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Chapter 1353 - Blood Imprint (Part 1)

Protocol is boring and I don\'t want to waste my time tussling with the others to get five minutes of my grandson\'s time.

You can all stand. Salaark said, forcing them to look her in the eyes as she examined them one at a time.

I\'m disappointed that you never visited nor did you even bother replying to my letter, Lith.

There was no address to reply to and I don\'t have your contact rune. He replied while giving her a deep bow.

I am grateful for your advice about my latest creation, but I think there\'s a misunderstanding.

I\'m not from the Blood Desert and neither is anyone from my family.

You shouldn\'t waste your blessings on a stranger.

Are you afraid that I\'ll make you pay for them with interest once I learn that you\'re not one of mine Salaark chuckled, guessing Lith\'s worry on the first try.

He had spent his life staying away from powerful beings for an excellent reason.

Once they got you in their pocket, there was no way out.

I would never do something that distasteful.

I simply gave advice to a fellow Forgemaster I respect.

Besides, I\'m here to clear this mess once and for all. Salaark stepped forward and took Lith\'s hands in her own.

He inwardly thanked his paranoia for entrusting Solus\'s ring to Faluel.

He had no idea who he would have met that night and he couldn\'t afford Solus being discovered by a touch of Invigoration.

Human magic may fail, but Blood never lies.

What do you m-

Salaark\'s eyes suddenly lit with an emerald light that spread to Lith\'s, cutting him short.

His body and mind resonated with hers, sharing Lith\'s dominant feelings.

The worry for his family, his love for magic, the love for Kamila\'s tenderness, and the grief for Lark\'s death.

What the actual f.u.c.k Lith blurted out in surprise, with no care for etiquette.

His scales had turned into red-veined black feathers that now covered his wings as well.

Yet it wasn\'t that the reason for his surprise.

For some reason, Salaark was crying and so were all the Phoenixes present, even those of the honor guard.

He felt as if he had shared his burden with many, making it lighter and yet heavier at the same time.

Phoenixes were social creatures beyond what any other race could think.

It\'s called Blood Imprint and it proves that you are one of mine. Salaark replied while wiping her tears.

I renew my invitation to move to the Desert.

As long as you accept to follow my laws and traditions, you\'ll be always welcome there.

Thank you very much, Grandma. Lith said while his feathers went back to scales.

Faluel shuddered at his lack of respect, but since Salaark herself had given him permission in the letter, no one else cared.

No one except the rest of the Council, of course.

Now come with me.

We have much to discuss.

Did you perchance prepare that cute flying car I requested of you in my letter Salaark took Lith\'s arm, walking beside him as if they knew each other their whole life.

Now that the pecking order had changed, Faluel stepped back and moved to Salaark\'s right side, letting them take the lead while the rest of the Guardian\'s attendants rearranged their formation as well.

Actually no. Lith shook his head.

I was making one for my dead friend, but he doesn\'t need it anymore.

It is yours to take if you want it.

He had already given a DoLorean each to the Royals and Marchioness Distar before the Blackest Day.

He had done it to get them off his back and cash in the **load of money they were willing to pay for them.

Before Lark\'s death, he had planned to use them to fund more experiments with the tower\'s mines but now he was investing them in security measures.


I\'ll arrange things with Tyris so that you don\'t get in trouble for your gift.

If you ever come visit me, bring along your Forgemastering crew.

I would be glad to exchange pointers with them. Salaark turned toward Friya and Faluel, winking to both of them.

\'Guess she knows that the DoLorean is a team effort and even about Solus\'s existence.\' Lith sighed.

Once they reached the Council Hall the group was swept away by a living storm of bodies.

Dragons wanted to shake Lith\'s hand while Phoenixes hugged him with enough strength to squeeze the air out of his lungs and kissed his cheeks like a long-lost brother.

Feela and the other elders wanted to know from Faluel everything about how she had discovered Friya\'s talent.

Friya, instead, found herself surrounded by humans who were so eager to check her abilities with Invigoration that they almost started a fight to get to her first.

Now you know how it feels to have a famous sibling. Tista said to Phloria once it was clear that no one gave a damn about them.

Well, the food is delicious and no one is s.u.c.k.i.n.g up to me for my money or to you for your beauty so I consider this as a win. Phloria shrugged while filling her plate with the delicacies from the buffet.

Hey, gorgeous.

Long time no see. Someone said while tapping on Tista\'s shoulder.

You and your big mouth, Phloria.

Listen, pal- What are you doing here She immediately recognized Bodya\'s human form.

He was one of the Emperor Beasts they had met on the Jiera continent.

He looked like a handsome man in his early thirties about 1.8 (5\'11) tall, with ashen skin, raven-black hair and eyes.

He had the body of an athlete at his peak, a living symphony of flesh and muscles that not even the full suit of armor he wore could hide.

I heard the news about Lith and I decided to take a first-row seat to the show. Bodya replied.

Is Jiera really boring or is this new bloodline stuff that important Tista asked.


It also gave me an excellent excuse to meet you again.

Are you hitting on me I thought you considered me a kid or something. Tista started to massage her temples.

Yes, I am.

You are indeed young, but we\'re both Awakened so it won\'t matter for long.

Besides, if once you reach the blue core you turn into a Wyrmling as well, it would be the perfect opportunity to try and combine our bloodlines. Bodya said.

Tista blinked several times, needing also to inhale sharply to recover enough from the shock to reply with words that weren\'t vulgar.

Did you just ask me to have your babies to check if we can add the Leviathan bloodline in the mix She asked.


I\'m sure you\'re going to have a long line of suitors for that very reason and I wanted you to know that I\'m available. Bodya said.

Look, pal, your honesty is refreshing, but that\'s the only good thing about this conversation.

I\'m just 21 years old and babies are a serious matter to me, not some kind of science fair experiment. Tista said.

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