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Chapter 1929: Verendi (part 1)

“Im not on a leash! Its just that since its still our honeymoon and going to Verendi might be dangerous, I needed my wifes approval.” Lith blushed a little in embarrassment.

“Theres nothing to be ashamed of.” Zoreth sighed.

“Bytra did the same to me soon after our marriage.

Dont kill him, darling.

Dont destroy a whole building just to get the job done faster.

Talking is always an option.”

She imitated Bytras voice making it sound shrill and annoying, but whenever Zoreth talked about her wife, her lips curved up into a smile.

“You know, I wish that Vastor and Zinya have such an honest relationship as well.

They always argue because he refuses to tell her where he goes and why.

So far, she has been patient, but if he doesnt open up a little, things will get ugly.”

“What about the rest How long will the mission take” Lith asked.

“No more than a few days at worst.” The Shadow Dragon shrugged.

“If the idiot had kept his communication amulet, wed just get him and then look around for the Mouth.

As things are, instead, we have first to search for Theseus and it could take a while.”

She explained to Lith how the black pillars worked and how they would find the missing Eldritch as long as he was still alive.

“I also want to bring you along to check if you have a similar ability.

After all, you are part Abomination as well.” Zoreth said.

“What if I do” The nature of the black pillar reminded Lith of the Phoenixs bloodline ability Call of the Blood.

“We would be able to find Theseus much faster.” She replied.

“Abominations work in pairs not because we need someone covering our backs, but because of the resonance effect that being close creates.

“By combining our strength, Bytra and I are capable of emitting a much stronger signal that allows our brethren to communicate with us and know our position even from a continent of distance.

“If you can do the same, the resonance will be much stronger and well pinpoint Theseuss position from a greater distance.

Also, it would be of great help to you in the future since you could always call upon us in case you need help.”

On the one hand, Lith didnt like the idea of the Abominations and the Master always knowing where he was.

On the other hand, however, in the war and especially the next time he faced Orpal, Lith could use some Eldritch muscle.

“Where and when do we meet” He asked.

“Tomorrow morning, at the city of Bilok, on the southern border of the Desert.

Id rather move now, but I think that Elphyn needs to rest.

She didnt look good when we left.” Zoreth said.

“Thanks for your kindness.

Also, the next time you meet her, call her Solus.

She doesnt really like her old name.”

“Will do.

Zoreth out.”

Much to Liths surprise, after finishing cooking lunch, Kamila had demanded to cuddle on the couch while she explained to him everything that she knew about Verendi in front of a holographic map of the southern continent.

“They speak Tyris universal language so youll be fine.” She said in between kisses.

“With your tan, very few will believe that you are a foreigner.

You have almost gotten as dark as a native of the Desert.”

“Is there a problem with foreigners” Lith asked.

Solus was bright pink at best and unless Zoreth used Body Sculpting, she was so pale that she almost looked sick.

“Not really, but they have a bad reputation.” Kamila sat on his lap, unbuttoning her dress.

“Most criminals from both the Kingdom and the Desert cross the border to escape justice.

“Seeing a pale face near the border usually means trouble.

If you want to avoid pointless fights, stay clear from everyone who has a familiar accent.”

“Not that Im complaining, but whats the rush We still have all day and night in front of us.” The contrast between her bronze skin and the paleness of the tan lines was almost hypnotic.

Liths hands gently caressed along the colored borders, making her moan.

“Yeah, right.” Kamila said with a sneer before shutting him up with a deep kiss.

“I bet that as soon as Solus wakes up, shell stick to you like glue.

Then, at night, shell be so nervous that youll feel it through your bond, ruining the mood again.”

“Whats this delicious smell Im starving.” Solus voice came from the guest room, making the newlyweds freeze.

“Fuck me sideways!” Kamila said.

“Too late for that.” Lith sighed as their Voidwalker armor covered them in a rush before their guest could see them in action.

Kamila closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When she opened them again, she looked calm and was smiling, yet Lith could tell that she would have gladly killed the first person whod bothered her.

They shared the rest of the information with Solus at lunch.

She just nodded and ate most of the time.

Between puking her breakfast and the nervous stress from meeting Bytra, Solus ate for three, dessert included.

“Ive got only one question.

How much do we want to tell Zoreth and Bytra about my condition” She asked with a satisfied belch after finishing her ice cream with cookies.

“Well, youve already told them too much for my taste.” Lith shrugged.

“Id gloss over the tower, but we cant hide the fact that your human body doesnt last long.”

“Agreed.” Solus nodded.

“I dont want dear Bytra to take a second shot at my Moms legacy.

Now Ill go back to my room.

I need to rest.”

Kamilas eyes went wide at the sight of the number of dirty dishes and cookware on the table while Solus walked out of the door and toward the tower.

“You are not going anywhere until were done cleaning.” She said with a cold voice.

“Also, saying please and thank you never killed anyone!”

“Thank you for the meal and your hospitality.” Solus Warped back inside the cottage, holding Kamila tight.

From her sniffling, Kamila could tell that Solus had rushed out to hide her tears and not ruin the day for them any more.

“You are welcome.” Kamila sighed, gently caressing Solus head.

“Now lets get done with the kitchen and then we can do something together.

I dont want you to stay alone.”

The three of them spent the afternoon, the evening, and much to Kamilas dismay, even the night together on the couch in front of the fireplace.

Company and the light of the stars helped Solus to fall asleep and gave Kamila back pain.

The following morning, Solus went back into her ring and Lith used the Warp Gate of the cottage to reach directly the city of Bilok.

Border posts were connected by the Gate network in order to be capable of quickly assembling armed forces from all over the country in the case of an invasion.

Every border post had multiple Gates at the ready and the guards remained flabbergasted when Lith walked through the personal dimensional corridor of the Overlord.

“Young master, you should have notified us of your arrival.

We would have prepared a proper welcome.” The desk sergeant gave him the salute.

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