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Chapter 1860: Toll of the Void (Part 2)

The four jets of fire kept growing as the Overlord kept feeding them yet they didn\'t burn Raaz\'s skin, no matter how many times their flames touched his body.

Once each one of the small pillars reached the size of their respective missing limb, they suddenly extinguished.

In their place, there were now four long bundles of black feathers that reminded Lith of feather dusters from historical dramas.

Also, they reminded him of the feathers that now decorated his own body and that he had already seen on his Voidfeather Dragon form.

Black Feathers Is Dad a Phoenix of Darkness Lith asked.

No. Salaark chuckled, lowering her arms now that her work was done.

If he really was Sinmara\'s long-lost offspring, I doubt that she would have let either of you leave the Desert.

She\'s very protective of her Featherlings.

Your father belongs to the Dark Phoenix bloodline whose powers are based on shadow manipulations.

It definitely makes sense. Lith nodded.

What about Mom

Your mother is a Red Dragon. Salaark raised an eyebrow in annoyance and her voice grew a little colder.

They are the keepers of the mysteries of the primordial flames belonging to the age back when Mogar was born in fire.

What are her powers bas- Solus tried to ask, but the Guardian put one hand on her mouth and the other on Lith\'s.

By the Great Mother, you two really are two peas in a pod! If you really are that curious, ask your Grandfather.

I have much more important things to worry about. After Salaark made sure that Solus wouldn\'t interrupt her, she let them go.

Do you realize how stupid you have been The life force you consumed and my Rebirth Magic have limited the damage you inflicted upon yourself, but your life span has further decreased! The Guardian stared at him with literal fiery eyes.

White flames burst from her irises, producing small columns of smoke.

Yet she didn\'t look scary, just an angry mother scolding her unruly child.

I know. Lith sighed and Solus gasped in fear.

Baba Yaga warned me, but I needed that power to save Dad.

Only the Call of the Void could keep the Royal Guards away and prevent his captors from killing him or moving him to a different spot.

Blinded and surrounded by Demons, there was no way for them to open a Warp Steps.

Not without the dimensional coordinates of their entry point.

I saw what you did. The flames disappeared from her eyes as she took Lith\'s face between her hands and gently caressed it.

I saw you facing your tribulation and your inner demon at the same time.

I\'m proud of you.

Salaark forced him to lean, kissing his forehead.

I\'m proud of you as well, Tista. She let the Tiamat go and embraced the Red Demon, kissing her as well.

Today, you saved both your father and your brother.


The Guardian referred to both the moment when Lith had stopped himself after seeing his own madness affecting Tista and then when she had stopped him from killing the child.

Thanks, Grandma. Tista lost herself in the motherly warmth of the embrace and started to cry.

She had been so scared of losing Raaz first and then terrified of the violence and bloodshed that a full-scale battle required.

Yet in the heat of the battle, there was no time for hesitation, only death.

Remembering her fury, how much damage her Flames had done, and how many lives they had taken, Tista was scared of herself.

At the same time, however, she was also proud of herself because her actions weren\'t random violence.

She had killed people that she didn\'t know and didn\'t care about who had tried to take away those that she loved.

It was an exchange that she was willing to make any day of her life.

Grandma, was that at the Hogum Household really a world tribulation Lith asked.


And another one took place while you were at the Heavenly Wolf restaurant. Salaark nodded.

But, I\'m still me and I\'m not dead either.

This isn\'t how tribulations are supposed to work. He replied.

I\'m sorry, child.

I would like to answer your questions, but I can\'t.

Not without putting your life at risk. Salaark hugged Lith again, holding him tight.

I can fix your life force, young man.

I can even give you the life span you have lost.

But only if you bend the knee and swear your allegiance to my nest.

There\'s no free meal in this world.

Thanks, Grandma, but no.

I suspected as much, but I never asked you exactly because I knew that such a big favor would come with a price attached. Lith replied.

I\'d rather live a short but free life than a long one burdened by chains.

And I respect your choice. She nodded.

Then, the effects of the Blood Imprint started to fade and the dark feathers that came out of Raaz\'s body slowly turned into arms and legs.

At the same time, the scales returned on the bodies of the two Demons.

Is Dad already healed Lith asked in surprise.

Did you awaken his bloodline Tista jumped in enthusiasm.

Respectively yes and only temporarily. Salaark said.

It was the only way to regenerate Raaz without causing further trauma to his weak human body.

Be careful, though.

I sensed how damaged his mind is with the imprint.

I\'m sorry, but there is no magic that can fix that.

You will have to be patient with Raaz and give him all the help he needs.

Lith nodded, knowing how the wounds of the mind were the most difficult to heal.

Almost two decades had passed since his death on Earth, yet the scars his psyche still bore had almost killed him.

That said, I want to congratulate you two. Salaark embraced Lith and Solus.

Your Immortal Body array is not much, but it\'s a nice step into Rebirth Magic.

Really Solus forgot about her worries for a second, brimming with joy.

The array was her original creation.

Yes, but enough talking about work, Lith the second. The Mother of all Phoenixes said, bringing a small smile to their faces.

Time to let your family in.

Those poor fellows are dying of fright.

By my Mom, you\'re right! Solus had locked everyone inside their respective rooms and then she had forgotten about them.

When she Warped them into the Heart of the tower, where all the arrays were, Elina\'s eyes were bloodshot.

Her face was streaked with snot and tears after being left alone with Aran until that moment.

The young boy was terrified, begging his mother to bring him back home and asking her about his dad.

Senton and Rena were still hugging the triplets and each other while Leria clung to them both.

The magical beasts of the two kids rubbed their snouts against their faces, lapping their tears away but they were powerless in calming them down.

The moment they saw each other and the rest of the family finally reunited, they screamed in joy and relief.

Thank the gods you made it! You saved your father. Elina gave both Tista and Lith a quick hug and kiss before running to her husband\'s bedside.

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