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Thanks to Archmage Verhen and to the work of our valiant Royal Forgemasters, one day everyone who can afford a DoLorean will have one while those who can\'t will still be able to travel faster and more safely than ever on something we call \'train\'.

At Sylpha\'s cue, Lith materialized the 3D hologram of a scaled-down maglev train as large as the red carpet.

The locomotive appeared from the double doors and arrived right at the feet of the Royals, carrying cars filled with people and goods.

Then, once it reached the raised stand, the hologram shattered into a rain of golden sparkles.

And that is not all. Meron resumed.

The war against the Undead Courts has been long and bloody.

Many times, our Kingdom has gone close to being defeated and our people enslaved.

Yet we are still here.

Our cities still stand and our citizens walk free whereas the ashes of our enemies fertilize our fields.

All of this has only been made possible thanks to valiant heroes, some of which have decided to remain anonymous.

At a wave of the King\'s hand, the light in the room dimmed and Manohar found himself under a spotlight.

The Mad Professor whined loudly enough to be heard, knowing that with more honors, he would also receive more unwanted work.

Vastor the Highmaster and the members of the Corpse officially didn\'t exist, leaving the god of healing as the only person that could take credit for defeating the Horsemen.

In days past the Master would have gritted his teeth in envy, cursing Manohar and regretting his fate.

He was one of the few gods of the Kingdom whose feats didn\'t receive any praise nor recognition.

Now, however, all he could think about was to get it over with the gala and go back to Zinya\'s house.

Yet many sad things also happened during the last year. Sylpha said.

Some of the most loyal retainers of the Kingdom have been killed.

The three Horsemen have returned and focused their war effort on us, killing thousands between soldiers and civilians.

Last, but not least, we have received news of the return of the Mad Queen.

We have endured a lot and we\'ll have to endure even more if we want to protect our home, but don\'t despair.

With each hurdle we overcome, we grow closer and stronger.

With each enemy we defeat, the Kingdom becomes a better place.

Tomorrow, we might have to fight tooth and nail to protect our life work but tonight we are assembled here to celebrate our victories!

The guest stood up and exploded into an uproar, giving the Royals a standing ovation that made the walls tremble.

After a few seconds, Meron raised his hand and the commotion instantly died out.

Later, we\'ll award our heroes, but now it\'s time for you to know each other and set aside your differences.

Only by working together and using our respective unique skills can the Kingdom keep growing in strength and secure its future.


A clap of Sylpha\'s hands Warped the guests and the Royals from the Throne room to the Dance Hall.

The room was of rectangular shape, five meters (16\'5) high, with the long side 200 meters (656 feet) long and the short side 100 meters (328 feet) long.

Tables filled with delicacies and drinks from all over the Kingdom were lined up against the walls where valets stood on the attention, ready to serve anyone who required their assistance. 

At the end of the Dance Hall, there was another raised platform with two thrones where the Royals sat.

Four orchestras were playing the same soft tune from the circular alcoves placed at the four corners of the room leaving the full dance floor to the guests.

Crystal chandeliers enchanted with light magic lit the room, producing colorful rainbows over the walls and on the ceiling as they refracted each other\'s light.

Groups started to form immediately since everyone preferred to face their enemies only after assembling their respective allies.

Politics was a kind of war that never shed blood in the open, but that didn\'t make it any less unpleasant or dangerous.

I must say that I\'m kind of disappointed in you, Marth. Manohar said while staring at Ryssa with contempt.

Because I married a non-human Marth clenched his fists, ready to vent over a decade of frustration at once the moment the Mad Professor dared to speak out of line.

No, because you married. Manohar sighed, wondering how could such a brilliant man also be such an idiot.

What happened to our single forever oath Look at Vastor, he even divorced to keep his word.

I don\'t remember ever taking such an oath. Marth looked at the god of healing, wondering if one experiment too many had driven him crazy for good.

My divorce has nothing to do with you two. Vastor said with a snarl.

Sure thing, Zoggy. Manohar winked as if there was some kind of complicity between the two.

Well, what\'s done is done.

Cursing the past is pointless, we can only work together to build a better future.

When is the child due

Manohar junior will need all the help they can get to not be drowned by the idiocy of this world.

I\'m not going to name my child after you! Marth became purple in outrage while Ryssa laughed her ass off at his expense.

You should visit more often, Krishna. She said with a chuckle.

Until a second ago, Duke was so tired that I was afraid he might fall asleep at any moment yet now he\'s brimming with energy.

That\'s because he\'s old and sad.

Sure, not as old as Zoggy here, but he\'s working on it one day at a time. Manohar replied, making the other two Archmages wish that Dawn had killed him.

It\'s a pleasure to meet you again, Ryssa. Lith said in the hope to keep things from escalating.

Manohar\'s mother was talking with the Royals, leaving the beast unleashed.

It\'s nice to see you too, Lith.

My sister still asks me of you sometimes.

Maybe now that you\'re single, the two of you could take another shot. Ryssa hugged him and talked as if they were life-long friends instead of strangers who had met twice.

Headmaster Marth, how come I didn\'t hear anything about your marriage Lith asked to quickly change the subject.

That\'s actually my question. Marth replied with a snarl that made Vastor sound like a tame puppy.

You never call and never visit unless you need something.

I didn\'t invite you to the wedding to teach you a lesson.

How could you not bother asking anyone about me ever since Laruel

Don\'t take it personally, Lith.

Marth wanted something private.

He didn\'t invite me either. Manohar said.

That\'s because I wanted one nice dinner without having food and drinks checked every other minute! It took us weeks to fix all the changes to my guests that your crazy potions caused at the engagement ceremony. Marth raised his voice to the point of almost yelling.

Science stops for no one and the banquet was boring.

You should thank me for spicing up your life and turning your engagement ceremony into an unforgettable event. Manohar said, forcing Ryssa to put the Headmaster\'s hands on her belly to keep them away from Manohar\'s neck.

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