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Chapter 1876: Joining the Team (part 2)

“I didnt.

Orion said that he kept me in the dark to protect me.

To not involve me in the act of treason that disobeying a direct Royal Order is.” Jirni chuckled at the idea.

“I only discovered about your sword due to Meln.

“When he broadcasted your fight and you fused War with the giant sword, Orion was in awe and asked me why hes never thought of such a clever trick.

Then, when War used the bond with you to weave its own Blade Spell, my husband jumped out of his boots with joy.

“Creating a great piece is the dream of all Forgemasters, but creating something that can perform such magic without its owner having full mastery of Blade Magic is the stuff of legends.

“He was so drunk with joy and pride that he told me everything.

He even referred to War as his third son.” Jirni giggled at the memory of Orions childish enthusiasm.

“Also, he said that he regrets having given the blade away.

“I thought to be the only one in the family good at keeping secrets, but Orion has proved to be my equal.

That man always overcomes his limits when the safety of his family is involved.”

“Thanks.” Lith was moved by both hers and Orions feelings.

“Im not going to lie, if not for War, I would have died many times already.

While you protected me in the Royal Court, your husbands masterpiece protected me on the battlefield.”

“Its what parents do.” Jirni nodded.

“Also, Im not going to lie either.

Your banishment actually helps my schemes because it makes you much easier to manipulate.

“I know that you want to come back to the Kingdom to kill Meln.

It would be easy for me to have the Royals force upon you unfavorable conditions that would make you dependent on me.

“Yet Im going to ask you to refuse their terms, forget about the Kingdom and remain in the Desert.

Here youll stay away from the war and your family will be safe from Meln.

Theres nothing waiting for you in the Kingdom.” She grabbed his hand and Lith could feel her sincerity.

“I know it well, yet I have to return.” He said as his eyes steeled.

“Theres nothing for me here as well.

The Desert isnt my home, just a sanctuary.

Also, I cant let Meln go.

He took everything away from me and my parents.

“He killed Trequill, Mirim, and if I dont stop him, sooner or later hell kill you and your daughters.

My friends.

He dared to kidnap my father and almost drove Dad mad with his torture.

“Meln is a cancer that mustnt be allowed to spread further, a rot that has to be eradicated.” As he said it, thunder rumbled and a light tremor shook the ground.

“Im going to take everything he stole from my parents back.

Their fields, their home, their happiness.

My life is ruined, but theirs can still be saved.”

“If you are so determined to come back, then you have my word that Ill do everything I can to lighten the terms of your pardon.” Jirni said.

“As long as I draw breath, I wont allow anyone to put a leash on your neck.

I owe you that much.”

“Thanks, Jirni.” Lith brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it.

Jirni wasnt really a friend but was his most trustworthy ally.

The last light in a world of darkness.

His hope to rebuild what Orpal had thoroughly destroyed.

“Two more things.” She said.

“I havent been rejuvenated for a while and if Im right, Ill be Orpals next mark.

I need to be in my tip-top shape for that moment.”

Lith nodded, using Invigoration on her and removing so many impurities that a stronger core would have likely Awakened.

He fixed the damages on the cellular level and appreciated how Manohar had somehow increased the density of her muscle fibers.

He also had enhanced her synapses so that Jirnis reflexes now reached the human limits.

Yet she was still a weak human compared to an Awakened with her same core.

“Good gods, first you show me your body, then the hand kiss, and now this Need I remind you that Im a married woman” Jirni chuckled as her body flushed with the heat that the rejuvenation process caused and her blood rushed with the vigor of a teen.

“You made me all hot and sweaty.

I need to clean up.” Lith left her alone in his room.

Jirni took a quick shower to make herself presentable again and to get accustomed to her newfound physical prowess.

She had released so many impurities that not even the Featherwalker armors self-cleaning spell had managed to keep up.

“For the final item on our agenda, I have to ask you one more question.” Jirni said after letting Lith in again.

“My research team is still missing one member.

They are the most brilliant minds of their generation and you could learn a lot from them.

“On top of that, if you were to decide to share with us your research or at least part of it, their talent would be an invaluable asset for you while I would provide you with everything you need.”

“Everything” Lith rose an eyebrow in disbelief.

“Everything.” Jirni replied.

“Then Im in.

Do you mind if I bring someone along” Lith shook her hand to seal their deal.

“No problem.

Ill have Balkor inform you about the details of the meeting.

He lives in the Desert as well and itll save me useless trips.

Now lets go meet your family.

Im no healer, but Im very familiar with torture.

“Maybe theres something I can do for your father.”


In the days following Jirnis visit, Lith felt rejuvenated and his experiments progressed by leaps and bounds.

Thanks to the flasks, the research on memory crystals took a huge step forward.

He, Solus, and Aerth worked hard to understand how the vessel for the Origin Flames worked and to adapt its enchantments to crystals.

Such items didnt exist in the Desert because Salaark liked to have a monopoly on Origin Flames.

Whenever a mage wanted something purified, they had to request an audience with her and explain to her what they were doing.

It was a strict policy, but it had prevented the spreading of Forbidden Magic in the Desert.

Ever since she had risen to power, no more Lost Cities had been created.

It was something that only the Desert had achieved and the Overlord wanted to keep things that way.

“This is the first double imprint mechanism Ive ever seen.” Aerth said while studying the flask with great interest.

“The first allows the Origin Flames user to leave a series of complex instructions embedded in the fire while the second ensures that only the buyer can trigger them.”

“Its exactly what I need.” Lith said.

“I want my Golems to retain enough of my knowledge and willpower to be capable of thinking on their own and retain full mastery over my bloodline abilities.

“Yet they must also be my loyal servants, not my rivals.”

“Im sorry, but the flasks enchantment is not up to the challenge.” Aerth shook his head.

“Youll need a Spirit Crystal minimum and the bad thing about those puppies is that they only answer to their creator.

Once you craft them, I cant help you.”

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