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Chapter 1491 Changes and Moving Part 1

Or maybe it\'s because I\'m the very first of my kind.

After all, if I\'m right and you are a Demon, you acquired this form because Mogar messed up our family for me.

I\'m the Father of all Demons which makes you kind of collateral damage. Lith said.

Thank you for your kind words. Tista said with a scoff while also using chore magic to shave Lith.

Despite his mass and tougher than steel skin, she managed to give him more cuts than he had inflicted upon himself back on Earth while using his first razor.

Gods! Don\'t do that ever again.

I\'m sorry, but you really look like a hobo.

I\'m not used to see you so shabby. Tista replied.

By the way, do you think that we should inform Grandma

Excellent idea. Lith fixed the damage to his face and needed an enchanted knife to get rid of the facial hair that his sister had missed.

We should-

Big sis, we need you! Aran yelled through a window, cutting him short and making Lenanna ran as if it was a matter of life and death.

\'How does the hatchling know that I\'m the healer of the group\' She thought while kicking down the front door.

Aran! Lith and Tista scolded him at the same time while the Queen\'s corps stationed outside wondered once again what point their presence might have and yet put the reinforcements on standby anyway.

What Mom always says that girls should talk about their problems with other girls.

Big bro Crevan is a boy. He explained with the flawless logic of a six years old child.

What can I do for you, Tista. The poor Phoenix inhaled sharply to keep calm and not scold Aran for his naivety.

Tista shapeshifted into her Red Demon form, making Lenanna jump with joy before establishing a mind link with Salaark.

Congratulations, child! The Overlord\'s voice came out of her mouth as even her demeanor switched to that of the Mother of all Phoenixes.

So much red and so many feathers at deep blue.

There\'s no telling how you\'ll become at violet.

Thanks, Grandma. Tista said.

Do you have any idea why I\'ve got only two eyes

Not a clue. Lenanna shook her head.

But if it works like for Hydras or Tyrants, you should get more as your elemental mastery and your core develop.

I\'m sorry, but that\'s all I can say for now.

So after finally getting here, you\'re telling me that I need even more practice and Accumulation Tista slouched in disappointment.


Even your brother started with two.

The rest were merely decorative.

Grandma, would you mind if we came to visit you in a while We\'ve gone through so much s- Lith remembered about Aran before it was too late.

Stuff that we could use some peace and quiet in the Desert.

It\'s a wonderful idea! I have a lot of things that I can\'t wait to show and teach you.

Besides, my dear friend Mimeria has a really lovely daughter who\'s single as well and is looking for a companion. Salaark said.

Grandma, I\'m not interested in blind dates-

Nonsense! How can the Father of all Demons have no offspring It ruins your reputation and makes your title sound like a joke.

Besides, adding a bit more of Phoenix blood can only strengthen the bloodline. She said.

Another Phoenix Elina chimed in.

Wouldn\'t it be awkward

Don\'t worry, I checked already.

They are 145th cousins on my side.

Lith has probably more blood in common with the baker of Lutia than with her. Salaark chuckled.

Would they have eggs or can I hope for-

Not now, Mom! Lith gently pushed his mother out of the room before continuing the conversation.

When can we start packing, Grandma

As soon as you\'re done with your business, dear. Salaark replied.

I\'ll make sure to prepare a suitable welcome for you, your family, and everyone else that you want to bring along.

Just let me know who\'s coming in advance so that I can make their stay special.

What business are you talking about, Grandma I\'m still free.

Well, aside from the insane amount of workload on my desk. Lith sighed.

\'I can\'t believe that it took me almost three months just to come up with a decent breathing technique for the violet core.

Not only am I still stuck at deep violet ever since I became a Tiamat, but I also lack any breathing technique related skills.\' He thought.

Oh, believe me, you are quite busy. She said with a smug grin on her face.

Is there something you know that I don\'t

Do you want me to list the things you don\'t know in chronological or alphabetical order Salaark chuckled.

Either way, you\'d better get comfortable because it will take a few years.

I meant about my business. Lith replied.

Well, the Council has recently discovered some ancient ruins and I heard that it\'s going to be the best apprentices\' task to explore them.

Which means you\'re going to be dispatched as soon as Faluel informs you. She said.

Ruins I had enough with the Odi and all the crazy things I saw as a Ranger.

Hard pass. Lith dismissed the issue with a wave of his hand.

First, you can\'t refuse your mentor\'s orders. Salaark\'s eyes lost their cheerfulness at his blatant lack of discipline.

Even though you got used to doing whatever you like, you are still the Hydra\'s apprentice.

Refusing means going back to being a rogue Awakened and having to find a new mentor.

Not to mention that if you publicly humiliate her, your relationship with Faluel would go sour.

Is a single mission worth so much trouble

No. Lith had to admit that Salaark was right.

Aside from purifying magical metals, he had yet to perform a single task for the Hydra whereas Protector had worked so hard to keep her turf clean while Lith studied under her that his kids had almost forgotten his face.

Faluel was more than just a mentor, she was a friend who had gone to great lengths to help him every time Lith had a problem and who also respected his privacy to the point of never asking him anything about Solus.

Also, I have yet to get to the good part. After the big stick, the Overlord offered him a juicy carrot.

Awakened like Faluel are not interested in the ruins because they are ancient.

Everything you find will be millennia old.

Useless crap at best.

People with a legacy or just old enough have no use for such things whereas apprentices do.

That\'s why the Council has established a finders keepers policy for the exploration team.

Ancient or not, breathing techniques are always effective.

On top of that, you could find precious materials that we can use in my Forge once you come to visit.

We At those words, the mission became incredibly charming to Lith\'s eyes.


I\'m not going to teach you my techniques, but since we\'re both Forgemasters, I don\'t see why I shouldn\'t give you a few pointers.

Besides, you need a **load of resources for your Tiamat body, correct


The thought of crafting something that can fit my 20 meters (66\') tall body-

Better make something that fits a body 30 meters (100\') tall minimum. Salaark cut him short.


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