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Chapter 1138 Secrets and Plots Part 2

Fine by me. Phloria yawned as the familiar place allowed her to relax.

Gods, with all that sunlight, I almost forgot that we departed past midnight.

I feel so sleepy.

Of course, you can, Solus. Tista said.

Just remember that we are not Lith.

A too intense mind link could give us mana poisoning.

Don\'t worry, I\'ll be very careful. Solus felt on cloud nine.

For the first time in her life, she could share her thoughts and feelings freely.

She wouldn\'t be just a voice in Lith\'s head anymore.

I don\'t know you but all this traveling made me hungry.

Who\'s in for our first breakfast in Jiera My treat.

And when I say my treat, I mean Lith\'s. Solus giggled.

The motion was unanimously approved because cooks didn\'t have voting rights.


Faluel\'s lair, at the same time.

Tyris and Leegaain left the moment the Gate closed to return to their respective duties.

The members of the Queen Corps protecting Lith\'s house had reported the full conversation between Baba Yaga and the Abominations hybrids.

Tyris had been glad to discover that one of her lost sons was alive, but on the other hand, it made the situation with the Master even direr.

\'Whoever it is, they know everything about Guardians thanks to our own children.

The Master knows our powers, where we live, and even our habits.

His hybrids are weak compared to us, but seven of them are too dangerous.\' She said to Leegaain via their mind link.

\'I agree.

As it is, we only need Salaark to take care of all of them by ourselves, but as Baba Yaga said, their power grows by the day.

I doubt we can summon the other Guardians from Jiera here without triggering another war with them.\' Leegaain replied.

\'You keep collecting all the data their spells left on Lutia and I\'ll examine them right away.

Between my research with Balkor and seeing them in action, I think I\'m getting closer to finding a cure for Zoreth, my daughter.\'

Faluel had no idea that the Guardians had agreed with her plan of sending Lith to Jiera because they were aware of her ulterior motive and because they had more of their own.

Leegaain needed an excuse to come to Lutia and collect the residual energy traces of all the Abomination hybrids.

That\'s it They\'re gone on Council business, but what about us I thought you were supposed to test us as well. Friya said.

I mean to, but you\'re all too different and I don\'t know you very well. Faluel sighed.

The problem with wisdom is that unless a crisis arises, arranging a scenario for a single person is already hard.

Let alone three of them.

What if I give you one Nalrond asked.

What do you mean

There\'s no need to feign ignorance.

You know that Werepeople live inside Fringes and I\'m no exception.

I could go back to my village and bring the others along with me. Nalrond said.

Why would you do that and what would that prove Faluel said.

Before I can start living again and planning my future, I need some closure.

A Fringe exists only as long as Mogar needs a secluded space to pursue its agenda.

If I\'m the only survivor, then it should have disappeared the moment I left.

Yet if the Fringe is still there, it means that either my tribe it\'s not extinct or that Mogar is not done with me and be more willing to communicate.

By telling you this, I\'m showing you my trust to you and the others.

Maybe it\'s not wisdom, but it\'s still something.

On top of that, if we find the Fringe, I\'ll show my companions how to access one of them.

Meeting Mogar\'s will might allow them to grow as persons and if you take Friya as your Harbinger, you can ask her to share such knowledge.

Faluel pondered both Nalrond\'s words and intentions.

\'I would love to go with them.

Only a handful of Awakened ever stepped inside a Fringe and the few that returned to tell the tale always changed for the better.

Yet I can\'t leave Lutia without breaking my promise with Lith to take care of his family.

\'Nalrond knows it so it\'s obvious that he doesn\'t want me to come.

It\'s too soon to say if he\'s wise, but he sure is cunning.\' She thought.

I agree with your proposal, but before taking my final decision we also need to hear Friya\'s and Quylla\'s opinion.

Fringes are dangerous places for those who are not born there and they have the right to refuse. Faluel said.

Are you sure you want me to come Friya asked.

As a potential Harbinger, you can\'t trust me more than you do Faluel.

I bet there\'s a reason why your people didn\'t take guests easily and once I learn about it, I will not be able to defend your secrets.

That\'s exactly the point. Nalrond gave her one of his rare, little smiles.

Faluel has respected my privacy so far, just like she respected Lith\'s, Solus\'s, and yours.

She could have extorted the Forgemaster wand from you or Solus\'s abilities from any of us, yet she didn\'t.

I think it\'s time for me to return the favor and for you to realize how much you\'ll lose by becoming a Harbinger.

Only fools never doubt.

His care for her flattered Friya, just like his words struck at her like a hammer.

\'Dammit! I know nothing about Royal Forgemastery so I always assumed that aside from my silver wand, Faluel couldn\'t hurt Dad much.

But if she gets access to my memories, then Faluel will learn everything I know about Solus and about Menadion\'s legacy.

\'Becoming a Harbinger might give me the ability to follow my friends, but will I still have friends once I become a liability for both Lith and the Ernas Household How could I possibly be this stupid\' She thought.

What about me Quylla had never thought that Nalrond would show so much consideration for any of them.

Even though the Rezar spent most of his time in his human form, he seemed to trust only other hybrids.

Nalrond had spent much time with the Ernas sisters, yet he didn\'t share with them much about his past nor did he teach them Light Mastery, no matter how many times Quylla asked him.

How come you suddenly trust me so much If I ever started growing on you, you sure made a heck of a job to hide it.

I don\'t really trust you or your sisters because I never needed your help in time of need.

So far, you\'re just colleagues to me, if not fair-weather friends at most. After months of living in Lutia, Nalrond\'s habit to never mince words didn\'t change.

\'Good gods, he\'s almost as rude as Morok.

The only difference is that Nalrond is much more reasonable.\' Quylla thought.

Yet I\'ve come to at least respect you as mages and as people.

I\'ve never seen anyone with so much genuine passion for the study of magic like you, Quylla.

People usually consider magic either as a means to an end or as a weapon, whereas you love experimenting even on the most insignificant spells.

I didn\'t miss how you stare at me every time I use Light Mastery, trying to understand its secrets, nor how hard you worked to match our Awakened\'s companions results in the study of Spirit Magic despite the limits of your wand.

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