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Chapter 1348 - Home and Grief (Part 2)

Lith thought back at their first meeting during the Spring Festival in Lutia, when the Count had brought his latest protege, Ricker Trahan.

It had been the youth\'s arrogance that had led Nana to humiliate Ricker by showing off her future apprentice.

Lith had just used magic on lettuce to entertain the noble, yet that small insignificant event had intertwined their lives to the bitter end.

Lith clung to Kamila as he remembered about his absurd ploy to fake the presence of ghosts to smoke out the traitors that Koya, the Count\'s wife had planted among the staff.

He remembered Lark\'s silly face while covered in flour, laughing like a child while Lith made him fly with magic.

It was all so cartoonish that he could almost hear the Countess say:

And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren\'t for that meddling kid while the Mage Association destroyed her household for attempting on Nana\'s life.

That thought made Lith laugh and then sob again when he remembered how Lark had put his life and his household on the line for him against Linnea, the Headmistress of the Lightning Griffon who had refused Lith\'s admittance for political reasons.

\'If it wasn\'t for him, I wouldn\'t have ever met the Marchioness or gone to the Academy.

Everything I have, everyone I know, I owe it to Lark yet he never asked anything of me and I called him only when I needed something.\'

Slowly, the tears stopped as they turned into self-loathing and rage.

The former for his inability to ever pay back the Count and because he had died because of Lith.

The latter because Lith started to plan what he would do once he found who was responsible.

His hands shapeshifted and his fingers turned into claws, trying to vent his violent thoughts.

Then, he felt his consciousness being tugged by his communication amulet, but Kamila took it out of his fingers and threw it away.

Her amulet started to light up as well as Elina\'s, Phloria\'s, Jirni\'s rune and many others blinked.

Kamila snarled and answered to all of them at once, not wanting to waste one second longer than necessary.

Is there any problem or did you call me just because you couldn\'t contact Lith and you\'re worried for him She said after making sure that she was the only one they would see.

After confirming that everyone was safe, she cut them all short.

Thanks for your concern.

Lith is fine as well and if you really care for him, then you should just leave him alone! She hung up the call with a decisiveness that made Solus feel inadequate.

\'I cared for Lark too much to get hold of my own feelings and take care of Lith properly.

I love the same people he loves and my first thought was to go back to Lutia, where he would have spent the night consoling others rather than being consoled.

\'To make matters worse, even if I managed to make the right decision and brought him to the tower, where I can hold him, I would have let him take that call.

I care a lot for Elina, as if she\'s my own mother, whereas Kamila cares much more for Lith.\' Solus thought.

Yet the call had still managed to break the moment and to remind Lith of his duties.

After venting his grief and rage, he felt much calmer.

\'Whoever is behind Lark\'s death, they are far from done with me.

The Marchioness was right.

There are too many cards and too few Royal Guards to protect everyone.

They targeted Lark because he was the easiest prey.

\'I need to assess the situation and check who\'s likely to be the next target.\' He thought as his mind cleared up, allowing him to even device traps and countermeasures with Solus.

Lith let Kamila go and stood up from the sofa.

Where do you think you\'re going She said.

Thanks for everything, Kami, but there\'s no time to lose.

I need to get back to Lutia and help the Marchioness with the security details.


You\'re doing nothing of the sorts.

You need to calm down, get your head in order, and get some sleep.

Have you already forgotten how tired you are and that Invigoration has yet to reset its effectiveness Kamila cut him short and stood firm in front of the door.

It\'s not a big deal.

Between my bright blue core and the vortexes, I\'ve regained most of my strength already.

I don\'t have the time to sleep with an enemy at our door. He replied.

No one with half a brain would make a move with the entire army and Association mobilized.

The only enemy you have tonight is the one in your head.

We both know that if you don\'t sleep now, you won\'t lay down for days. She resisted all of his attempts to move her away.

Look, I appreciate your concerns but- Lith choked on his words when Kamila let her Scalewalker armor slip away, revealing her n.a.k.e.d body.

\'How can she even think to bribe me with s.e.x in a moment like-\' His mind went blank and his face turned pale when he noticed the red bruises all over her body where he had clung to her.

Small puncture wounds still bled where his claws had dug into her flesh, filling him with dread and horror.

I didn\'t want you to know about this but you left me no choice. Kamila c.a.r.e.s.sed his face to let Lith know that she was alright and that she wasn\'t scared of him.

I boosted my Scalewalker armor with mana, yet it wasn\'t enough.

You think to have calmed down but you\'re far from being okay.

I can\'t let you go knowing that if you have a relapse and hurt any of your family members, you would never forgive yourself.

I did this to you.

I hurt someone close to me just to feel better about myself.

I\'m no different from my father! Lith\'s stomach twisted and churned at the idea of becoming like Ezio McCoy, his Earth father.

He was so disgusted by himself that his life forces went into disarray.

His Abomination side rejected the others, breaking the fine balance that kept him together and turning his face into a black slate.

Raaz is a wonderful man and a great father.

There\'s no shame in being his son just like I know you would never hurt me on purpose.

I wanted you to grieve freely and you did.

The next time, just remember that not everyone is strong as you are. Kamila said, resisting his efforts to take her hands off his face.

On the one hand, Lith was too afraid to use force and bruise her, on the other hand, he was terrified at the thought of what his Abomination side might do to her.

If you don\'t let go of me, the next time will be sooner than you think. Lith said as the blackness spread to the rest of his body.

That\'s not going to happen.

Look. Kamila showed him her perfectly pink hands, before cupping his face again.

The Abomination side avoided her touch as if the two of them were water and oil.

I told you.

I know that you would never hurt me on purpose and this isn\'t just black stuff, it\'s a part of you.

There\'s no reason to be afraid. She embraced him, soothing his inner turmoil and restoring the balance.

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