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Chapter 1343 - From Blackest Day (Part 1)

\'Can you imagine finally being able to use Gravity magic without Friya\'s uncanny dimensional awareness thanks to Spirit Magic\' Solus said.

\'Using Gravity spells by borrowing Mogar\'s elemental energies is too hard, whereas Spirit Magic is more docile, once you learn how to conjure it.\'

\'That\'s because Spirit Magic is entirely made up of our mana and uses no external elemental energy.

Mana is a part of us and naturally responds to our will.

On top of that, since Spirit Magic spells don\'t rely on world energy, they can\'t be countered by arrays, making them unstoppable.\' Lith said.

\'Yeah, they are akin to projecting fusion magic on the outside.

You use solely the elements that comprise your own mana instead of the elements of the environment.

\'Yet such power also comes with problems.\' Solus said.

\'It means that only Awakened can use Spirit Magic because they are the only ones who can freely produce mana at will by stimulating their core.

\'Also, it explains why all mage towers are built to be capable of moving.

If dimensional sealing magic can\'t stop a Spirit dimensional spell, then once you let someone into your home, they can get in or out at any time.

\'You can have arrays perceive their arrival or attack them, but there\'s nothing to stop them from running away.

Even powerful households like Jirni\'s are vulnerable to Spirit Magic.\' Solus sighed.

I hate you guys so much. Friya said while trying to conjure the Poke spell and snapping Lith and Solus out of their reverie.

Even at tier zero, isolating and enhancing three elemental properties of the mana was hard.

None of the group had yet managed to manifest four elements at the same time, let alone using them for a tier one spell.

Why is that, miss talented, rich, and gorgeous Nalrond grunted as his makeshift Pillow spell shattered under her attack.

The latest exercise required them to use Poke and Pillow at the same time to practice all the elements.

They had to re-learn how to multi-cast while splitting their focus into opposite tasks.

Because you can go out for the Blackest Day whereas I\'ll be stuck home.

Again! Friya didn\'t know whether he was trying to make her lose concentration with flattery or if the Rezar was just too tired to mince words.

Aren\'t you too old for a children\'s holiday

First, I\'m not old.

Second, I just want to get out! Her next Poke blew Nalrond\'s Pillow into pieces and almost did the same to his hand.

Too much enthusiasm.

Remember that he wears no armor. Faluel blocked the attack before it was too late and healed the injury at the same time.

About that, when do I get one Nalrond asked.

When you bring me the materials.

You\'re not really my apprentice, we\'re just exchanging the Light Mastery legacy of your tribe for my knowledge.

If anything, you owe me, not the other way around.

It\'s true.

I made the Scalewalker for me and Solus while Orion crafted those of the girls.

The only one who received something from Professor Faluel is Friya, but that\'s because of the Harbinger pact. Lith said.

Fine. Nalrond grumbled.

Protector didn\'t have the Orichalc.u.m to craft something for Selia, let alone for him.

The Skoll still wore the Skinwalker armor prototype that Lith had gifted him years back.

Is your mother really that paranoid Two months have passed since those Balkor cards arrived yet nothing happened.

Do you really have to keep staying holed up home Nalrond said.

Paranoid is my mother\'s legal middle name. Quylla w.h.i.n.ed.

She\'s so worried about that stuff that she doesn\'t even nag me about my suitors anymore.

The closer the Royal Gala gets, the tightest the security becomes.

Lucky you. Lith said while he caught Solus\'s Poke with a baseball glove-shaped Pillow spell and vice versa.

At least you get to stay home and practice magic whereas I\'ve got to take the kids to the fair.

I\'m sick and tired of practicing magic. Quylla replied.

Between physical training and Spirit Magic, I\'ve got to eat a lot and then use light magic just to make sure that I don\'t slim down in the wrong places.

I\'m not Friya who\'s got plenty to spare.

One moment of distraction it\'s all that it takes to turn myself into Phloria\'s short version.

I hate you so much, dear sister. Phloria shot an angry Poke that required Quylla\'s full focus to stop it.

I would offer you my protection, but I\'m taking the night off. Faluel said while helping Tista practicing.

You what Suddenly Lith didn\'t feel so safe anymore.

It\'s the Blackest Day, the perfect opportunity for the Undead Courts or the Balkor wannabe to rear their ugly head.

Don\'t be a scaredy-cat.

I\'m not leaving you alone.

Ever since the truth about you came out, there are three members of Salaark\'s nest keeping an eye on your home. Faluel said.

What The revelation shocked Lith so much that Solus\'s Poke hit his face and only the Scalewalker armor kept the hit from knocking him out cold.

Why didn\'t you tell me that earlier

Because they could have left at any time and I\'ve got no way to order them around.

After so long, however, I\'m sure that they are going to stick around until they decide if you\'re part of the nest or not.

Salaark is quite possessive and her children leave no one behind. Faluel laughed at his expenses.

Lith was tempted to make War talk and return the scare, but without a warning, even the others would get hurt while Nalrond might risk his life.

The Spirit Magic session ended early like usual because of how mana expensive its practice was.

Using two spells at the same time helped them to improve quickly but it also drained their strength even faster.

\'Dammit, I\'ve used Invigoration so much that now it restores barely half of my full strength.

Let\'s hope that the vortexes help me recover a bit before we have to go trick-or-treating.\' Lith thought

\'Your constant complaining would sound more believable if you had actually stopped training.\' Solus replied with a scoff.

Even while walking back home, Lith was practicing spellcasting by using his body instead of his mind.

He was already able to conjure spells up to tier three and weak arrays.

Each one of his steps left on the ground a rune that created a different effect based on its element.

Lith used them one at a time in a cycle, hoping that it would make him able to use Spirit Magic as well.

Earth made his footprints disappear, water covered the nearby grass in dew, fire conjured wisps of flames, light made flowers bloom, darkness killed the insects that bothered him, and air created sparks of electricity.

\'I\'m going to keep training even while we shop.

Otherwise I\'d waste a whole evening doing nothing.\' Lith said.

\'You promised the kids more than your time, you also promised them your attention.

Remember what Kamila taught you about having fun and don\'t be a sourpuss just because she\'s not here tonight.\' Solus scolded him

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