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Also, remember never to reveal my or aunt Solus\'s secrets, or bad people like those who attacked you two will come for us. Lith said.

Sorry, Uncle.

I promise I\'ll be careful. Leria squeezed his hand, afraid that something might happen to Lith because of her big mouth.

The kids had spent so much time in the Desert that they had forgotten that it was the only place beside their home where they could talk freely about their odd family and friends.

Lith checked the road ahead with Life Vision, noticing how many things had changed in the last nineteen years.

The constant passage of the carriages between his house and the village had smoothened the once rough path.

In the distance, he could see new buildings being built over abandoned unfertile lands.

Sometimes, the silence was broken by the echo of a faint noise from Lutia that had been carried by the wind.

Gods, I can still remember when our village was just a few dozen houses that you couldn\'t see from the road until you almost got there.

Now I can see the grey mass of the buildings from here and even hear its noise. Lith sounded like an old man even to himself.

Well, it\'s not all that bad. Rena said.

Now instead of mud we have paved roads and when you go out for a romantic walk at night it doesn\'t feel like a haunted village anymore.

There are enough establishments and lights to not make you feel alone.

Romantic Lith echoed with an amazed tone.

We are married, not dead.

My life may not be as adventurous as yours but we never get bored. Senton grunted.

Speaking of boredom, Dad often whines about you not allowing merchants to use your Gate.

He says that otherwise Lutia would already be a middle-sized city.

I won\'t sacrifice the safety and the privacy of my home in exchange of a few coins.

Allowing people to come and go would endanger us all. Lith replied.

I know.

I\'m just trying to warn you.

Dad loves you, but when it comes to business, he can be really annoying. Now that Leria had relaxed enough to stop clutching Abominus\' fur, Senton took her other hand, restoring his wounded fatherly pride.


Heavenly Plume tribe, at the same time.

Solus had no problem with the Desert\'s heat, but for Elina using an oven during the day was akin to torture.

The chilly nights instead were the perfect moment to ask for a cooking lesson and have a chat.

Especially now that the children were away and wouldn\'t barge in at any moment demanding attention.

Also, Lith\'s absence would make it easier for Solus to open up.

Are you alright, dear Elina asked while arranging the ingredients for the cookies on the table.

You weren\'t as lively as usual during dinner and Raaz told me that you didn\'t assume your human form upon your return.

I was just tired. Solus lied through her teeth.

I needed to rest a bit on the mana geyser to get my strength back.

Was it that bad that you feel the need to hide it from me Elina said.

I don\'t know what you are talking about. Solus became beet red in embarrassment.

Solus, you may have learned many things by living with Lith over the years, but lying isn\'t among them.

You wince every time you lie and the moment someone calls it out you act all awkward. Elina sighed.

If you don\'t want to talk about it just say it but please don\'t treat me like a dumb kid.

The gods know if I hadn\'t had enough of that from Lith in the past and I probably still have.

I\'m sorry. Solus turned around her head in shame and her eyes fell on the sugar bag.

Maybe this was a bad idea.

No, it\'s not.

You always wanted to learn how to cook and finally you have the time and the means to.

It\'s really easy, just follow the recipe and everything will be alright. Elina said.

That\'s what I\'m worried about.

If I learn how to make my favorite sweets, I\'ll become even fatter!

What are you talking about You are not fat, you are a lovely young lady!

Solus sat on a chair and told Elina everything that had happened in Zeska, from her being mistaken for pregnant to the wounds that she had failed to heal until her return on the mana geyser.

That woman was very rude, but she was only concerned about you. Elina said while hugging Solus from behind.

I\'m much more worried by the tower getting damaged.

It holds your life force and without it, you would die.

How could the tower get cracked by a few hits of an Awakened I thought it was nigh-indestructible.

Maybe in its full form, but right now the tower is just very sturdy.

And that only as long as it\'s fueled by a mana geyser.

Without it, the tower has to consume the energy it stores and becomes weaker with each second that I spend in human form.

I couldn\'t heal because I\'m not fully human, yet.

This body is a product of the tower so once it loses too much energy, we both start to crumble.

I\'m just like a Horseman, but my power core needs much more energy than theirs to work.

It\'s not fair! Solus sighed.

Life rarely is. Elina replied.

Look at the bright side.

Now you know how it feels to be tired, hungry, and how fragile the life of a human is.

You say it like it\'s a good thing, but aren\'t those flaws Solus replied.

Yes, but they are also what makes a living being different from a statue.

You have spent years worrying whether you were a person or an enchanted piece of stone and know you know.

I say that it\'s worth celebrating instead of brooding. Elina said.

Thanks, Mom. Solus stood up, returning Elina\'s embrace and melting her heart.

How do I prepare chocolate chip cookies

You just need, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and a pinch of salt. Elina put emphasis on the last word, remembering Solus\' stone cookies.

The chocolate chips go last so we\'ll worry about them later.

The trickiest part is the beginning since you can\'t taste the dough until you are done.

Solus followed her instructions, adding the butter and sugar to the flour and kneading them together before adding the eggs.

By the way, Mom, I still don\'t have my period but-

You what Elina froze while looking at Solus\' womb and counting in her head the days since Solus had gotten her human body back to see if the numbers added up.

\'That woman in Zeska was right, yet it\'s not even been a full month.

How can the bun already be in the oven Maybe it happened when she fused with Lith and it remained in stasis along her body!\' She inwardly promised never to underestimate a woman\'s intuition again.

Okay, that came out wrong. Solus blushed up to her ears.

I meant that sooner or later I\'ll regain my period as well and I want to be prepared.

Good gods, and here I thought that Lith was horrible with conversation starters.

I need to sit down. Elina took a few deep breaths.

Don\'t worry, dear.

A woman\'s period is nothing complicated..

We\'ll talk about it as soon as my heart starts beating again.

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