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Thanks for having me here despite my sudden arrival.

You have my word that I have no ill will. Lochra gave Lith, Solus, and Phloria a small bow while taking in the marvelous changes that the tower had undergone since her last visit.

The round carpet that covered the entire hallway of the ground floor piqued her interest the most.

The hand-woven tapestry depicted the shared history of Lith and the tower in a circular picture.

In the first slot, Lith was still a four years old kid picking up a rock.

In the last one, there was the scene of him and Solus rejoicing for some reason along with his family.

\'This is odd.

Based on what Baba Yaga told me about the Horseman technology, the tower is supposed to be a manifestation of Epphy\'s psyche.

The lights are too warm and the tapestry should be twisted from her trauma.\' Silverwing thought.

\'On top of that, what does that last image m-\' Only then did she notice that Elphyn was standing in front of her in the flesh.

Good gods, you are back! Your mother was a damn genius. The items Lochra carried dropped to the floor as she hugged Solus, even lifting her up to take a better look at her.

The ancient Magus checked Solus\'s face, arms, and hands for signs of injuries or malnutrition, just like Elina did with Lith every time he returned from a mission.

Everyone was so flabbergasted that they almost lost their focus and the spells they were casting.


Yes, I\'m back and as I tried to explain you the first time we met, I\'m fine. Solus gently but firmly pushed Silverwing away.

What do you want, aunt Loka

Keep weaving your spells if it makes you feel safe, but I\'m here only to talk. Lochra replied.

How did you find us and why did you wait until now Lith asked.

Why didn\'t you visit while we were in the Desert

I know where you live and I know that the tower needs a mana geyser.

Finding this place was easy. Lochra said.

Also, I didn\'t come to the Desert simply because Salaark forbade me to and because you would have had no reason to listen to me with a Guardian ready to incinerate me the moment that I made a move.

I wanted us to meet as equals, that\'s why I didn\'t bother you in your house.

Is there a place we can talk like civilized people or do we have to stand at the entrance the whole time

After you. Lith pointed at the kitchen, refusing to give his back to Silverwing.

It was an exact replica of the dining room at Lith\'s house.

A long rectangular table with many wooden padded chairs was placed near a fireplace while the stove, the pantry, and everything needed for cooking were on the opposite side of the room.

The space was warm and cozy, surprising Lochra once more.

What do you want to talk about Solus asked while everyone took a seat.

She offered Lochra a cup of tea and a plate of her homemade biscuits, secretly hoping that she would like them

You, of course. Silverwing replied.

I\'ve come to settle the terms for Elphyn\'s freedom.

Unless the two of us come to an agreement, you can be sure that once I leave this place, I\'ll treat you as an enemy.

Two of us Lith echoed.

Why Has your new girlfriend any voice in the matters of the tower Silverwing pointed at Phloria while curling her upper lip in disgust at the thought that Lith might allow his disciples to have their way with Elphyn as well.

No, he was referring to me! Solus slammed her hand on the table so hard that the tower trembled.

I like to be part of every decision that involves my life, thank you very much.


The three of us, then. Silverwing nodded, glad that Elphyn was now strong enough to kill even a Divine Beast.

\'Even though they share the same energy signature, she can get rid of Verhen.

I just need to make her see reason for one second and then this nightmare will be over.\' She thought.

I don\'t see what there is to talk about.

Solus is my partner, not my slave. Lith said.

Her name is Elphyn! The First Magus snarled.

My name is Solus! She slammed her hand on the table again, putting an end to the quarrel before it even started.

I have just bits of memory as Elphyn whereas I spent fourteen years as Solus and I remember every single second of them.

Please, tell us what you want because you are already this close to overstaying your welcome.

Very well. Silverwing nodded to Solus before turning to Lith.

I\'m here to offer you a deal.

Let Elph- I mean Solus go and I\'ll bother you no more.

I know that you already have the Eyes and the Hands of Menadion so I\'m willing to reveal to you the position of the final two pieces, the Mouth and the Ears. 

Yet I\'m not going to help you get them.

Once you assemble the full set, losing the tower won\'t bother you much.

Letting Solus go is not up to me.

Our bond is unbreakable until I die and that\'s off the table.

Even if I had a way to set her free, why should I entrust Solus to you Lith said.

Because she\'s not your property, you arrogant brat! She lived for 28 years as Elphyn against 14 as Solus.

Believe me when I say that she had a much better and fuller life than the one she spent on your finger! Silverwing stood up to look down on him.

She had a loving mother, friends, rivals, and too many lovers for my liking but at least it was her own choice. At those words, Solus became beet red.

I don\'t care if she has no memory of her past.

I can bring her to all the places where she lived, to meet the people she knew who are still alive.

I can help her remember.

My core would feed her much better than yours and even if that\'s not enough to break her free from the shackles of the tower, I\'m sure I can find a way.

My talent has been honed through centuries of experience and I can dedicate every second of the day to solve Elphyn\'s problem whereas you are an ignorant, selfish bastard that drags her in your problems, making them her own.

Lith didn\'t like Silverwing\'s self-righteous attitude one bit, yet her speech held enough truth to hurt him deeply.

He thought about all the pain and suffering Solus had gone through for years because he was too weak to nurture the tower properly and because he had no idea of how to help her.

Phloria expected Lith to yell in outrage, yet he remained silent for a while before answering.

\'Silverwing is right.

Solus didn\'t have much of a life during the last fourteen years and every time I introduced her to someone, things got worse before they became better.

Even when she met my family.

\'I don\'t want to lose Solus, but I don\'t want to own her either..\' He thought.

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