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Chapter 1935: Deep Scars (part 1)

“Which means we must go further south and start our search over.” Zoreth pointed at the following cluster of countries, thousands of kilometers of distance.

“We can be there in less than an hour if we alternate Warp and flight.”

“Excellent idea.” Lith nodded and after paying the bill, they left the establishment.

Xenagrosh moved faster than a plane, reaching her destination a bit later than she had estimated only because she stopped listening to the conversation of all the caravans they encountered.

“Here is my stop.

Please, land.” Lith had been checking his watch for a while and now pointed at an empty piece of land.

The Abominations could feel the powerful flow of world energy coming from the ground thanks to their hunger.

“What do you mean your stop” The city of Graska is a bit ahead.

“Zoreth asked.”

“Yes, but as I told you on the amulet, I must go back home for meals and night.

Ill see you in a couple of hours.

In the meanwhile, have some more awful food from Verendi, go on a date, whatever.” Lith winked on the last word.

“See you!”

ᴾᵃⁿᵈᵃ ⁿᵒᵛᵉˡ Then, he placed his hand on the ground and opened his seven eyes.

Lith used them to alter the world energy around him while the Void painted the area black.

‘Even if Bytra is aware of the tower Warp, theres no way she can recognize it under the cover of two bloodline abilities. He thought as his body simply disappeared.

“What was that” Bytra asked, hoping that Zoreths Dragon Eyes had understood the phenomenon.

“I have no clue.” The Shadow Dragon replied.

“I can only tell you that was no Warp at all.

Lith seemed to become one with the flow of world energy and simply rode it.”

While the two Abominations were still at loss for words, he appeared in front of the beach house in the Desert.

Kamila was there, waiting for them while looking at her own watch.

“Welcome back.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Wheres Solus”

“Good question.” Lith had to use their mind link to snap Solus out of it and made her assume human form.

Solus felt all sticky, her body was burning, and her stomach churned in nausea.

She fell on all fours, expecting to puke at any moment.

Even though she hadnt come close to Bytra in person, the experience had ground on her nerves, bringing her to the limit.

“Are you alright” Kamila touched her shoulder, feeling how cold Solus was despite the heat of the Desert.

“Dont touch me.

Im a mess and I dont want to dirty you as well.

I need a shower.” Solus gently pushed her off.

“What are you talking about Was Verendi so hot” Kamila checked her forehead for fever, but found it normal.

“I dont know, I didnt-” Solus stopped as the contrast between the warmth of Kamilas hand and the breeze from the ocean made her realize that it was all in her head.

She had kept her stone form the whole time so she hadnt sweated, her stomach had no way to puke, nor could she experience heat.

Pa nda

No vel “You need a break.” Lith lifted her in a princess carry and brought Solus to one of the deckchairs.

The sight of the sun, the ocean, and the sky washed Bytras face off Solus eyes, clearing her head.

Lith and Kamila sat on either side, holding one hand each.

It strengthened their bond, allowing Liths calm to soothe her nerves.

As for Kamila, she shared no bond with Solus, but having someone that cared for her close in such a moment helped her mind to recover as well.

It reminded Solus that her old family was dead, but she wasnt alone anymore.

She had gotten a new family on that beach and another waiting for her at Salaarks palace.


I feel much better now.

Ill join you after freshening up.” She said after a few minutes, when her knees had stopped quaking and Mogar spinning.

Solus washed her face and arms multiple times to calm down and give the couple a bit of intimacy.

When she came back, however, she found the table set for three, Lith cleaning some dirty pans, and Kamila setting the food on the table.

It smelled delicious, reminding Solus that she hadnt eaten anything since breakfast.

Not even a cookie.

“Is that…”

“Lasagna Yes.” Kamila said.

“I wanted to relax on the beach but I was too worried about you guys.

To keep my mind busy, I spent the morning in the kitchen preparing your favorite dishes.

I thought you might use some comfort food.”

“Thank you.

You have no idea how much I needed this.” Solus stomach had settled in for good and demanded its due.

“Not so fast!” Kamila stopped her before she could take the first mouthful.

“I have spent my morning cooking and Ill be working in the afternoon.

Id like to see my efforts rewarded with a bit of appreciation and conversation.

“Not to see everything disappear in five minutes while I talk to famished trolls.”

“Fine.” Solus pouted, eating slowly and keeping her mouth empty from time to time to answer Kamilas questions about Verendi.

‘Marriage is overrated. She thought.

‘Its more like having another mother nagging at you than a companion.

Then, she noticed that between the happiness from being home and being pissed off at Kamila, the shadow of Bytra was gone from her mind.

Ever since she had sat down at the table, she hadnt thought about the Raiju once.

It made Solus brim with joy and take part in the conversation willingly instead of being forced like before.

“What do you mean, you had no idea black and yellow-skinned people exist” Kamila rose her eyebrows in disbelief.

“We studied that at school, remember”

“I only learned how to write, read, count, and magic.” Lith shrugged.

“I never read anything or studied a single book.

Whenever it was necessary, I shoved a tome about the topic of the day in Soluspedia and I was done with it.”

“Thats why your manners are impeccable and you know so much about stuff that you have no actual interest in.

Elina is right, you are a damn cheater!”

“Its not cheating.

Its efficiency.

Right, Solus” He asked.

“Yep, its cheating.” She nodded.

“You have no idea how ignorant he is without Soluspedia.

If it wasnt for the map we stored there, he wouldnt even know the roads in Lutia.”

Lith jumped up in mock outrage while Kamila laughed, seeing him more human and less perfect.

After the meal, they moved to the veranda to enjoy their ice cream while looking at the sea.

Kamila sat in the middle of a big couch, with Lith at her right and leaning his head on her shoulder.

Solus sat at her left, with her head on Kamilas lap waiting for cuddles.

“What do you think you are doing” Kamila asked in surprise.

“When you married Lith, you knew you would also marry me.

Your words, not mine.” Solus replied with a straight face.

“Show me some love, woman.”

She lasted barely for a second before bursting into laughter, soon joined by Lith and Kamila.

“That was a good one, but please, dont joke about it in the presence of others.

They already look at us in a funny way whenever you stop for the night.” Kamila said.

“Dont worry, I-” Solus body was engulfed in a blue light that seemed to come from within her.

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