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Chapter 1597 - Back And Forth (Part 1)

On top of that, Aylen was the first to become a Lich after the fall of the Odi race and the one who spread the secret to achieve Lichhood in the magical community.

All the Liches on Mogar are her indirect creation.

Their existence is just the result of a ripple that Aylen caused.


Blood Desert, Heavenly Plume tribe, a few days later.

Whenever Lith wasn't practicing with the white crystals or his Origin Flames, he kept in contact with the White Griffon and with Xenagrosh.

The former kept him informed on the investigation about the copycat, while the latter was mostly a social call.

Lith was deeply grateful for what Tezka had done for Aran and Leria.

He wanted to get to know better the Abomination members of his odd extended family and was eager to meet Sinmara again.

You are the one in the Blood Desert.

Why do you ask me what Sinmara is doing instead of talking with her yourself Xenagrosh asked.

Because you are the only one with her contact rune.

Grandma always contacts her with a mind link and Sinmara is so busy that I didn't meet her once during my stay in the palace. Lith replied.

So, Salaark is Grandma and I'm just Xenagrosh She pouted.

No offense, but I met you what Thrice Isn't it a bit early for monikers

Four times, actually.

At the Council, during Night's attack, for your birthday, and at Sinmara's place! The Shadow Dragon said.

I don't really count the second time because we didn't exchange a single word.

You arrived and left like the wind. Lith scratched his head in embarrassment.

Point taken. Xenagrosh sighed.

If you feel awkward calling me big sis, you can at least call me Zoreth, like all my friends do.

What does that mean

It's my real name. She chuckled.

The one I was born with.

Okay, Zoreth.

Let me know if I can do anything to help you prepare something special for the Master's wedding. Lith's words put a big smile on her face.

What about a few Camellias I heard they are quite the rage in the Kingdom.

A lot of people want them but- Too soon Xenagrosh said after his face twisted into a grimace of bitterness.

Too soon, sorry.

No problem, I'll think about something else.

Zoreth out.

Lith put the communication amulet away with a sigh.

He turned around, finding Solus's face floating just millimeters away from his own in what was supposed to look like an angry pose.

Can we please stop working Just for one day This was supposed to be a vacation! Her foot tapped the air, yet it produced a noise that reverberated throughout the tower.

She stood straight as an arrow with her arms crossed and puffed-out cheeks, looking simply adorable to his eyes.

The more time they passed together over the mana geyser, the more Solus recovered her delicate features that along with her diminutive stature made her too cute to be intimidating.

This is a vacation. Lith couldn't help but hug and cuddle her as if she was a puppy.

If spend our days doing nothing but the things we like.

No, we spend our days doing nothing but the things you like! Solus's voice lost its edge as her body relaxed against her will and she returned the embrace.

Between the desert's heat and working inside the Forge, I don't think I've ever sweated so much my whole life. Friya said.

I didn't escape Dad's house arrest just to end up in yours!

This isn't really helping our case, Solus. Tista wanted to throw her white crystal against the ground in frustration, but she remembered Salaark's warning about not breaking her stuff.

Stand your ground.

You are the only one Lith listens to.

You wish. Solus sighed.

You know what, I'm done arguing with you.

I'll Warp Dad here and then he'll do the rest.

Gods, no! Please, don't. Tista shook Solus with such a frightened voice that it gave Friya the creeps.

Is really Raaz so terrible or do you just don't like involving him in your siblings' quarrels Friya asked.

It's a family secret, sorry. The Red Demon shuddered before turning to Solus again.

Do you remember what happened the last time.

Solus's eyes went wide open as the images that those words conjured in her mind.

During one of their previous fights, Solus had summoned Raaz to them without first contacting him on his communication amulet.

Raaz had appeared in a sitting position, with a reddened face twisted from the effort, and his pants down.

He even relieved his bowels a bit before noticing that something was wrong with the restroom.

Gods, I will never be able to unsee that. Solus and the rest of the tower turned to a bright shade of purple.

There's no need for ultimatums. A shiver ran down Lith's spine as well at the memory.

Just tell me what you want to do.

I'm all ears.

Solus pondered a bit before realizing she had no idea how to spend her free time.

They had already visited the Heavenly Plume many times, moved to several different oases to sightsee the natural beauty of the Desert, and spent a lot of time with the family.

Once she had craved for a physical form and some company so much that even spending a single day with her friends or with Lith filled her with joy, but now she found the idea boring.

Ever since they had moved in the Desert, she had turned back into a ring only when they had gone visiting Sinmara.

Before the incident with Tista, she had enough free time to write off her wishlist everything she wanted to do with Lith and his family.

I have a list of things I was planning for your birthday. Lith said after a long awkward silence.

Feel free to check it and tell me if there's something that you'd rather do now.

Are you really preparing a birthday party for me Solus froze up to her floating hair from the surprise.

But I don't even remember when I was born.

Well, I found you just a few days before my birthday, but there's no point in celebrating the event since you were still unconscious.

We had our first real meeting after I killed that boar, remember Lith said.

Of course I remember. Solus nodded.

You wanted to make some extra money for the upcoming Spring Festival and-

Only then did she check the calendar and noticed that the date was close.

Solus had an eidetic memory but with everything that had happened, she had forgotten about the anniversary of her awakening.

You always wanted to be part of my family and now you do.

This is the first time since you have regained your sentience that you have a body and no need to hide from others. Lith handed her the list.

I wouldn't let you miss this opportunity for the world.

On top of that, thanks to Grandma, we spend enough time away from each other that I had the opportunity to plan everything ahead without you noticing.

Did you really invite Nyka as well Solus read the Vampire's name on the guest list.


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