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Chapter 1839: Final Steps (Part 1)

Quylla stayed at the tower during her recovery, in order for Lith,

Solus, or Faluel to administer her any treatment she might require.

Jirni and Orion were pissed off at the idea that she had gone away with Morok without warning them.

A couple staying away for several days and nights could only mean one thing and it scared even Jirni to death.

Morok knew that she was with Lith, but he was pissed off anyway.

Quylla couldnt tell him where she was nor was he allowed to visit her Seeing her so weak and emaciated, her voice reduced to a whisper,

squeezed his heart in a vise.

“Why did you go to Lith for your Awakening Im a self—Awakened as well and Im your boyfriend.

Why do you still prefer him over me”

Morok asked in outrage.

“Well, maybe she had developed a better taste for men.” Friya said in the communication amulet.

“Also, if you had seen Lith naked like we did, you wouldnt ask such—”

“Give that to me!” Quylla found the strength to retrieve the amulet from her sisters hands as her face flushed.

“Did you really see him naked” Morok asked with an ashen face.


l mean no.

It was just a stupid joke and he wore pants—“

“Tight pants.” Friya exploited Quyllas weakness, taking hold of the amulet again.

“And I saw how you stared at the bulg-“

“l dont care for that.” Morok shook his head.

“Sometimes I look at your chest as well, but it means nothing.

The important is that Lith didnt see you naked.”

“About that—”

“Friya! lm going to **ing murder you!” Quylla jumped out of her bed as everything spiraled out of control.

Meanwhile, in the Royal Castle, King Meron and Queen Sylpha received the first visit from the representatives of the Awakened Council since the days when Valeron still ruled the Griffon Kingdom.

Or better, one representative.

Feela the Behemoth had been tasked with mediating a deal with the Royals so that they would join their forces with the Council and fight Thrud together.

After losing so many elders, the Awakened hadnt much of a choice left.

The other representatives werent interested in wasting their time with ants so the moment Feela had volunteered, they had given her their blessing no questions asked.

They had no idea that Athung Soranot had followed her.

“lm Feela.

The representative of the Awakened Beasts in the Council and shes Athung, the human representative.” The two Awakened gave the Royals a small bow but they didnt kneel.

The Royal couple retumed to bow, sitting on normal chairs at the same eye level as their guests.

Status and etiquette were irrelevant when dealing with the Council.

“lts an honor having you here, Lady Feela.” Meron said with a polite nod.

“No offense, but have the Councils standards changed Your colleague looks a bit young for the role.”

He actually meant weak.

Meron could see with Life Vision that Athung was close to reaching the violet, but her core was bright blue nonetheless.

“They have.” Athung replied.

“ln times like these, we cant allow outdated customs to stand in the way of survival.”

Feela looked at her in admiration, hoping that the youths gall wouldnt prove to be her downfall once Raagu learned about her actions.

“Tell us what you had in mind for our alliance.” Queen Sylpha said,

feeling there was something wrong with them.

The two Awakened spoke in turns, sharing with the Royals everything they had learned from Baba Yaga about Nights weak points and Thruds plans.

“You have lost many regions, just like we have lost many elders to the Mad Queens trickery.” Feela said.

“Her immortal army is a problem for us both and so is the madness of the Dead King.”

“United we stand, divided we fall.” Sylpha nodded.

“The Kingdom agrees on a temporary alliance with the Council as long as your terms fall within reason.”

“We dont ask much.” Athung said.

“We just want our respective factions to share their resources and more importantly, their intel.”

“Thats it” Meron asked, the deal seemed too good to be true.

“Lets say that we are content that things remain as they are.” Feela replied.

“lf any of our assets are exposed during the war, we ask you to turn a blind eye and not reclaim them.”

Sylpha gritted her teeth but agreed.

She hated the idea of losing precious mines, but if Thmd became the Queen, she would lose much more than that.

“One last thing.” Athung said.

“We want people we can trust as liaison officers.

My colleague and I have come here with two specific names in mind.”

“Who might they be” Sylpha asked.

“The Beast Council requires Lith Verhen as its liaison.“ Feelas words made sense.

The Royals already suspected Lith to be an Awakened and he was renowned to be on excellent terms with Faluel and other Emperor Beasts so they accepted the request.

“The Human Council requires Jirni Ernas as its liaison.“ Athung said,

shocking the Royals and putting her life on the line.

Jirni Ernas was many things, but a mage wasnt one of them, let alone an Awakened.

The Royals had met her as a young girl, they had seen her grow and then age.

She had never had the eternal youth of Awakened and her lack of magical powers was beyond question.

Jimi was a remarkable woman, an amazing tactician, and a nlthless Constable, but that was it.

She had always required a security detail for her missions, constantly restocking her potions and wands.

She had come an inch from death too many times for it to be just a facade.

“Archon Ernas” Sylpha asked in disbelief.

“Dont you mean Archmage Orion Emas or Mage Phloria Ernas”

The first was another of their best elements while the second was known to have left the Royal Court to follow Lith in his apprenticeship under Faluel the Hydra.

“We already have plenty of powerful mages in our ranks.

What we need is a brilliant mind, not more firepower.“ Athung replied.

“l admit that the Council is interested in Archmage Ernas, but only as a Forgernaster.

“Weve heard incredible things about him and both our factions would benefit from any exchange in our respective I-‘orgemastering techniques.

Thrud is a dangerous opponent that cant be underestimated.

“We are willing to open up to you in order to gain an edge against her,

but only if the Royal Forgemasters do the same.”

“We have no issue about Verhen, but for Jirni and Orion Ernas we need some time to think about your proposal.” King Morn said.

“Dont take too long because Thrud sure wont before making her next move.” Feela stood up, quickly followed by Athung.

“We arent delighted at the idea of sharing our techniques either, but saving them now is pointless.

“If Thrud wins, every member of the Council she captures will be forced by the Unwavering Loyalty array to share their legacy.

After your fall, however, the Royal Forgemasters will bend the knee to their new Queen.

“Wed lost part of our knowledge to her whereas you would lose all of it.

Remember this before making your decision.”

The two Awakened Warped away before the Royals could even open their mouth to reply.

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