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Chapter 1531 Unveiling the Truth Part 1

\'You risked our lives and killed several apprentices just for your experiments\' The more Aalejah learned about the Tree\'s plan, the more she considered herself an idiot for having even considered becoming a Chronicler.

\'Those people had already failed their test, so the loss is insignificant.

The Council will never know about it and even if they did, what could they possibly say As you so kindly revealed to them during your pathetic heart to heart with the Tiamat, I\'m as old as insane.\'

The maniacal laughter made Aalejah snap and so did their mind link along with the staff.

You crazy **er! She yelled, drawing everyone\'s attention to herself.

Let\'s see how you like this!

The elf used healing magic on both extremities, making them grow.

Yet she didn\'t share any of her life force, consuming the essence of the Yggdrasill until it became just regular wood.

I need to report a crime. Aalejah said.

I\'m all ears. Inxialot took the dust off his clothes to have a more official look.

I\'d rather talk with someone sane. The elf took her Council amulet out while giving the Lich a polite bow.

In her anger, she had forgotten that Inxialot was as dangerous and unreliable as the World Tree.

That crazy **er! The rest of the Council said in unison after Aalejah revealed to them the truth behind the accident.

While they discussed the Tree\'s punishment, the elf returned to her group and threw the second Yggdrasill staff at Lith.

Take it.

The Tree planned to lure you to their Fringe with the promise of one of those.

Consider that the compensation for unwittingly putting your life at risk.

It\'s my way to both say sorry and to piss the Yggdrasill off. She said.

With these staves, neither of us needs that damn Tree anymore.


This certainly saves me a trip. Lith put the rough staff inside his pocket dimension, making sure that it was nothing but a crafting material for good.

One matter has still to be resolved. Athung said.

You are now a rogue Awakened and you need a new master.

Do you at least know how to shapeshift to hide your ears

No, the mast- I mean, the **er always did it for me. Aalejah shook her head.

Well, one of my apprentices just died and I could use another. An Awakened undead said, quickly followed by many others.

If you want, you can come with us. The fungal creature from Kulah said.

We have no names, but you can call me Loma, if it makes things easier for you.

The spores had taken the form of Aalejah in a sign of respect and because the other races found it awkward to talk with clouds of colored smoke.

Thanks, but I\'m done with plants and with anything related to them.

If there\'s something I learned during the past few days is that I enjoy the company of humans over the other races. The elf replied.

Well, here\'s my deal. Athung said.

I\'m back being a regional Lord so I can take you in.

We both have to find a way to reach the violet core and we could learn a lot from each other.

Also, you\'d live near your other friends.

She pointed at Lith and Phloria to sweeten the pot.

I accept only if you take me in as your peer, keeping the disciple stuff only on paper.

I don\'t really know you and I\'m done blindly trusting anyone. Aalejah offered her hand to Athung.

A handshake sealed their deal and shortly after everyone was Warped back to their respective homes.

Jirni, Salaark, and now even that Lich.

Moms are terrifying. Lith could feel exhaustion making his head spin the moment the safety of Faluel\'s lair allowed him to relax.

Indeed. Phloria said amid pants.

Omnislash put such a heavy burden on her that even breathing techniques couldn\'t alleviate her fatigue.

Only food and sleep could restore her lost strength.

Well, the good news is that you two passed with flying colors! The Hydra said.

You should have seen how envious the other Elders of the Council were while watching your lesser forms.

They what Lith was too tired to jump up.

He barely managed to raise his voice.

We couldn\'t allow for people to die or for legacy heirs to bully their peers, so you were under constant surveillance. Faluel said.

We witnessed all of your experiments and skills.


I can kiss my secrets goodbye. Phloria and Lith said in unison.

If it\'s of any consolation, the purpose of the test has never been to spy on any of you.

I\'ve sent you to Urgamakka solely to show the others how good of fighters my disciple are, to give you the opportunity to obtain Council knowledge, and to free you from your apprenticeship. Faluel said.

What do you mean Lith asked.

Every item you found is actually a clue to a secret of magic that all full-fledged members of the Council share.

I couldn\'t teach them to you unless you retrieved and showed them to me according to the mission\'s rules. She replied.

I get that.

I mean the part about ending my apprenticeship. He said.

Just like Lenanna told you before your departure, the test is a rite of passage.

One hundred years is the fixed term for apprentices that their master discards or doesn\'t trust.

In our case, since you are not my heir, I have already taught you almost everything I could.

Once you finish learning the magic that you have earned from the test, your apprenticeship will end.

You will become a full member of the Council with the right to become a regional Lord or even an Elder, if you want.

You can still count on me and the Beast faction for everything but now no Awakened can ever pick up on you without making an enemy of the entire Council. Faluel said.

I have a lot of things to ask and a lot of complaints to make, but I\'m too tired for any of that.

I\'m going to sleep and eat to my heart content and then I\'m going straight to the Desert.

I need a real vacation for once. Lith said.

Don\'t worry.

I can tell Salaark everything she can share with you from the spoils you collected in Urgamakka.

We can deal with the rest upon your return. The Hydra said.

We\'ll discuss my share of the loot in another moment.

I think- Phloria fell asleep on the couch, emitting a soft snoring.

Isn\'t she precious, Lith Faluel turned to Lith, receiving more snoring in reply.

They were so tired that even Solus had fallen asleep.


While the young Awakened returned home and could finally recover from the tragic events of the final days of the fake city of Urgamakka, the Council representatives were far from done.

The death and destruction caused by the World Tree in the attempt to force Lith to draw out the full potential of his Tiamat bloodline had only made more evident the limits of the current generation of Awakened.

From what I\'ve seen from the footage, our problem is actually threefold.

The apprentices, their masters, and their real-world experience have all been found wanting. Raagu, the human representative said.


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