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Chapter 2011 Red Sun (Part 3)

Okay, Pylika. Kelia said while Dusk checked the room with Life Vision.

Every time they had come to the Headmaster\'s office, he had noticed that its magical aura increased by leaps and bounds.

There were several incomplete Forgemastering arrays that had no reason to be there and whose purpose he failed to understand.

The most peculiar thing about them was that their energy seeped into the adjacent rooms over time and soon would have reached the other floors as well.

\'Whatever this is, it requires a power core bigger than I\'ve ever seen.

It\'s like a beating heart that branches into veins and arteries.\' The Horseman thought.

\'To what end, though\'

He was unaware that after witnessing the true power of the Griffon Kingdom\'s academies during Nalear\'s attack, the Empress had relentlessly worked to recreate them in the Empire.

To what do I owe the pleasure of your summon His host asked.

Oh, dear, stop being so modest. The Headmaster chuckled.

With your admission score, the first exam rank, and all the points that you have been hoarding, it was only a matter of time before you caught the eye of our beloved Empress.

She expected her student to brim with joy and enthusiasm, but instead Kelia turned pale and froze as if she had just been notified a death in her family.

The Empress She echoed.

Yes, of course.

I brought you to her attention every time I wrote a report and now she\'s eager to meet you.

\'Calm down.\' Dusk said via their mind link.

\'Nothing is lost, yet.

We have the time to prepare a cloaking device that will hide my presence.\'

\'Why didn\'t we craft that before my enrolment\' She managed to telepathically curse and thank him at the same time.

\'Are you kidding me You are not supposed to know tier three magic, let alone Forgemastering.

How could we have possibly explained the presence of an artifact with a mana crystal

\'If anyone noticed it, you would have raised all kinds of red flags.

Now, however, we have no choice but to risk it.

I told you countless times to not push your luck but you always refused to listen.\'

This is wonderful news.

When is the Magic Empress going to bless us with her presence Kelia felt the sting of his words and regained her composure.

Right now. A second voice said from behind.

The Warp Gate of the academy opened and Milea Genys came out of it.

Her bright violet aura alone was enough to freeze a lesser mage, but that day the Empress wore her formal attire.

The White Armor changed its color every time the power of an element surged and dwarfed the others.

The White Sword hung on her hip was a masterpiece of magic that seemed to cut the air in its wake even while it was still sheathed.

The crown on Milea\'s head was made in pure Davross and bore six elemental crystals.

According to the legends, the artifact symbolized the power of the Emperor over both people and magic, but Dusk knew it was actually a tool to learn Domination.

A secret that even he had failed to grasp and coveted dearly.

Yet his greed was dwarfed by his worst fear coming true.

\'Change of plans.\' The Horseman gritted Kelia\'s teeth in frustration.

\'Don\'t let her touch you.

She\'s an Awakened.\'

It\'s an honor to meet you. Keila took a step back and fell onto her right knee, putting as much distance from Milea as she could and not giving her any pretext to get close.

At ease, child. The Empress said while looking at her inquisitively.

Headmaster, did you add etiquette classes to the first year

No, my liege.

Why do you ask Ashrein said.

Then how does a commoner know the formal greeting of the Imperial palace Milea pointed at the youth kneeling while the Headmaster had simply given the Empress a bow to keep the meeting friendly.

I learned it from a book. Kelia rushed to say.

Really Milea sounded amused.

With all the amazing things you have achieved in a few months you even had the time to waste reading books about the Imperial Court on the off chance we met

Either you are a monster or the academy has become too easy.

Unlike Lith, Kelia had no noble friend like Lark who could have taught her good manner or lent her tomes before her enrolment.

She had no plausible excuse for her perfect manners.

It\'s not easy at all. Kelia bid her time while Dusk racked his brain.

I\'ve always dreamed to meet you so I prepared accordingly.

How very convenient, Kelia Sunbry.

Or should I say Kelia from Gima A wave of the Empress\' hand conjured a series of powerful arrays that surrounded the youth, locking her in place.

Kelia fell on all fours due to a gravity field that made it hard for her even to breathe, barely mustering the strength to raise her head and look at the Empress in surprise.

My liege, why are you doing that to our precious student Ashrein was outraged but she didn\'t dare move against the Empress.

Technically, she\'s not a student of the Red Emperor academy. Milea replied.

Kelia Sunbry doesn\'t exist.

She enrolled under a false name and everything this girl ever told you is a lie.

Assuming she is even a girl.

A flick of her finger and the light from the innermost array seeped inside Kelia\'s body.

It entered in the space right above her navel, where the mana core was.

From there, it spread throughout her body, following and revealing her mana flow.

I knew it! Only an Awakened could achieve so much in- Milea\'s voice died in her throat when the light reached Keila\'s chest.

The power from the array accumulated around Dusk\'s crystal, making it visible to the naked eye.

The spell was supposed to trap and identify an Awakened without the need to touch them by revealing their mana flow.

Yet in Kelia\'s case, it also exposed her bond with the Horseman.

\'What a cunning woman!\' Dusk said in amazement.

\'She unwittingly developed a method that recognizes Awakened, Horsemen, and even our Chosen.\'

\'Who cares! How do we get out of here\' Kelia quickly fell into a panic.

\'I have no clue.

I warned you not to draw so much attention.\'

\'I\'m sorry, Dusk, I should have listened to you.

I promise that from now on I\'ll always follow your advice.

Just save me!\'

\'Don\'t worry, kid.

I\'ll find a way.\' The Horseman was actually much less confident than he sounded.

The Empress was a violet cored Awakened of unknown power while he was still sealed.


You must be the host of the Red Sun, then. Milea pensively tormented her own lower lip.

Night is in Thrud\'s hands and the last time I checked Dawn was bonded to a Ranger.

A Horseman snuck inside my academy The Headmaster said in outrage.

The disgusted gaze she threw at Kelia and the many spells that formed around her hands made the young girl lose hope.

\'Even if Dusk saves me, my career as a mage is over and so is my comfortable life in the academy.\'

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