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Chapter 1993 Mixed Blood (Part 1)

While the others were chit-chatting, Kamila\'s eyes fell on the figures of Solus and Nyka while they walked away and then on Rethia\'s.

\'She\'s over one thousand years old and she barely looks thirty-something.\' Kamila thought.

\'I\'ll turn twenty-nine the next year whereas Lith will look in his twenties for decades, if not centuries.

Should I ask him to Awaken me\'

On the one hand, it would have meant having a long life together.

On the other hand, Awakening would have brought more problems than it would solve.

Kamila couldn\'t stand the idea of becoming Lith\'s property for 100 years, like it had happened to Phloria a Tista.

On top of that, there was the possibility that with time their relationship might go sour.

If it happened, she would be forced to live for centuries in a world that didn\'t belong to her anymore.

Is anything wrong Tista grabbed Kamila\'s shoulder who yelped in surprise.

You have been spacing out for a while and you\'re sweating like crazy.

Do you need to rest

I\'m fine, thanks.

What were we talking about

I was telling Rethia that I envy creatures like her who can choose between laying eggs and pregnancy. Rena said with a sigh.

After giving birth to the triplets, just the idea of repeating the experience sends a cold shiver down my spine.

I wonder if Tista will have the opportunity to choose as well. Rethia pondered.

After all, we have no idea of Tiamats lay eggs, right

Now we don\'t! Tista flushed in embarrassment and rushed away, dragging Bodya the Nidhogg with her.

He had attended the wedding as her plus one and Tista didn\'t want him to get strange ideas.

Calm down.

You made it clear that you are no one\'s science project. His kind smile extended to his black eyes.

I\'m sorry, it\'s just that my parents are already pestering me to find someone myself and all those talks about love and relationships were more than I could handle. She sighed.

They are non-Awakened humans. He replied with shrug.

They are aware they won\'t live long and rush things.

Don\'t let their standards affect your life.

You are not like them.

His words were meant to be kind and supportive, but they made Tista shudder.

The more powerful she got and the more bloodline abilities she developed, the less human she felt.

She always tried not to think about it or about the fact that her parents would die before the first wrinkle appeared on her face but being surrounded by many centuries-old beings forced her to realize that her parents weren\'t really rushing things.

Tista was close to 21 years, an age that on Mogar was late to marry for humans.

I\'m sorry for spoiling your mood further, but there\'s something I need to ask you. Bodya said, snapping her out of her reverie.

Are you going to take part in the War of the Griffons


Lith is fighting to get back all of our lives and I\'m strong enough to stand by his side. Tista nodded, her determination steeled by the rumors about Linnea being among the Mad Queen\'s followers.

She had never forgotten about what the ex-Headmaster of the Lightning Griffon had done to Nana and Lith.

The thought of her living happily after having destroyed the life of her mentor was unbearable.

I want to help him kill Meln and get rid of a woman named Anela Linnea.

Why do you ask

Because the Royals are recruiting all the Emperor Beasts they can find and I had yet to make my decision.

They offer fair compensation, but it\'s not worth my life.

I\'m not from Garlen so I have no attachment to the Kingdom. He replied.

What do you mean had Are you going to join the war efforts for me Tista asked in shock.


You are young, and inexperienced.

I can\'t let you go alone on the battlefront. Bodya looked her straight in the eyes.

I wouldn\'t be alone. She shook her head.

Lith and I would probably be sent to different battlefields, but I would still have the Royal army and the Council by my side.

Which means being surrounded by enemies. Bodya sighed sharply.

For the humans, you are no different from your brother, a monster.

On top of that, many Awakened consider your bloodline a threat to the balance.

There are many among the humans and the Emperor Beasts who would be glad if you two died while others dream about capturing and studying you to find clues that might help them to further their own evolution.

You need me to watch your back.

Look, I appreciate your concern, but I\'m not my brother. Tista said.

I\'m not as powerful as him and nowhere near the violet.

There\'s no telling what I\'ll become but I\'m certain I won\'t be a Tiamat.

You are wasting your time with me

I\'m not dating your brother, I\'m dating you. Bodya\'s ashen skin emphasized all of his expressions and now showed honest worry.

I don\'t care what you\'ll become, I just want to make sure that you come back home safely.

Everything else can wait.

We both have a long life ahead of us.

Why are you doing so much for me She asked in confusion.

I mean, I know you don\'t give a damn about my looks.

There are plenty of Divine Beasts here that make me look homely in comparison.

What\'s your angle

Once you\'ll get older, you\'ll learn that having a great power doesn\'t make you happy.

That having a long life only means spending more time alone or grieving the loss of those you love. He said with a sad smile.

I\'m doing all of this not because I expect something in return but because I\'d rather risk my life for someone that might make it worth living than spend centuries in regret wondering what could have happened if I didn\'t chicken out.

How old are you, exactly Tista asked.

I\'m almost seventy.

My mother was a human and died of a sudden illness while I was traveling.

As for my father, he died as well.

He was killed by an Abomination while on a mission for the Council. Bodya was barely a child for Awakened standards but his tone was already that of a man who had suffered a lot.

I\'m sorry, I didn\'t mean to open old wounds. Tista said.

And you didn\'t.

The past is in the past.

I\'m only focused on the present and so should you. The Nidhogg gave her a soft kiss and when the music started, he led her to the dancefloor.

I\'ll be glad to have you by my side on the battlefield. Tista blushed a little, but not for the kiss.

While the rest of Mogar pressured her to move forward with her life, to become stronger and match her brother\'s achievements, Bodya cared only about giving her the time she needed to understand what she wanted.

He didn\'t seem to care about mixing bloodlines or what powers a Red Demon would come to possess, only about Tista as a person.

It felt nice and put her mind finally at ease.

Meanwhile, on the dancefloor, Lith and Kamila had bumped into Marth and Ryssa.

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