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Chapter 1375 - Living and Undead (Part 1)

Vladion brought them to a living room with golden-painted decorations covering its white walls.

In the middle of the room, there was a long oval table surrounded by padded cherrywood chairs.

A single chandelier enchanted with light magic illuminated the place due to the walls spreading the light evenly.

Please, have a seat. The Firstborn had the chairs move back with a wave of his hand while the Emperor Beasts shapeshifted into a humanoid form.

What did Haug tell you of our problem

Lith handed Vladion the communication amulet with all the information and shared with him Kalla\'s hypothesis about the kidnappings being linked to the practice of Forbidden Magic.

You know everything, then. He sighed.

I asked the Council for help back when the disappearances started, but they refused unless I revealed them the position of all the branches of the Undead Courts I know.

Why did you refuse Scarlett said with a scoff.

Because some of the members of the Courts are my friends and others are my own children! Maybe a war between living and undead is perfectly black and white to you, but it\'s not to me.

As I see it, both sides are in the wrong.

How exactly Lith said with a snarl.

It was the undead starting the war.

It was them attacking Laruel and the Empire first before moving to the other countries.

It was the undead attacking my home and friends, not the other way around!

The undead from Jiera were just desperate and hungry.

If struggling for survival is a crime, then everyone on Mogar is a damn criminal! Vladion slammed his fist on the table, producing a powerful shockwave that was neutralized by the room before it could deal any damage.

I blame Veeza the Lich for exploiting their desperation just like Erlik did with their greed, but the Courts have a good reason to exist.

Do you have any idea how many of us have been killed, tortured, and experimented upon out of prejudice

Why do you think even people like Kalla have more friends among the dead than the living Did you see anyone pointing fingers and screaming murder at your sight the moment you entered Lightkeep

Try doing that in your hybrid form in any human city and see how it goes.

Lith was about to reply, yet no word came out of his mouth.

\'He\'s not completely wrong.\' Solus said.

\'From the point of view of such an ancient creature, the Courts may be wrong this time, but they have been wronged so many times in the past that it seems irrelevant to him.

\'Arguing with him is pointless.

You can\'t ask him to forgive centuries of hatred and persecution when you can\'t even forgive Trion after his death.\'

Seeing that the hybrid infant was done with his nonsense, Vladion went back to business.

We have tightened the security of Lightkeep and the disappearances have stopped for a while so that\'s not an issue anymore.

Yet we would love to understand how it happened and punish the culprit so I will allow your investigation.

Know that the best of our kind, myself included, have already done all they could and failed.

I doubt that you can do any better, but in the unlikely case it happens I\'d like to reward you properly.

I\'m willing to offer a white crystal to Kalla for her experiments, the secret of Vampire Awakening to Nyka, and the name of the one who sent the Balkor-cards to Lith. He said.

What about me Scarlett asked.

Are you telling me that it\'s you who know the identity of Count Lark\'s murderer Lith ignored her as his eyes flared up with mana and fury.

I am. The Firstborn nodded.

I said, what about my reward Being ignored pissed off Scarlett big time.

How dare you ask so much from me and offer but a measly name in exchange Lith said.

First, you\'d receive Haug\'s reward as well so I think it\'s fair.

Second, I\'m not giving you just their name, child.

The person you\'re looking for is powerful and influential among you Sunwalkers.

Someone even the Courts can\'t touch due to the power and knowledge they amassed.

Do you think that a measly name would allow you to do better That you could exact your revenge without ruining everything you\'ve built so far

If you succeed, I will give you their name and all the proof you need to justify your attack in the eyes of the Sunwalkers.

If that\'s not enough for you, feel free to leave. Vladion said.

Lith\'s eyes were reduced to fiery slits as he pondered the Vampire\'s words.

\'I already learned a lot from coming here.

Now I know that neither Thrud nor Night is involved which is actually good news.

I couldn\'t take them on with my current power.

Yet this is not enough.

I have to play along.\' He thought.

If you jerks are done, do you mind telling me about my reward Scarlett waved a hand in front of Vladion\'s eyes to get his attention.

I\'m sorry, milady, I let anger get the best of me. He gave her a deep bow.

Your presence was unexpected and I know little about you.

If you succeed, feel free to ask me anything you wish and I\'ll give it to you.

Within reason, of course.

Scarlett started to jot down all the high-end equipment she needed to upgrade all of her labs after five years of absence.

Compared to Faluel\'s, they had become obsolete and to make matters worse, the Scorpicore had earned nothing during her travels.

Between the money that she would have to spend and the resources she would have to trade to get what she needed, Scarlett would either go bankrupt or need months to earn them with her work as a Forgemaster.

Do we have an agreement Vladion asked while extending his hand.

I have just one question.

What\'s the point of kidnapping newborn undead if they can just be created from corpses with Necromancy Lith asked.

Raising a greater undead is much more difficult and complicated than making a mindless lesser undead. Kalla replied.

If my theory about Forbidden Magic is correct, making enough greater undead for an experiment would take hundreds of mages working in unison to not miss the short time window when their core is still black.

The moment everyone agreed to Vladion\'s terms, the soundproof double doors of the rooms opened, letting a small child toddle toward the Firstborn.

Daddy! A young boy about four years old, with the white hair and skin of an albino, entered the room closely followed by an old woman with a walking cane.

Radusk, did you force Grandma to chase after you again Vladion said while lifting the child off the ground and taking him into his arms.

She didn\'t let me come in. The boy pouted.

I was dealing with our guests, you rascal.

There\'s no need to scold him.

Radusk was just worried for you after finding your bed empty and I\'m always happy to take care of my grandkids. The old lady said.

\'By my Mom! That\'s Baba Yaga.\' Solus said, making Lith freeze in worry.

Not only was her Crone form identical to Quylla\'s hologram of her, but mana sense showed Solus a radiant white core that filled Baba Yaga from head to toe.

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