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Chapter 1894: Worldbreaker (part 2)

Worldbreaker had the appearance of a Guardian sized glaive, with the head made of pure Davross and the pole made of Yggdrasill wood.

Purified by Leegaains Origin Flames, its power cores permanently boosted by Tyris Life Maelstrom, and crafted by Salaark while pregnant.

The glaive was actually an omni-weapon, capable of shapeshifting into every form since Leegaain was proficient with all kinds of weapons.

Its enchantments and the Yggdrasill wood complemented his breathing technique, Worldkeeper.

What had been born to protect, the weapon used it to destroy.

“Well see.

Im still a better fighter than you.” Roghar said, and Mogar seemed to agree.

The planet created a Fringe around the two Guardians and sealed them inside.

A normal battle between them would have forced maps to be redrawn, but once Guardian level weapons were unsheathed, Mogar had to prevent the clash from extinguishing all forms of life.

Everything that would happen inside a Fringe had no consequence on the outside world.

It was a sandbox where Mogars most powerful children could squabble without breaking her house.

Leegaain moved forward, using the glaives reach to keep the opponent at bay while he looked for an opening.

“Amateur!” Roghar yelled.

“A spear can only lounge while a glaive can also slash, but such big movements are easy to read!”

The Fenrir pushed Worldbreakers tip sideways and performed a series of thrusts aimed at Leegaains vitals with surgical precision.

Yet they all bounced on the shield that the glaive had turned into.

“Arrogant!” Leegaain replied while sliding the shield along the Maws staff to anticipate its movements and shapeshifting Worldbreaker into a pair of fighting gloves.

Now that they were close, the spear was useless.

The Dragon unleashed a flurry of fists that broke Roghars ribs, cutting his breath.

A second barrage pounded his liver, blocking Roghars movements, and a third hit his nose, filling his eyes with tears.

Each impact was boosted by Leegaains Fusion Magic, Gravity Fusion, and Worldbreakers enchantments.

The Yggdrasill wood of the weapon relaxed the Dragon and brought his focus to the point that he could read the Fenrirs every move.

He was still slower and weaker than Roghar, but his mind moved so fast that he could anticipate what the Fenrir would do and start dodging before the attack even started.

On top of that, with each hit, the sheer power of Worldbreaker produced a shockwave that blasted everything within one kilometer radius into dust.

Roghar tried to activate Mana Body and step back, but a burst of Origin Flames ate his armor.

Every spell he tried Leegaain would copy one split second later, neutralizing them.

To make matters worse, every time the two weapons clashed, he could feel the Maw screech in agony as its crystal grip filled with cracks.

“I yield.” Roghar said when the time run out.

There was no point in keeping fighting.

No matter the outcome, his prize was lost.

“Excellent choice.” Leegaain nodded.

“I wont kill you because then I would have to take care of your turf, but dont expect to go home in one piece.

You still defied the Guardians of Garlen.”

Roghar swallowed a lump of saliva as he tried to escape but the Fringe refused to let him go.

“Hello, jackass.” Salaark was there in her human form to not hurt the baby, 50 meters (164 feet) tall and still pregnant.

“Darling, do you mind lending me Worldbreaker”

“Take it.

Its yours after all.” If anyone doubted that a black dragon could blush, that day they would have to change their mind.

Roghar wanted to puke, but fear kept his tongue still as the Overlord used Creation Magic to cancel Leegaains imprint and turn Worldbreaker into Scorching Sun, a one-handed sword.

“I want my turn as well.” Tyris appeared in her Griffon form, blazing with silver bolts of lightning and eager to repay Roghar for his actions.

“Im pregnant, sister.” Salaark replied.

“My feet hurt, my back is killing me, and Im starving.

I need one minute to vent out my pent-up frustration and then the cur is all yours.

Ive crafted a third form for this weapon that will suit you like a glove.”

“Thank you.

I have a lot of free time and a lot of stress to vent these days.” Tyris replied.

When several hours later Mogar finally lifted the Fringe, there wasnt enough of Roghar left to make a doormat out of him.


Meanwhile, back on the beach.

Lith and Kamila had no idea what was happening just a few hundreds of kilometers away.

Salaark hadnt intervened sooner to make sure that nothing disturbed their honeymoon and to be the last line of defense in case something happened to Leegaain.

“Was that a thunder” Kamila asked as Leegaain unleashed his first Guardian Tier spell and Salaark blocked the tidal waves it had produced.

“No, more like an explosion.” Lith replied, sniffing the air and not smelling humidity.

“Besides, what are the chances of a storm in the desert”

Kamila was a city girl.

She had rarely seen rivers let alone the ocean.

She was dazzled by its majestic beauty and crippled by fear.

She had never learned how to swim.

“What are you scared of Im an Archmage and Im actually 25 meters (82 feet) tall.

Theres no chance for you to drown.” Liths words reassured her and they walked into the water slowly, to give Kamila the time to face her fear of the unknown.

They spent the time before lunch with Lith teaching her how to swim and then talking once Kamila was too tired to continue.

They hadnt seen each other for months and even though their families had kept them updated about their respective lives the whole time, they still felt the need to share what the other had missed.

They had a lot of catching up to do and took their time doing it.


Princess Peonia should be renamed Princess Pervert.” Kamila said after listening to all the advances she had made to Lith.

“Was the frontline really that bad”

“Worse, but lets stop talking about me.

I want to hear about you.” He replied, handing her a tall glass of water and a bowl full of ice cream.

“Thank you.” She gave him one of her dazzling smiles that warmed even the Void in Liths heart.

“Man, ice cream is the perfect meal on a beach.

Sweet, cold, and refreshing.”

“I know.

Tell me your favorite flavors and Ill prepare them for you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you want.” He said.

“I dont care how the rest of Mogar calls you.

To me, you will always be the Cook Magus.” She chuckled before giving him a sweet kiss that tasted of chocolate from the ice cream and salt from her lips.

During the hottest hours of the day, they went back inside the cottage for lunch.

They had over three months to catch up on, but they preferred moving to less depressing topics.

Kamila hadnt eaten Liths cooking for too long and asked him to prepare her favorite foods to which he agreed.

After a hearty meal of ravioli with Bolognese sauce and a side of roasted potatoes, they went to bed for a nap.

“I want to sleep, not to sleep with you, okay” She said, just to stay safe.

“Hey, Im not a complete Lich.

I can still remember what you told me this morning.”

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