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Chapter 1896: Liths First (part 2)

Before falling asleep, Kamila would always snuggle up on him and emit purring sounds of pleasure that made up for the following snoring that disturbed his immersion in the story.

In those moments, he would caress her shoulder and head, realizing how weak, small, and fragile Kamila was.

Yet she was also the strongest and bravest woman he had ever met.

‘I guess that aside from the combat scenes of the movie, I wont get any action today as well. He inwardly sighed.

‘This is nothing like I imagined a honeymoon, but it isnt bad either.

Its just the second day and Kami is still exhausted from all that happened since Meln kidnapped her.

Once the movie ended, they both needed a bathroom break before the night.

The projection had been long and while Kamila slept, he had to hold it in to not wake her up.

Lith went in first and then immediately to bed.

Kamila went in second, coming to the bedroom a few minutes later with her raven-black hair combed and down, forming a shiny dark waterfall that reached the small of her back.

Her pajamas were gone, replaced by a flaming red babydoll and string laced panties.

Lith went from half asleep to fully aroused in two seconds, breaking Mogars world record.

“Lith, you know that we are married, dont you” She asked while giving the final brushes to her hair and sitting on the bed in front of him.

“We are on honeymoon and you are dressed like that.

Its kind of hard to forget.” He said with a huskiness in his voice, not knowing where to look first.

“You know that you can tell me everything and that you can be completely honest with me, right” Kamila gave him a warm and dazzling smile, drawing his attention to her face.

“Of course.

Its the thing I love the most about you.” He replied, making her heart flutter.

“Then be honest with me.

Are you still a virgin”

“Can you run that by me again” Lith went from aroused to puzzled just as fast.

“Im asking you if you are still a virgin.” Kamila made sure to not break eye contact.

“Did you hit your head or something” He replied.

“Have you forgotten about the three years we have been together The first night of marriage Your unfounded jealousy over my exes, especially Phloria”

Lith projected a hologram of the women Kamila was aware of that she dispelled with her hand.

“My jealousy was founded alright, but thats not what Im asking about.

I dont want to argue.

Im just asking if you, in your Tiamat form, are still a virgin.” She knew about the date with Faluel and how coveted his bloodline was among Emperor and Divine Beasts.

Also, during the previous night, when Lith had shapeshifted in his sleep during the morning wood, she had discovered how much he had changed after becoming a Tiamat.

Kamila wouldnt blame him if he had other women after the break up, she just wanted to know.

“Well, yes.” He said in embarrassment.

“After you left me, I was too sour and distraught to have a relationship, let alone in that form.”

“Then tonight Ill have the honor to be your first.” She put the hairbrush and the bedstand and leaned forward to kiss him, exposing miles of cleavage.

“Kami, you have no idea what you are talking about.” Lith was now aroused and afraid in equal measure.

“In that form my hands end with claws.

I have no lips that can kiss, only fangs.

“What if I bite you since its the only way I have to show affection What if my wings go wild and hurt you”

“Lith, as I told you the night when Lark died, Im not afraid of you.

Of any part of you.

Your Tiamat form is just like your clothes.

It changes your appearance, not who you are.

“Sometimes, when you had nightmares and I had to hold you to keep you from turning our bedroom into shreds, I could almost hear your heart.

I could feel its hatred towards everyone, including yourself.

“I cant stand the thought of your heart hating the man I love.

I want to show you that theres nothing to be afraid of.

And Ill do it by showing you how much I love every single part of you.”


The following morning, they slept in to make up for the late night.

When they finally got up, there were barely two hours left before lunchtime.

“Im not going to lie, the lack of lips and the fangs scared me a bit at first.” Kamila said with a huge satisfied grin on her face.

“But your tongue and the prehensile tail more than made up for it.

“I must thank Feela for teaching you how to use it as a third hand.

Who would have thought that your bone spikes are retractable”

She caressed his tail, making the bones disappear.

Once clenched, the scales on the Tiamats body were a bit rough, but warm and pleasant to the touch.

“Kami!” The red veins on his black scales spread, tuning him into a shade of purple.

“What Theres just the two of us here.” She shrugged while kissing him on the face-mask.

“Im a very lucky woman.

I married one man and got two husbands and double the fun.”

“Kami!” This time there was a bit of anger in his voice, but she giggled in reply.

“Then what if I wanted to have another woman or to shapeshift you into another form”

“That would be cheating.” She immediately became serious.

“Both would be the same as saying that youre tired of me and want to have sex with someone else.”

“How is it different from what you did last night” He replied with a scoff.

“Its completely different.

That was a loving wife accepting every aspect of her husband and helping him to come to terms with his unusual condition.

Mine was an act of compassion, yours would be of lust.” She replied.

‘Compassion my scaly ass. He thought while remembering the things she had done to him.

“Ill go prepare breakfast.” He actually said to avoid a pointless quarrel.

“Thank you! Ill take my eggs sunny side up.” Kamila took out her communication amulet and made a call.

“Hey, Selia.

How is it going”

“Kami! Finally someone remembered that amulets are a thing.

We were starting to report you missing.

Everything is fine here.

Raaz is always the same and Solus is moping around.

The poor soul couldnt get a wink of sleep.” The huntress sighed.

“But I guess you didnt call me to hear depressing stuff.

How are your hot nights going”

Lith was worrying about his father and wondering if due to his absence the lack of nourishment might aggravate Solus trauma when those words made him drop the spatula.

“We finally did it.

You were right, shapeshifting husbands are amazing.”

“Kami!” Lith roared, even his apron was now tomato red.

“What Ever since we got together, I could speak about your secrets with very few people and Selia is the only person I know in a relationship similar to ours.

Theres nothing to be ashamed of.” She replied.

Lith wanted to say that there was plenty, but what came next left him at loss for words.

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