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Chapter 1942: Evolved Humans (part 2)

“You see, a while ago I met a Scorpicore named Scarlett and she was capable of switching light into darkness at will.” Lith showed them a hologram of her prowess.

“After a while, I thought about Silverwings words.

“About how light and darkness arent opposites but the two sides of the same coin.

Then, I realized that probably its the same for the other elements as well.

Otherwise how do you explain the existence of Spirit Magic

“Its the proof that the six elements can coexist instead of neutralizing each other so I researched for a way to put my theory into practice.

Mjolnir is the result of my experiments about earth and air.”

“Your words would make sense if not for the fact that your affinities are fire and darkness.

This kind of manipulation should be very hard for you.” Zoreth said, her expectant look was still there.

‘She clearly wants to tell me something, but only if I come clean with her. Lith thought.

‘Oh, well.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

He couldnt tell her that the reason air and earth were easier to manipulate for him was that he knew the principles behind electrical conductivity, electrons, protons, grounding effect, and magnetic charges.

That kind of physics was still beyond the knowledge of most Mogarians, so he opted for a dumbed down reply.

“You are right, but also wrong.

What I did has nothing to do with my elemental affinities.

Its just about breaking the ground into conductive elements that can transmit lightning and scatter them around.

“This way, instead of dispersing electricity, earth magic channels and focuses it.” His words only brought a puzzled look to their faces.

“Its easier showing than telling.”

Lith picked up a rock the size of a melon from the ground and used earth magic to turn it into a fine powder.

Insulant materials were discarded, leaving only metals and magnetized elements.

Then, he added air magic, creating small sparks of electricity that coursed through the powder, enhancing the already present charges and creating new ones.

Soon a small storm and a scaled-down version of Mjolnir appeared.

“And you did that with just magic” Bytra said in awe.

She had understood the basic principle but she had no idea how to do it.

“Actually, no.” Lith shook his head.

“This kind of microscopic manipulation is still beyond me so-“

“This kind of what” Zoreth cut him short.

“You need surgical precision, removing even the smallest bits of insulants and grounding materials.” Lith inwardly cursed Mogars limited vocabulary and decided to create new words himself.

“As I was saying, thats very hard to do, but ever since I broke through to the violet, all of my powers and abilities have improved.

I can use Mjolnir as you have seen it only thanks to the elemental affinity of my eyes.”

He took off his helm, revealing that his right eye was now burning with yellow energy and the left with orange mana.

Everyone knew about elemental affinities, it was Domination that he wasnt allowed to disclose.Pa nda

Novel “Remarkable.” Zoreth tenderly caressed his cheek.

“Im proud of you little brother.

You carry the power of an evolved human as well.”

“I what” Lith and Solus said in unison.

She was so surprised that she spoke while still in her ring form.

“You heard me.” Zoreth nodded.

“You have no idea how much it means to me that you decided to trust me with your secret because it means that I can trust you with mine.”

Seeing Liths confused look, she decided to explain things from the beginning since he was clearly unaware of the origin of his own powers.

“Humans, just like Emperor Beasts, can evolve.

Tyrants and Balor are the proof of it.

They were just humans who became something more, something different, but they all share a common trait.

“The natural ability of humans to channel all elements even in their non-Awakened state turned into a complete elemental affinity by developing multiple eyes, just like yours.”

“How can you be so sure” Lith and Solus could hear their hearts pounding at the news.

It explained why all of his forms had seven eyes, even the Abomination.

‘Actually, the Abomination developed them first.

According to Phloria and Solus, whenever I was immersed in the darkness element, new eyes would appear on my face.

‘It makes perfect sense since Im an Abomination who possessed a human body.

Until I reached the blue core, my Divine Beast side was dormant, using all of its energy just to keep the Abomination side from eating the human.

‘The Void that lives inside of me is just what remains of my life force as Derek McCoy that fused with the body of the original Lith, generating the human life force.

In a way, my human and Abomination life forces are the two sides of the same coin.

‘One cant exist without another which sadly makes me mortal whereas normal Abominations cant die of old age. He thought, hoping to buy time with his stupid question.

“Because some of us predate even the Guardians.

Vareen and Tezka were there when the first human become a Tyrant and then some of his most talented disciples became Balors.” Zoreth said.

“They were there when some of the Odi became what you today call Trolls.

Before their fall, Balors and Trolls were a powerful race as well.

They just ruined everything with their greed, like us Abominations.

“Balors wanted to regain their mana core and be capable of Awakening like Tyrants whereas Trolls wanted to overcome their absolute yet limited mastery over light and darkness and gain the other five elements as well.”

Lith already knew about Tyrants and Balors from Glemos, but the part about the Odi becoming Trolls made sense as well.

It explained Baba Yagas ability to use Creation Magic and how she had given birth to her Horsemen and the undead.

“Congratulations, little brother-in-law.” Bytra hugged him while ruffling his hair.

“If Zor is right, it means that every aspect of your life force is evolving with your core.

Your life forces managed to merge instead of making you a hybrid because they develop together instead of each one on its own.”

“Thats amazing!” Lith could barely contain his joy.

“How did you know the origin of my powers when even I ignored it”

‘Zoreths expectant look now makes sense.

Also, I have to thank Faluel for her teachings.

She was right, only idiots never share. He actually thought.

“I knew it because to choose the proper monster core for his Abominations, Dad studied both Balors and Trolls.

I helped him with my Dragon Eyes ever since I acquired them so when I saw you casting Mjolnir, I noticed that there was something other than mana mixed with the spell.” She replied.

“We even researched Tyrants, but their core is stable so they are useless to us.


From her words, Lith guessed that probably someone had a Balor core and had studied Tyrants to better understand their powers.

It wasnt Zoreths secret to share so Lith didnt pry further.

He had already gained a lot.

He could wait to meet the other Abominations and maybe then they could call Morok and compare notes about their respective powers.

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