dragon.\' He thought.

Please. Faluel scoffed in annoyance.

Do you overestimate yourself that much or do you think I\'m that stupid

You never know what might happen on the battlefield, young lizard. Crank replied.

Your friend here is in a very **ty position and you are bound to be outmatched.

The Guardian blood that flows through your veins isn\'t thick enough to survive the encounter with a true Divine Beast.

Think about it.

Light Mastery is a very important discipline, but what point will it have keeping it for yourself once you are dead The creature attempted a business smile, but when the honey badger form exposed its rows of white fangs, it looked threatening instead.

Try anything funny during this battle, furball, and I\'ll make sure that the only home you\'ll find is that where your corpse will lay as a majestic carpet. Faluel turned around and walked away, dragging Lith with her.

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