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Chapter 1533 Two Sides of the Same Pain Part 1

Before setting the date for his departure, Lith had needed a few days to rest, recover, and discuss his spoils of war with Faluel along with his plans for the natural treasures he had left.

Since the Hydra already knew about them, there was no point in keeping the Dryad\'s ransom and his plans hidden from her any longer.

Also, since Aalejah had revealed to Lith the nature of the test, Faluel could explain to him what his loot was worth.

Your projects sound crazy, but all the new branches of Forgemastery do at first. Faluel nodded after pointing out everything he lacked and the weak points of the devices in his blueprints.

I can\'t believe you had a Dryad\'s betrothal gift and you never told me about it.

It explains why Ryssa had them at the ready. Lith pondered.

I wonder if Marth got them as well or if he received nothing because of me.

I doubt that.

She did it to save Lyta\'s life so it\'s only fair if she gave her own treasure to Ryssa as compensation.

Besides, knowing the Dryads, Marth is likely to be the one who made the first move and give the betrothal gift. Solus said.

How not nice of you to keep me in the dark and to willy-nilly rob Dryads as well, Solus. Faluel threw a reproachful look at her for the complete lack of remorse.

Solus\'s eyes turned beet red in embarrassment, wondering how much Lith had been a bad influence on her.

By the way, what happened to the World Tree Lith asked, eager to change the subject.

Nice try to change the subject. Faluel said with a sneer.

After Aalejah exposed the Yggdrasill\'s crimes, the Council had no choice but to sentence them to death.

The World Tree had already admitted how dire their mental condition was and with Thrud at our doorstep, we couldn\'t risk another scheme like that of Urgamakka.

When it\'s going to happen Solus asked.

It\'s already done. Faluel showed them the now missing rune of the old World Tree that had been replaced by a new one.

The Yggdrasill had already chosen their successor so the sentence was carried out immediately.

The elves have already left for the new World Tree and the Chroniclers have exchanged with us the new communication rune.

Aalejah is free to return to her people if she wishes so and you are officially allowed to keep the staff that she gifted to you.

Both the Council and the Yggdrasill consider it as a proper compensation for your trouble.

I couldn\'t agree more with them Lith nodded.

By the way, are you going to come with us to the Desert

Heck no! The Hydra even took a step back.

I finally have some free time for myself.

I plan to visit my family and enjoy the company of my godchildren.

I\'m probably going to bring Protector along.

The poor Selia needs a vacation and her children need to spend some quality time with their father.

If you change your mind, this is the seal for the Desert. Lith gave her a small amulet that once brought near the Warp Gate in his barn would open a dimensional tunnel to his destination.

He had given one to Zinya as well, just to stay safe.

Once he was gone and the Phoenixes left, only the Queen\'s Corps and Tezka would remain.


\'I know that Zin and Kami didn\'t receive any Balkor card, but I can\'t help but feel my guts turning into a knot at the thought of leaving them unprotected.\' To ease his worries, Lith went to talk with the Abomination hybrid before leaving.

Don\'t worry, kid.

I\'m not going anywhere. The Fylgja was so tall that he patted Lith\'s head as if he was just a child.

I\'ll keep an eye on your home while you are gone.

Did you really think that I would leave Zin unguarded

Only Lith and Kamila were supposed to use that moniker so hearing Tezka calling her like that meant that he had heard it from Vastor.

It made Lith understand how deep Zinya\'s relationship with the Master was and how much he cared for her.


I\'m glad that you are nothing like that asshole of your clone that I met in Maekosh. Lith told him all about their previous meeting, flabbergasting the Fylgja.

Don\'t thank me.

I was that asshole back when I was a young Awakened.

Not all of us started sane.

Some, like me, needed a lot of time to pull their head out of their asses. Tezka replied

How long do you think you are going to stay in the Desert

As long as it takes. Lith said.

I\'m tired of being involved in other people\'s bull**.

Tired of being, used, manipulated, or just be the target of a political organization.

Under Grandma\'s gaze, I dare anyone to try and mess with me.

The Fylgja shuddered at the thought.

A few years back, the Master had sent him to kill Balkor and avenge the dead students of the White Griffon, but during the time Tezka had spent there, the best that he had managed to do was to avoid getting caught.

Lith said his goodbyes to the members of the Queen\'s Corps, to the Kings of the woods, and to the magical beasts that comprised his personal army.

Every single one of them whined at the Verhens\' departure for different reasons.

He kept Zinya for last, hoping to meet Kamila as well.

Alas, fate had chosen otherwise.

If anything happens, call for Captain Locrias.

He is still outside.

If something really serious happens, just say this name, Tezka. Lith said.

Who is he Zinya asked.

A common friend. Lith dodged the question and she didn\'t pry further.

If even he can\'t hold his ground, run to the barn with the kids and cross the Gate.

I will. She said while hugging him.

Say goodbye to Kamila for me.

I might be away for a month, maybe more.

Communication amulets are a thing, you know I kind of remember you crafting mine.

Why don\'t you call Kami and tell her yourself She asked.

It would be awkward. He replied.

Yeah, because using a middleman is such a smooth move. Zinya said with a scoff.

Having no way to win that argument, Lith just shrugged and walked away.

He waved his hand to her one last time before walking through the Gate, joining his family in the Desert.


Myrok household, that same morning.

I can\'t believe that they have kicked you out of your own home nor that you are drinking this early. Kamila said trying and failing to take a glass filled with single malt whiskey from Jirni\'s hand.

Sue me. She slapped Kamila\'s hand away and took a big sip.

Jirni\'s face was usually a mask, an empty space where she projected whatever she deemed more useful according to the circumstances.

Ever since she had received the official documents for the divorce that proved how serious Orion was, however, her expression was that of someone who only ate ** for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sadness, anger, and frustration twisted her face into different grimaces, but all of them were just the tip of the iceberg of self-loathing that she felt.

For the first time in her life, Archon Jirni Ernas was having second thoughts.


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