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Chapter 1254 - Demons of the Flames (Part 2)

One slight tilt of the tower and the white crystal would lose its alignment with Kolga.

Without it, the entire city would crumble like a house of cards.

Smile and wait for the flash! While Ykrah healed, Solus stopped her attacks and weaved Raging Nova.

The Tower tier spell mixed fire, earth, and air magic to generate an explosion that produced a mushroom cloud along with flames so hot that they could vaporize stone.

White flames engulfed an area of over one hundred meters (330 feet) around Solus, destroying everything else in their path but dealing Diamond Cutter no harm since the two spells were comprised of the same mana.

Standing now over 20 meters (70 feet) tall, Lith had no problem seeing above the sea of enemies in front of him and recognizing Solus\'s handiwork.

\'I\'ve never attempted this on my own, but it\'s worth a shot.\' He flapped his wings and generated a sudden burst of wind that sent those around him flying like leaves amid a storm.

At the same time, the 72 mana cores empowering his body worked in unison to weave a spell that none of them could perform on its own.

Lith dived to the ground with the tip of War pointing down as he unleashed Nova Mjolnir.

A thundercloud appeared suddenly and generated a bolt of lightning that struck War a split second before Lith plunged it into the ground.

The spell created magnetite paths that preserved the electricity, allowing it to strike at its marks without meeting any resistance.

Rock spikes impaled the Kolgans around him and acted like lightning rods, drawing the storm upon them so that not a single thunderbolt missed its target.

The magnetite circuit allowed each natural lightning to strike at all the victims of Nova Mjolnir at the same time.

Yet between not having the time to conjure a proper thundercloud and the fact that even so many cores couldn\'t compare with a mage tower, the spell\'s destructive power was greatly reduced.

The enemies were impaled but alive, just like Lith wanted.

War turned the Demons that extended its blade into tendrils of darkness that traveled along the magnetite and wrapped around the still stunned Kolgans.

Lith and his blade kept growing with each person they consumed, reaching over 30 meters (100 feet of height) as he took the skies again.

Not bad. Leegaain said while munching his snacks.

He has temporarily reached the size of our children and even surpassed their powers.

True, but unlike them, he has no idea how to use all that power and he lacks the special abilities of our bloodline. Zagran the Garuda said, making Salaark snarl in approval.

Besides, there\'s a reason why all the past raids against Kolga have failed, even when our children helped. Zagran pointed at the backline of Kolgans that shone like a sun under the Guardians\' Soul Vision.

The lost city had survived through the centuries not only because the Forbidden Sun made its inhabitants unstoppable war machines, but also because being used to sacrifice their own children made them cold-blooded even while facing the direst circ.u.mstance.

While the Wyrmling mowed down the frontlines, the Kolgans had used that time to cast their most powerful spells and weave them into one.

A wave of mana infused with all six elements attacked Lith from every side.

He attempted to Blink, but the incoming attack distorted the natural balance and he had no time to adjust his spell accordingly.

Cruel air blades infused with lightning cut through his thick scales and ripped his wings, making him fall.

Stone spikes that spun like drills waited for him, piercing his feet, legs, and hands as he tried to break the fall.

The air became so cold that frost painted him white, quenching the fire that burned within him and sapping his strength.

Light, darkness, and fire that would otherwise mess with the other elements simply mixed with them, generating a powerful gravity field that made the enemy fall to his knees and locked him into place.

From almighty titan into a fish in a barrel, easy prey for the waves of tier five spells coming at him from every side.

That\'s what I meant. Zagran stuffed her mouth with a pretzel before emptying her glass of brown ale in one gulp.

Being so big also means being a big target.

Otherwise those bastards would have never used gravity magic.

The cold air hurt Lith\'s lungs who could only stare at the bits of black scales laying around while huge drops of what passed for blood in his hybrid form created pools of fire and darkness on the ground.

\'Maybe Carl was right.

I never considered the price I paid for my strength during the last 19 years nor the scars I\'ve been collecting my whole life.

Yet, I\'m not done fighting!\' The fallen titan roared his challenge and stood up again.

His five colored eyes focused on as many incoming spells, using their power to disrupt the elements and make the tier five spells collapse before they could deal him any damage.

Lith could have used the power that he stole from the Forbidden Sun to heal his wounds, but he decided against it.

More drops of black fire fell onto the ground, forming pools that kept his enemies from coming close.

Being able to fly and cast spells from a distance, the Kolgans ignored them and kept rearranging their formation to keep the monster away.

His touch was the only thing they feared because any other form of death would empower the Forbidden Sun with their energy and make the remaining soldiers stronger.

A hail of steel and magic crashed against Lith, who only needed a sweep of his blade or a gaze from his eyes to block them as he stepped forward.

The Kolgans responded by retreating and they failed to understand the enemy strategy until it was too late.

The black fire was still a part of Lith\'s body and a vessel for the Demons he conjured.

The moment the Kolgans stepped near them to follow the Wyrmling, the pools spawned creatures of pure energy that looked identical to the main body.

The only difference was the presence of two eyes instead of seven.

The Demons of the Flames dragged the enemies into the pools of black fire, turning them into more Demons.

The souls that haunted the Kolgans used Lith\'s blood to take back their lives and joined his ranks.

Don\'t falter! You just need to stay away from them. One of the elite soldiers said, reacting to the new threat the moment it manifested itself.

Alas, he had no idea that each Demon of the Flames had its own core and a body made of energy with the power of the tier five spell Final Sunset.

The Demons darted amid the enemy lines, sacrificing themselves in a burst of fire that generated new pools of black fire.

For each Demon of the Flames that fell, ten rose from the corpses of its victims.

That\'s a nice power for a bloodline! Salaark erupted into cheers and congratulated Leegaain, quickly followed by the other three Guardians.

For the last time, I\'m not the father! Aside from the scales, Lith doesn\'t look one bit like a Dragon. Leegaain tried and defended himself, but no one listened to him.

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