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Chapter 1917.1: Back to Work (Part 1)

Killing someone in self-defense or in order to save someone was one thing, murdering a helpless weakling was another.

Back then, in the frenzy of the battle, everything had seemed to be black or white to Tista.

There were only enemies or friends.

Once Tista had calmed down, however, she had been assaulted by the shades of grey.

How are you doing, sis Lith asked, feeling guilty for having ignored her and Raaz until that moment.

Like crap. She sighed.

If not for Grandma, I would\'ve already become addicted to sleeping potions.

Gods, Lith, how can you live with all the lives you have taken

Like this. He embraced Tista, kissing her on the forehead.

I\'ve killed ever since I was a child, but I regret none of it.

It was because I hunted animals that I could feed you and give you warm clothes.

It was because I hunted criminals that I had enough money to fix the house.

I never think about those who I killed, only about what I obtained by doing it.

Like saving Dad.

Were I to have doubts or arrived even one second later just to spare someone, he would be dead and I\'d have regretted it forever.

Tista looked at their father playing cards with Trion and for a moment, she imagined them both as Demons.

Raaz lingering after his death to still be with his family, neither alive nor dead.

A shiver ran down her spine, making a dreadful cold flood her body despite the heat of the Desert.

She held Lith tighter, using his warmth and the echo of his words to shrug off the chilly touch of death.

Maybe you are right, but I still feel like crap. Tista said.

The first time is always the worst. Lith caressed her head.

Why don\'t you come to the beach with Solus tomorrow One more guest is no issue and at least we would be sure that she won\'t sneak in our bed again.

Solus had managed to sleep over a few times, giving the couple the privacy they needed.

The problem arose only when Lith and Solus used the tower Warp to show Kamila the places they had been in the past.

It was a way for Solus and Kamila to get acquainted with each other and share with her what even a mind link couldn\'t replace.

The beauty of the sunset on the glaciers in the north, the sunrise reflecting on the lakes in the Distar region, and the wildlands that unless there was a monster horde, seemed out of a painting.

During those trips past the Desert\'s borders, they would sleep inside the tower and often have an unwanted guest.

No way! How could I stay naked in front of you Tista replied.

There\'s something called a swimsuit now. Lith shrugged.

Besides, I don\'t remember you being so shy when I taught you how to swim in the river.

All you needed was a short-sleeved shirt and pants to take a dive during summer.

I was a kid back then and I had no idea what I was doing! She blushed violently at the memory.

Suit yourself.

I\'ll invite Grandma and the kids then.

Meanwhile, Kamila was talking with Salaark in her office.

Let me get this straight.

After barely two weeks, you and Lith are so bored of your vacation that you are thinking of working part-time The Overlord asked.

Do you want to read more chapters

Yes. Kamila nodded.

This way Lith can go back to his training and I can find a job.

I don\'t want to be a housewife.

I want to earn my money and find my place in society.

By the Great Mother, you two are really a match made in heaven.

Too bad you are not one of mine. Salaark used the Blood Imprint, feeling for the umpteenth time that Kamila didn\'t have a single drop of Phoenix blood.

I have your resume here and I know what you can do.

What job are you interested in

My dream has always been to become a Constable.

Is there a similar role in the Desert Kamila asked.

Yes, but I\'d rather you work as a clerk first. Salaark nodded.

A clerk Kamila furrowed her brows.

I could understand if I started as an assistant, but the clerk is a menial position and it\'s really boring.

Indeed, yet you know nothing of the Desert\'s laws, correct Salaark asked.


You see, here we have no trials, no judges, or juries.

The Constable does everything by themselves. Salaark handed Kamila a small book about legal procedures.

Really Can they get things done


In the Desert, witnesses always come forward because they know that the criminal will be punished and I will protect them.

Here the magical beasts listen, talk, and can even help you find clues. Salaark showed her the most relevant pages.

Worst case scenario, you group up the suspects, I read their minds, and we are done.

Yet remember, no matter how little evidence you get or how sincere they seem when they claim to be innocent.

If I say they are guilty, you kill them.

End of the story.

Me Kamila pointed at herself.

Yes, you.

Of course we don\'t kill small criminals or those who only steal because hungry.

But there is no place in my Desert for people who\'d rather commit a crime than work to get what they want.

There is no forgiveness for those who find it acceptable to make money from the suffering of others.

Corruption is a disease that I don\'t tolerate.

The only answer is death. Salaark replied.

Being a clerk is fine. Kamila swallowed a lump of saliva.

Good! First, get acquainted with the procedure and paperwork.

Then, I\'ll send you to the field as an assistant.

If you have the guts to do what must be done, we\'ll talk about making you a Constable. Salaark noticed her distress.

Kamila was used to investigating the scene, interrogating the suspects, and then handing them over to the justice system.

She had killed in the line of duty, but never in cold blood.

Let\'s go to the others.

The kids always ask about their favorite auntie. The Overlord wrapped her arm around Kamila\'s slender shoulders and brought her over to the Verhens.

\'I can\'t believe that I\'m so lucky.\' Kamila thought.

\'Maybe my career is not over, after all.

Salaark may be merciless, but she\'s been nothing but supportive to me.

Ever since I married Lith, she treats me no differently from a member of her family.\'


During the following days, Kamila and Lith would leave the cottage either for the morning or the afternoon, based on how tired they were.

Lith used the knowledge from the footage against Orpal to work both with the team of Archmages and Aerth on his golems.

The proto cubes had proved to be capable of holding a Blade Tier spell and even retaining enough will for a combined attack.

It was way beyond what Lith needed for his own research.

Lith, my boy, if you get any more tanned, you\'ll look like a native from the Desert. Vastor said in amazement.

Yet it wasn\'t due to Lith\'s bronze skin color.

Ever since his return from the honeymoon, he looked like a completely different man.

He was calm, devoid of that sense of rush that had always accompanied him.

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