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That\'s why I tried to reach you, Lith.

Zinya and I wanted to invite you to our marriage. Vastor said.

Wasn\'t it scheduled for mid-spring Lith was flabbergasted and so was Kamila who had to shut her own mouth with her hands in surprise.

That was in times of peace.

In war, there\'s not one moment to waste.

If anything happens to me, I don\'t want to leave Zinya with nothing. Vastor said.

How can something happen to you You are one of the strongest mages I know. Even though Lith couldn\'t mention Vastor\'s Abomination powers or his Organization, everyone understood what he was talking about.

Yes, and so is that **er of Meln.

He is fused with Night.

He has a mage tower for a steed and killed one of the most powerful men I ever knew who had decades to hone his skills.

At this point, I\'m not certain of anything.

Vastor hinted at how both he and Lith had gained their powers recently and didn\'t have someone teaching them how to use them as Orpal did.

I am leaving her my wealth and my magical legacy to you.

That\'s insane, Vastor.

Don\'t worry, Zinya agrees with me.

You and I are very similar.

I\'m certain that you are the best-suited person to follow my line of research and help my children in case something happens to me. Vastor said.

Also, you were the one who introduced me to the madwoman who is going to be my wife and who I hope will be crazy enough to stay by my side until my bitter end.

Zinya is not mad. Lith replied.

She\'s a good woman who is going to marry a good man.

A good man Vastor\'s voice held so much sarcasm that there was barely anymore left on Mogar.

Son, clearly you are as ignorant as she is.

Zinya has no idea of what I have done as a Professor, a soldier, and even as a man.

He referred to his blatant favoritism for magical bloodlines at the academy, his war crimes as Highmaster, and the thousands of lives that he had sacrificed in the name of his research.

I\'m anything but good, yet here I am.

I can\'t really have a fresh start with her as long as I keep hiding my bloody baggage behind a flimsy tent, but you can.

Why don\'t you marry on the same date as me

You would save yourself a lot of money for the ceremony and the wedding banquet.

My treat.

And who should I marry, exactly Lith shrugged.

Manohar told me about that short, plump, older girl you are hanging around with.

Don\'t you already have a new girlfriend I swear, I wouldn\'t have ever believed that I was your type. Vastor laughed at the joke, whereas Solus became beet red.

Being compared to Vastor was far from flattering.

She\'s just a person I met in the Desert that now works with me. Lith said.


How can me being single be a good thing Lith asked.

It means that you can propose to Kamila.

I\'ve always liked that woman and Zinya would die of joy if she could marry along with her beloved sister.

She planned a double wedding from the beginning.

What do you say Now it was Kamila\'s turn to become beet red.

She knew that Zinya loved to meddle with her love life, but until that moment she had never understood how much.

\'Now it makes sense why Zin kept me posted about Lith being hurt after Zeska, the date with Faluel, and everything else.

I\'ve been played all along and Elina helped her!\' She thought.

I say no.

Unlike you, I told my girlfriend everything about me and Kamila broke up with me.

If she couldn\'t accept my burden back then, I don\'t see why it should be any different now. Lith said.

Bah, just tell her the truth about your dwindling life force.

Between that and the war she\'ll fall into your arms and say yes. Vastor replied, making Lith regret not having the conversation in private.

I\'m looking for someone I can have a bond with, not to put a chain and a muzzle on them.

You are right and I\'m a jerk. Vastor sighed.

Kamila deserves better than a guilt trip, but I just don\'t want you to die alone.

Don\'t worry, I\'m not alone. Lith held Solus\' hand from under the table bringing a huge smile to her face.

Well, then.

You are officially invited to my marriage that will be held in a week from now.

Are you going to attend Vastor said.

Yes. Lith nodded.


I\'ll see you then unless something happens.

Vastor out.

Phloria, how close are you to the bright blue Lith felt incredibly awkward and wanted to quickly change the topic.

Very close.

Why She asked.

I suggest you to focus on Accumulation as much as you can.

You know how the Kingdom works.

In times of need, everyone able is conscripted.

Refusing to answer the call means being charged with treason and being stripped of everything.

We must be ready for the war if we don\'t want to endanger our respective families. Lith replied.

Are you really planning to join Solus said.

We could just move to the Desert and stay away from this mess.

It would mean abandoning Faluel, Jirni, and losing everything my parents worked hard their whole life. Lith said.

Also, I\'m not going to wait for Orpal to come and get me, I\'m going to hunt him first.

If Thrud wins, he will own one-third if not half of the country.

He will take my home as his own and destroy anything and anyone I love in the Kingdom.

This is why I\'ll spend every second before the Royals summon me using Demon Grasp to reach the violet core and working in the Forge.

No matter if I have to face Orpal as Lith or Tiamat.

I\'m going to be ready for him.


City of Valeron, Capitol of the Griffon Kingdom.

That morning, Kamila\'s kitchen was a mess, but the Royal Court was a bedlam.

One-third of the country was suddenly out of control and the noble households were out for blood.

They wanted someone to blame, a scapegoat to vent their anger on.

The names of Lith and the Royal couple were on the chopping block, waiting on the gallows while the executioners weighed their respective crimes to decide who\'s were heavier.

Estranged or not, Orpal was a Verhen.

The Royal Court blamed Lith for the crimes of his brother, claiming that he had to be aware of the Dead King\'s plans if not helping him.

As for the Royals, they were accused of criminal incompetence in dealing with Thrud and of treason for having abandoned their duty after taking away the Saefel Set.

One-third of the Court wanted to pin everything on Lith and save the Royals.

One-third wanted to force the King and Queen to abdicate the throne in order to replace them with someone easier to control.

One-third wanted to do neither.

They recognized it was no one\'s fault and that getting rid of talented people would only play into Thrud\'s hands..

Then, there was one person who wanted to execute all three of them and had charged them with high treason.

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