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Chapter 1994 Mixed Blood (Part 2)

The Headmaster of the White Griffon had found the time to come but until that moment, there had hardly been the time to go past small talk.

Once Mogar\'s equivalent of the Waltz ended, the couples moved to the buffet to get some drinks before the music started again.

Nice of you to come, Professor. Lith felt awkward speaking with his old mentor.

He had no idea how Marth had taken the revelation about Lith\'s true nature and the two men hadn\'t had the opportunity to speak ever since Lith had been forced to get rid of his communication amulet.

Jirni had invited the Headmaster to the wedding on Lith\'s behalf and until an hour ago, Lith didn\'t know if he would attend.

It was nice of you inviting us. Marth replied with a nervous voice, not knowing what to feel or where to look.

I hope that the Royal Court swallows their pride and let you come back to the Kingdom soon.

We are in dire need of-

Stop making a fool out of yourself and be honest with him, Duke! Ryssa cut him short.

Sorry, he\'s still hurt.

Hurt by what Kamila asked.

By the fact that Lith never told him the truth and that Duke always failed to recognize him as a Divine Beast.

Duke feels guilty for never gaining your trust and pissed off because you wounded his professional pride.

Ryssa! Marth blushed in outrage, throwing her a reproachful look.

Duke! She planted her hands on her hips, staring at him with equal intensity.

I\'m sorry Professor, but I couldn\'t tell you the truth.

During my stay at the White Griffon, I\'ve heard what mages think of Emperor Beasts one time too many to trust anyone with my real nature.

If it makes you feel better, I didn\'t tell even my family until much later.

As for your skill as a diagnostician, you have nothing to blame yourself for.

My hybrid nature didn\'t manifest before I turned sixteen and only recently did I become a Tiamat.

I see. Marth nodded, but his expression remained gloomy.

Did Manohar or Vastor know

Manohar discovered my hybrid nature while I was quarantined after escaping Huryole while Vastor learned about it from Meln\'s broadcast, like everyone else. Lith lied to protect the Master\'s secret identity.

Damn bastard.

Not only did Manohar play some trick on my son to make sure we would name the baby after him, but he also hid the truth from me.

To make matters worse, Vastor is by far a better man than I am.

I didn\'t have the guts to defend you in the Royal Court when your real identity was exposed and Morn tried to get you killed whereas Vastor did. Marth averted his eyes, incapable of looking at Lith.

Don\'t beat yourself up, Professor.

Zogar did it for Zinya who in turn pressured him on my behalf.

I knew the truth and wanted to protect Lith. Kamila said.

No, I must beat myself up. The Headmaster sighed.

I didn\'t understand what you\'ve been going through during all these years until I experienced the same hardships with my son, Dhiral.

What hardships He is still a baby. Lith replied.

Yeah, too bad that people look at his lime-colored skin as if it\'s an infectious disease.

The members of my own family had no objections to my marriage with Ryssa but after seeing the baby, they are pressuring me to divorce.

They think that I should leave my and Manohar\'s legacy to a \'normal\' child. Marth said in outrage.

Sure, in a few years Ryssa will teach Dhiral how to shapeshift at will, but he shouldn\'t feel the need to hide who he is.

Also, I don\'t want him to feel pressured to give up on his plant heritage once he turns twenty.

If he decides to become human, I want it to be because it\'s what he wants, not because choosing otherwise would make him a monster.

Not knowing what to say, Lith just nodded.

\'Fuck me sideways, if just a different skin color is giving them such a hard time, what will happen to Aran and Leria once we go back to Lutia Everyone has seen my Tiamat form and if people think they are like me, not even an army of magical beasts will be able to protect their innocence.\'

Are you part of this Council Ryssa told me about Marth asked.


Do you know someone willing to teach Dhiral how to cope with his condition Ryssa has already introduced me to other members of her kind, but I\'m afraid they would only make him feel worse.

No offense, dear.

None taken. The Dryad replied, knowing first-hand how ruthless and insensitive most plant folks were.

I know a few people that might help you.

If we come out of this war alive. Lith wryly said.

Thanks. The two men exchanged their communication runes while Marth updated Lith about the situation of the Kingdom.


Ever since Thrud had succeeded in turning her generals into Divine Beasts, the war was slowly but inexorably tipping in her favor.

On top of that, after the Undead Courts had sworn her their allegiance, they had started to weaken the Kingdom from the inside, preparing the field for the Mad Queen\'s army before every attack.

On top of that, Thrud had emptied all the prisons of the territories she had conquered, turning the Kingdom\'s worst criminals into immortal soldiers for her army.

They knew little about magic, but some of them were skilled warriors and ruthless killers.

Until that moment, Thrud\'s army had lacked the manpower to face the Royal\'s and had relied mostly on the strength of her Awakened followers.

Now, however, those who broke the law or refused to bend the knee were conscripted into her army.

What did your family say about your decision to marry Lith Ryssa asked, eager to change the topic.

She heard talking about the war day in and out and was afraid that soon it would have come knocking at her door.

My parents are assholes and convicted criminals so I didn\'t bother asking their opinion. Kamila replied.

As for my sister, she knows Lith and his family for almost as long as I do.

When I told her that I was going to propose, she asked me only two questions.

If I was really sure that despite our differences Lith could make me happy and if it was true that he could change size at will.

And Ryssa chuckled while Marth spat his drink and Lith turned to a deep shade of purple.

I\'m a lucky woman. A smug grin appeared on Kamila\'s face.


There\'s nothing to be embarrassed about, Lith. Ryssa patted his shoulder.

Curiosity is part of human nature.

Ever since he learned I can shapeshift, Duke had a lot of fun having me change my proportions, especially my brea-

Ryssa! Marth waved a quick goodbye and dragged his wife away before she embarrassed him further.

Lady Verhen, would you mind if I took your husband for the next dance Gilly Locrias tapped Kamila\'s arm to have her attention.

The daughter of the ex-captain of the Queen\'s corpse was a pretty young woman with red hair and ocean blue eyes.

She was wearing a wonderful sky-blue gala dress embroidered in gold and rubies that came straight from Salaark\'s wardrobe.

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