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Chapter 1335 - Artificial Mana Flow (Part 1)

Both Spirit Magic and white crystals use all the elements as their own, making the mage or the gem akin to Mogar itself.

They possess all the elemental properties and it\'s up to the mage to enhance what they want to create the same effects of hexaelemental spells.

The classroom jumped up, unable to stay still while countless questions ran through their minds.

Hexaelemental spells are impossible. Quylla said.

The closest thing to them is Silverwing\'s Hexagram and it requires a monstrous amount of effort and mana to hold the elements in synch.

Indeed. Faluel nodded.

Even mages known to have a tower never cast a spell with more than four elements.

That\'s why Spirit Magic is so strong.


If Spirit Magic and white crystals are the same, why is enhancing a single element considered a high-grade Forgemastering technique Solus asked.

Because Spirit Magic comes from you.

It\'s your own mana and it naturally obeys to you.

Doing the same to a white crystal is akin to force a powerful mana core to shape its own Spirit Magic according to your will.

First you need to learn how to gain absolute control over the crystal\'s mana flow and then you have to become so skilled as to manipulate the world energy as if it\'s Spirit Magic, which it\'s not.

It\'s a technique difficult beyond what words can express and no one without a violet core can even attempt it so don\'t waste your time in a fool\'s errand. Faluel replied.

How can you use light magic to give Spirit Spells shape if you don\'t know Light Mastery Nalrond knew that the answer might give away the secrets of his clan, but he was curious beyond the point of caring about it anymore.

To explain it so as to not reveal your teaching to the rest of the class, just consider that I can use the other elements as a scaffold for the light component.

Pillow reshapes the fire and water elements into a napkin, a shield, whatever I want.

When you put it like that, Spirit Magic seems too good to be true.

It has the properties of all elements, even of Light Mastery, and none of their weaknesses.

What\'s the catch Lith asked.


Unlike the other kinds of magic, Spirit depends solely on your core.

You are the limit.

A single tier one spell requires the same mana you would need to cast dozens of elemental spells of the same tier.

The same applies to all the tiers of Spirit Magic.

On top of that, if applied to an artifact, Spirit Magic loses all of its versatility.

If you program it as a barrier, you will only have a barrier.

Enchanting an item to produce your Spirit Magic is impossible without applying a white crystal turned green.

You can only craft artifacts capable of storing your Spirit Magic in a specific form with specific properties and they can never be changed. Faluel said.

Can you create gravity and dimensional spells as well Friya could see endless potential in Spirit Magic.

Yes, you can, and to make things even juicier, there is no such a thing as a Spirit Sealing Array.

Spirit magic cannot be stopped.

It\'s akin to a mage using fusion magic.

The elements are inside and they cannot be affected by arrays, no matter how powerful they are. Faluel traced a circle of emerald energy in the air that turned into a small dimensional fissure.

Are you interested now or do you still consider Poke \'that\'s it\' material

Everyone quickly went back to their desks, eager to stop gawking at Spirit Magic and start learning it.

Now that you know the secret behind Spirit Magic, learning and mastering it are within your grasp.

It\'s not going to be an easy feat and manifesting all six elements at the same time marks the end of this subject.

The first step is to learn how to enhance a single element so that Spirit Magic is nothing but an absurdly mana expensive elemental spell.

Once you do that, I\'ll consider you beginners.

The second step is to learn how to enhance all of them but manifest just one at a time.

The third step is to manifest two of them at a time, obtaining all kinds of tier four and five spells that can\'t be stopped by an array.

It\'s only when you manage to manifest three elements at the same time that you graduate from beginners and become real Spirit Mages.

After that point, no one cares until you can manifest all of them and you can call yourself a Spirit Master. Faluel said.

How do we do that Phloria asked.

You should know me at this point. The Hydra chuckled.

Start emitting your mana and work on your own to amplify one of its elemental aspects.

I\'m not going to give you any help until you\'ve thoroughly racked your brain.

If you want, however, I can tell you your elemental affinities and you can work on them.

It\'s always easier to start from an element you\'re attuned with.

Phloria had blue streaks in her hair so she chose water while Quylla practiced light while Tista and Nalrond picked fire.

Much to everyone\'s surprise, Friya got to choose freely any of the elements.

\'I could use either fire or darkness, but I should have a much easier way to master Spirit Magic thanks to my Emperor Beast\'s bloodline.\' Lith thought as he conjured six identical streams of elemental energy and breathed a spark of life force in them.

The energy flow turned emerald green and Lith started to amplify one of its elements at a time.

It was simple compared to real Spirit Magic since he was actually producing six streams so by enhancing one, the corresponding element manifested itself.

That\'s cheating if I\'ve ever seen one! Tista blurted out as Solus followed Lith\'s lead and he had no issue manifesting all six elemental aspects even though just one at a time.

That\'s not cheating. Faluel shook her head.

Just like Quylla is undoubtedly a genius and Friya has the same level of affinity with all elements, Lith can breathe his file force.

It\'s a natural talent.

And what about the rest of us Phloria grumbled.

Work hard and overcome your limits because whining will get you nowhere.

Besides, I\'m curious to see if it will make them more good than harm. Faluel said.

What do you mean The slightest distraction broke the flow back into its original components and adding too much of a single element destroyed the balance as well.

Despite the appearances, Lith wasn\'t having an easy time.

Sure, he had already manifested all six elements while the others had yet to get their first, but he always found something to complain about.

I mean that on a first glance your method speeds up mastering Spirit Magic, but on a second glance it looks like a waste of time to me. Faluel replied.

You can\'t use such a technique in battle and I\'ve got no idea if what you learn by using it can be applied to mana as well.

Do you think I should stop Lith asked.

I\'m no Dragon so I\'ve got no opinion.

Worst case scenario, we all will learn something new and you\'ll have to start from scratch.

It\'s no big deal. Faluel shrugged.

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