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On top of that, thanks to the Sage Staff\'s power core taking care of the fine control of the effects of gravity magic, all the caster had to do was to point and shoot.

When Quaron tried to get out of the area of effect of Distorted Field Solus altered the direction of gravity, making him fall toward her.

He instinctively tried to take a deep breath and almost choked on his blood.

\'What can those things do exactly\' Locrias asked while trying to sever Quaron\'s head from his neck with a horizontal slash with War.

\'Can\'t you just read my mind\' Solus replied while using one of the spheres forming the Distorted Field to accelerate Locrias and another to make Quaron\'s feet heavier, messing with his tempo.


I can speak with you like this only because I\'m in your shadow.

Your energy signature is attuned with me enough to control your body, but that\'s it.

I feel like I should be able to do more yet I can\'t.\' Locrias was amazed by the Ranger managing to block his attacks.

Yet he could feel from the impact that due to Solus\'s monstrous strength and to the spheres that somehow limited his movements, Quaron had failed to disperse the force of the hit, taking a lot of damage anyway.

\'It must be because Lith and I share the same energy signature but not his bloodline abilities.

It seems that he can Possess his Demons as he did in Urgamakka.\' Solus was relieved by that answer.

She liked Locrias, but she didn\'t want to share with him the most private details of her life nor her thoughts.

Quaron felt the bones in his arm cracking but darkness fusion made the pain bearable.

He focused healing magic on his nose, repairing it and hurling Origin Flames at Solus.

She only needed to activate the sphere closest to his face to create an updraft that altered the trajectory of the breath enough for Locrias to dodge it with minimal movement and aim for the neck.

Quaron Blinked away, only for Solus to Blink along and for Locrias to lunge from behind, piercing his throat.

\'It\'s not enough.

Cut his head off and pierce his heart.

I have no mana left.\' Solus said and Locrias complied.

Only when mana sense confirmed that Quaron was dead did Solus dispel Distorted Field, using the Sage Staff to fuel her core.

\'What do we do now\' Locrias said, feeling that if he used even one bit more strength he would be back being a wandering soul.

\'We wait.\' Solus replied.

Suddenly, War escaped her grip and took the sky, flying towards the two still fighting titans.

\'Can you see what\'s happening\' Solus asked Locrias, discovering that he was gone as well, leaving her alone.


The explosion of the Origin Flames had wounded Syrook, but it was far from lethal.

Lith was still wounded from the fall and the kicking, making them even.

Yet the Black Dragon had still the advantage of a bigger body, a stronger core, and better equipment.

Lith didn\'t waste time patting his own back and hurled a second stream of Void Flames to finish the job.

Both Dragons were amazed at how fast and destructive the black flames were.

While Origin Flames moved akin to an oversized flame thrower Void Flames moved akin to a laser, keeping their form compact and without decreasing their intensity over distance.

Syrook reacted promptly by flapping his wings and breathing Origin Flames.

He couldn\'t get far in time but that small step back allowed him to ride the winds of the explosion and get away.

At the same time, he slashed non-stop with Sunder, generating a volley of wind blades that ravaged the land and attacked Lith from every side.

Enough of this. The Voidfeather Dragon snarled as his yellow eye shone bright.

The spells passed through Lith like a spring breeze, incapable of hurting their new master.

Then, they turned around and moved against Syrook.

The Black Dragon had no idea what Domination was but after Solus had reflected one of his spells, he had gotten the gist of it.

He activated his Nether Gate bloodline ability again, releasing all of the undead he had created.

Their existence limited the amount of darkness element that Nether Gate could conjure and with his life on the line, Syrook couldn\'t hold back.

A sea of dark energy shrouded him, eating the wind blades inside out with each meter they advanced.

The rain of spells managed to hit him anyway and opened several deep wounds, even tearing his wings in multiple spots, but it was still better than dying.

Lith could feel his throat hurting from the Void Flames and reverted into his Tiamat form.

\'I can\'t risk Chaos or whatever it is damaging me during a fight.

On top of that, I suck at fighting as a Dragon.\' He thought while giving chase, hoping to catch up with Syrook before he could use Invigoration.

The Black Dragon\'s pride hurt from being forced to run away, yet he valued his life too much to keep fighting a losing battle.

\'I just need a coupled of breaths for-\' Quaron\'s death struck at him like a lightning and dealt almost as much damage.

Losing his Harbinger wounded a Divine Beast\'s very life force, causing a pain that couldn\'t be treated in any way.

Lith saw Syrook freeze while Life Vision showed him that not only had the Black Dragon yet to heal, but his strength had also dramatically decreased. 

\'He has recalled his minions, it\'s time that I do the same!\' Lith focused on his link with War and the angry blade answered the call.

It abandoned Solus, flying at sub-sonic speed over the battlefield, and used its Soul Weaver ability as it moved.

War collected the Demons on its passage, adding their strength and mass to its own.

When it reached Lith, War fused itself with his conjured swords, using them as a scaffold for the Demons it carried.

In a split second, the two blades became a replica of War made of earth, light, and shadows, big enough for the Tiamat to use.

Lith closed the distance that separated him from the Dragon and lunged at the heart.

Syrook blocked the attack with both hands, forming an X with Sunder in front of his chest to cut down the blade along with its wielder.

Yet even though its body wasn\'t made of Adamant, War withstood the hit and overpowered his guard.

The angry blade pierced through the thick black scales that protected the Dragon\'s chest and unleashed all of its enchantments inside his body, killing him on the spot.

Lith usually would have destroyed the heart and crushed the head of a fallen enemy to confirm the kill, but his wallet was already bleeding over the loss of the Black Dragon\'s heart.

\'I always heard that it\'s a top grade ingredient that contains a lot of magical power.\' He thought with a deep sigh.

\'I wish I could have just cut his neck.

I didn\'t mind losing a few scales.

\'Now there\'s one huge problem left..

I have no idea if my pocket dimension can fit something this big.\' 

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