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Chapter 1933: Learn From History (part 1)

“So Tyris would send her children, the Griffons, to act in her stead and keep helping the other continents without messing with their Guardians turfs.

The Griffons would always take her appearance to reassure the people that she hadnt abandoned them.” Zoreth said.

“I get to depict her with a basket, but why the tablet” Lith pointed at the statues right hand.

“Because the first thing she taught her followers after how to survive was how to speak the same language and how to write.

This way, they could preserve the knowledge she passed unto them and share it with the other tribes.” Bytra replied.

While they walked toward the tavern that Zugu had recommended to them, Lith spent the rest of the time in silence.

‘I thought that Guardians were just powerful beings that sat on their asses all day except in times of crisis. He thought.

‘Tyris basically shaped four continents alone for centuries.

Its no wonder that even the other Guardians respect her.

‘Then why did the people of Verendi speak so many languages and why is she less active now Solus asked and Lith relayed her doubts.

“Verendi is under Fenagar, who promotes innovation, and Zagran, who preaches individuality.” Bytra replied.

“They were their local gods while Tyris was forced to stay away so the people preferred to follow their teachings.

“As for Solus second question, Tyris acts less simply because people dont need her so much anymore.

She gave us a common tongue, the means to cultivate the land, and taught us magic.

“Her children spread Silverwings legacy throughout Mogar and now the four races can fend for themselves.

Or better, they must or they will always remain like children who cant survive without their mother.”

The food at the Drunken Snake tavern was even worse than that on the caravan, but at least it was hot and the beverages were cold.

A deep yellow cored barista would keep both the ingredients and the water fresh.

Several ampoules of water were hung to the walls, spreading humidity and helping the weak mage to keep the dining area pleasant despite the heat coming from the sun, the stoves, and the people at the tables.

“Did we anger Zugu or what” Lith checked his watch.

There was still time before his lunch with Kamila, but as someone who had been allegedly stranded in the savanna and then had worked his ass off, he was supposed to be hungry.

“Couldnt he send us to a place with good food”

“The food is good, its just you not having a taste for the local cuisine.” Zoreth replied.

“Also, we didnt come here to eat, but to listen.

Zugu assured me that this is the right place for those who seek a job or information.”

“Okay, fine.

But what happened to all thatwe are Abominations.

We dont hide stuff Why the disguise” He asked.

“Because due to Tyris legacy, women with pale skin and either bright colored eyes or golden hair are highly sought after.” The Shadow Dragon pointed at her wife and Liths ring.

“If we kept our original appearance, youd have to fight just to keep people away from them.

“Also, if someone gets too cocky with us and we have to kill a lot of people, the only rumors we would hear are those about ourselves.

We cant poison the water we are drinking from nor can we afford to have armies chasing us.

“We are confident, not stupid.

As I told you earlier, the first part of the chase is of critical importance.

As soon as we find a lead, we can drop all the pretenses.”

“Well, Solus doesnt have golden hair like Rena.

She just has a very light shade of brown.” Lith tried to change the topic, realizing that she was right.

“Yeah, right.” Bytra chuckled.

“Because here they have so many blondes that they can afford to be picky.

Any rich or powerful man here would kill for a redhead or even a brunette.”

All the heads around them were either bald or covered in different shades of black hair.

Aside from elemental shades and grey hair, there was almost no variation in its color for both men and women.

“Point taken.” Lith nodded.

After finishing her meal, Zoreth went to talk with the caravans heads with the excuse of looking for a ride back home in exchange for their work.

Yet what she really wanted was information about any kind of unusual event.

Since Lith had no desire for a second serving and all he could hear from the nearby tables were satisfied belches and ill-concealed farts, he decided to learn a bit more about Verendi.

“Theres something that doesnt add up.” He said.

“Zugu said that this is the land of opportunities and Kami showed me a map of Verendi.

They are all democracies.”

“So what” Bytra asked.

“Then why there are so many poor people and why is everything I hear talking about war” Lith replied.

“Because the situation in Garlen is very different from here.” She said after making sure that no one was paying them attention.

“There, people advance through talent and merit.

Be it in the Empire, the Kingdom, or the Desert, a talented mage or a cunning youth is nurtured.

“I know that you think the Kingdom is a cesspool, but until Orpal messed with your life, you still managed to rise from a farm boy to an almost Magus without encountering much trouble.

“Of course, the higher you got, the more people tried to stand in your way, but that would have happened no matter your job.

Even your father had to face several hurdles and he isjust a farmer.” Lith appreciated her air quotes and the respect for his for Raazs work.

“Here, instead, you would have been killed.

Lark would have been the first to be afraid of your talent and would have had you removed to make sure you didnt aim for his fief.

“Nana would have never taught you magic unless you married her daughter and promised her to take care of her business.

Your only chance to become a mage would have been to meet the local Council and become an apprentice.”

“Why” Lith asked in confusion.

“Because people work hard to raise the social ladder and they dont want to lose their position.

Both rich and commoners would have seen your talent as a threat.

The wealthy would have tried to cajole you into their service to become richer.

“The commoners, instead, would have done everything they could to profit from you, like selling any secret they discovered about your powers or identity if not even helping to kidnap you.” Bytra replied.

“Remember that mages hold the power of life and death in their hands and no one likes the idea of a rogue god messing with their livelihood.

In Verendi the house you are born in is more important than your talent.

“The rich keep the people poor and ignorant so that they cant threaten their position.”

“This is absurd! Why did no one change the law A democracy means that people vote for their representatives, correct” Lith whispered in outrage.

“Correct, but what you fail to consider is that being elected costs a lot of money.”

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