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Chapter 1397 - Blade Tier Spells (Part 1)

There\'s one thing I don\'t understand. Manohar said amid pants, in the hope to buy time and cast spells solely with his nimble fingers.

Why attack at daybreak Aren\'t undead afraid of sunlight

The Bright Day laughed at both his words and his futile attempt.

Life Vision showed her the spells he was preparing and the elements he would employ, yet she humored him.

Because that\'s when your defenses are at their weakest.

Your trust in the ball of fire in the sky makes you humans conceited, leaving for the day shift the worst soldiers that go to relieve the now exhausted cream of the crop.

Didn\'t you read Verhen\'s report about my abilities A snap of Dawn\'s fingers made the white aura that shrouded her soldiers visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

Oh, **. Manohar did read Lith\'s report and now he knew that the sun would bring the Kingdom\'s army no solace.

Oh, **, indeed! Dawn pointed her finger, unleashing her tier four spell, Sunshine.

A barrage of laser-like rays, each one as thick as an arm and as hot as a furnace, rained upon the battlefield.

The Mad Professor snarled, conjuring his own tier four spell Hot Shot.

A similar barrage of mixed light and fire intercepted most of the Bright Day\'s rays so that very few soldiers died from it.

The rest remained injured because his spell was too weak to stop hers, it had only managed to weaken Sunshine.

Now that Manohar had no spells at the ready, Dawn conjured a series of tier four spells based on air, earth, and water to finish him off.

He ignored them and chanted his next attack.

The living vortex generated by Belius\' magical formations enveloped the Horseman once again, nullifying her spells and making her fall onto the ground along with her steed.

Light and darkness were the only elements that no city blocked, but only because without them the healers would be reduced to regular people.

Enough of this crap! She said, tired of being interrupted.

Powered up by her steed, a huge spear-shaped construct the size of a train car appeared in her left hand.

It moved at the speed of light and struck with surgical precision where the arrays\' control center was.

For a moment, Belius\' protections flickered and so did the border towers.

Yet thanks to the barriers protecting the building the damage failed to destroy the control center.

That until a second and a third spear appeared in each of her hands.

How do you know where to strike Manohar was flabbergasted.

I\'m not playing anymore.

Read the damn report. Dawn threw the two spears while the god of healing was still casting, making the arrays crumble.

Acala had worked as Ranger of the Kellar region for years.

He didn\'t have the passcodes anymore but he remembered well where every secret of the Kingdom was kept and he gladly shared them with his partner.

\'Everyone will now suffer as you did for being unfairly treated.\' Dawn thought.

\'Thanks, darling.\' He replied with mad fury.

Now, let\'s end this charade.

Die! While her army was no longer restrained by either the sun or the arrays, the Bright Day lunged at Manohar\'s head with her Twilight blade.

The Mad Professor clenched his teeth, knowing that everything was lost and that it was only his fault.

\'F.u.c.k my pride.

I lost against Night because I didn\'t practice darkness magic and I lost against Dawn as well because I don\'t know how to use the stuff Orion gave me.\' He thought.

\'At this point, my reputation is lost.\'

The blade hit precisely the space between his eyes, but instead of piercing through his skull, it was chipped and deflected.

What the heck is that Dawn said while looking at the edge of her Adamant blade that was already repairing itself from the damage.

Something I really didn\'t want to use. Manohar sighed.

Only idiots need help and I\'m no idiot.

In theory.

He held in his right hand one of Valeron\'s relics, the Spell Hoarding Cube.

It shone so brightly under Life Vision that Dawn had to turn it off to not get blinded.

The Spell Hoarding Cube looked like a giant Davross six-sided die assembled around a white crystal the size of a coconut.

The crystal spikes came out from each of the sides, constantly changing their color.

The artifact was capable of storing an unlimited number of spells of all tiers for an indefinite time and allowed its user to conjure them at will, no matter if they weren\'t the one who had stored the spells in the first place.

Not even sealing arrays worked on the Spell Hoarding Cube because it was a living complex of arrays that superseded all others.

According to rumors, once it stored a spell, the Cube would remember it and be capable of casting it indefinitely as long as the cube\'s power core had enough energy.

Eat this! The god of healing activated the artifact and suddenly both factions at war wanted to puke blood.

There were now five Manohars, something that even a Guardian would consider a crime against humankind.

One was universally considered too much, two were an abomination, three or more a plague that had to be eradicated.

The four extra Mad Professors unleashed each a different tier five spell: Supernovas, Double Standards, Can\'t Touch This, and Avatar of Light.

Supernovas conjured meteors made of light and fire with a radius of 1.5 meters (5\'), each one powerful enough to blow up a castle while Double Standards created a sealed space around Dawn that kept anything from getting out but let everything in.

The Horseman and her army took the full brunt of Supernovas while Can\'t Touch This sealed the undead\'s path of retreat and Avatar of Light provided Manohar with a 10 meters (33 feet) tall giant replica of his body that surrounded him like an armor.

All the four spells shattered in unison as another spear of light pierced through them, sending the Mad Professor sprawling on the ground while coughing out blood.

To add insult to injury, none of the undead had fallen.

This is bull**.

You must be cheating! Manohar said between mouthfuls of blood.

Indeed I am. With sunrise, it also came the Hors.e.m.e.n combined attack.

Even though Night and Dusk had been defeated, they were still alive and so were their steeds.

Being away from the battlefield allowed them to channel their full power into Dawn and her army.

Now Dawn and every single undead were immune to sunlight, to darkness magic, empowered by Life Maelstrom and capable of spewing Origin Flames.

Just like the Hors.e.m.e.n had predicted, the humans lost all hope in front of the nigh-invincible undead army.

By attacking when the humans felt at their strongest, by striking down their champions, humans were bound to lose their fighting spirit and collapse before the effect of the Hors.e.m.e.n combined power disappeared.

The undead now climbed Belius\' wall so fast that they were just a blur, shrugged off all spells as if they were a soft rain, and fought in the daylight like the living.

Thank the gods! If you call for help, then it\'s only fair if I do the same.

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