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Once Phloria finished undressing, it took Solus a couple of seconds to recover from the sight of her naked body.

Phloria was still lacking in the chest area, but between her long legs, her sweet ass, and her chiseled body, Solus felt like a lazy smurf in comparison.

\'By my Mom, my human body is nowhere that fit.

Yet in my memories with Malyshka I looked more like an Awakened and less like a cheese enthusiast.

Guess that after the end of my rebellious phase I must have turned into Senton.\' She thought.

Are you coming onto me Phloria asked, not liking being stared at like that for so long and in awkward silence at that.


I was just pondering your ass, I mean, your words. Solus\'s eyes became more purple.

What do you think I should do When will my moment finally arrive

The Great Mother knows.

I\'m in your same boat, sister, yet I know that the best thing to do is to be there for him and help Lith getting back on his feet.

It\'s the only thing I seem to be good for since the academy. Phloria sighed deeply.

I\'m so pathetic.

No, you\'re not. Solus said in outrage.

You are the only person Lith has willingly opened up to for years and he still treasures you leagues above others.

You\'ve done wonders in turning a little monster into a human being.

Sort of.

Kind of.


Thanks, Solus. Phloria chuckled.

Your words mean the world to me, but I\'ve got to ask you to wait for me outside.

You are still staring at me in a creepy way.

Oh, you should see how I look at Lith. Solus replied in embarrassment.


Nothing. She ran outside Tista\'s room, her mind finally set on a new goal.

\'I need to find a way to work out.\'


After every training session, Phloria would stay for dinner like during the old times.

Raaz and Elina were really happy about having her back with them and the children even more, yet it still confused his parents big time.

Lith spent now a lot of time with her and even more with Solus, making them wonder if they could hope for something to happen or if that kind of thing was considered normal in the Awakened community.

I\'m sorry for not being able to bring you to a nice place to thank you for your help, but when I mentioned the idea to Jirni, she almost ate my face.

She said that I\'m not qualified enough to protect you and that it\'d ruin months of her hard work.

We\'ll have to wait until after the gala. Lith said.

\'Between the three Phoenixes, the Eldritch hybrid, and the Corps, this place is as safe as Valeron.\' Lith thought.

\'I hate to admit it, but Jirni is right.

If Deirus is still connected with the Courts and the two of us moved alone, they could keep me busy long enough to kill Phloria.

\'I wonder when Vladion will come up with a damn answer.

I need to know who the person behind the Balkor cards is.\'

Don\'t worry.

Homemade food always tastes the best and the fact that you\'re asking me out is more than enough. Phloria chuckled.

We missed you a lot, aunt Phloria and we didn\'t even know how cool you are. Aran said.

Are you going to disappear again

I never disappeared.

I was just busy. Phloria couldn\'t explain to the children how complicated the relationship with her ex-boyfriend was.

I don\'t believe you.

Aunt Kami works a lot and she is always exhausted, but she always finds the time to visit us. Leria pouted, still considering Kamila her best aunt.

It\'s too bad that she always comes when uncle Lith is away.

I liked seeing them together.

Lith froze at those words, looking at Elina for answers, but she could only gesture him to wait.

Well, that\'s because now there\'s a Warp Gate in the barn.

It makes things easier for her. Phloria didn\'t know whether to feel more embarrassed by her lie being exposed by a six years old girl or by the comparison.

That\'s true. Leria pondered.

But you\'re a mage and she\'s not.

Why didn\'t you visit for over two years

It\'s complicated. Phloria said.

I\'ll explain it to you when you\'re older. Rena stepped in to save her.

But, Mom, I want to know now!

No ice cream if you don\'t behave.

Leria suddenly dropped the subject like a bad habit and focused on her broth.

After dinner, Lith finally could ask his mother about Kamila\'s visits.

That poor girl is completely alone now. Elina said.

She is in desperate need of answers, but the only people that can give them to her are all related to you.

Can you imagine how awkward it is for her to come here and ask for help after breaking up with you

I can. Lith nodded.

What did she say

Not much.

Kamila just wanted to know how you are doing and what kind of relationship you have with Solus now that she\'s out of your hair.

The same things that I would ask if I were in her shoes. Elina replied.

She didn\'t use those exact words, of course.

What did you tell her Lith asked.

The truth.

That you feel like crap and that you\'re not seeing anyone.

She looked really relieved when she heard that what you told us about Solus was the same thing you told her.

I didn\'t just tell, I showed you all. Lith said with a snarl.

Well, you lied to everyone on a regular basis for years.

I can\'t blame her for suspecting you had fabricated part of those memories.

After all, we aren\'t Awakened.

Your mind link, your rules. Elina crossed her arms while giving him a reproachful look.

Don\'t you believe me, Mom Lith felt more hurt than he thought possible.

Of course I do, silly, but I\'m your mother. She said while caressing his cheek.

Kamila is not, though, and you can\'t keep a woman hidden from another woman and act like you just owned a secret pet.

She feels betrayed, she is deeply hurt, and she has no one to talk to.

You got out of your little cage of secrets, but she\'s still locked there.

She can\'t open up to anyone without giving away your secrets.

On top of that, she still cares for the kids and didn\'t want them to think she had abandoned them.

Fuck me sideways. Lith inhaled sharply, realizing how terrible Kamila\'s situation was.

Mom, I can\'t get close to her without making everything worse.

Can you please do it in my stead Dad, Selia, and Protector can help you.

We are already doing that.

Kamila went to Selia first and only later to me.

Despite her pain, she\'s a smart woman.

Now go back to your friends.

This is not the kind of problem that you can solve with a spark of magic and a snap of your fingers.

These things take time. Elina said.

Thanks, Mom.

If there\'s anything I can do to help, please let me know. Lith went back to the living room, where a tussle was taking place.

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