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Chapter 1135 Reghia Part 1

If you\'re supposed to live like a beast, you should also look like one.

Come on, show us your other face. Aren said to Lith, who shapeshifted into his hybrid form.

Interesting. Fenagar\'s voice resounded for the first time since Leegaain had closed the Gate.

You really are an unknown hybrid and I\'m the Lord of Discovery.

Didn\'t you call me one of Leegaain\'s hatchling Lith didn\'t like the Leviathan nor his mood swings.

Based on Faluel\'s lessons, priceless knowledge had gotten lost just because Fenagar didn\'t bother keeping records of his work.

I\'m sorry about that.

I said it only to piss off that old coot.

Leegaain\'s lecturing tone brings out the worst in me.

He always talks as if he\'s the smartest guy in the room. Fenagar snorted.

Everyone else exchanged awkward looks but said nothing.

Reminding the Leviathan that Leegaain was the Lord of Wisdom would have only made things worse.

Yet I didn\'t lie about what I said earlier.

I can treat you really well.

If you allow me, together we can discover the secrets behind your existence.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I don\'t plan on staying in Jiera long. Lith said while giving him a deep bow.

\'I\'m no idiot.\' He actually thought.

\'If Fenagar gets obsessed with me, he will not allow me to leave until he is satisfied just to discard me the moment he gets bored.

On top of that, there\'s no telling what he would do with such knowledge.\'

Suit yourself. The Leviathan\'s eyes became two fiery slits as he Warped everyone away.

There would be nothing wrong with sending us to my domain if that wasn\'t actually my home! Aren stomped his foot in anger.

Pissing off a Guardian right off the bat is never a good move, kid, but for that, you have my respect.

Thanks, I guess.

Where are we Lith asked.

Welcome to Reghia, one of the main cities of the Beasts Empire. Aren waved his hand at the woods surrounding them, flabbergasting his guests.

You call this a city Phloria couldn\'t see a single building as far as the eye could see.

There were several paths cutting through the green grass that had been carved with earth magic, but aside from that, there was no sign of civilization.

Yes. Aren nodded.

This is a city that beasts made, not humans.

We have no need for gardens because the world is our garden.

We have no need for houses, we have lairs.

Follow me.

The Jǫrmungrandr led them on a stone path, along which they encountered several road signs filled with so many words that one might think they contained a poem.

The truth, however, was that each sign provided simple indications but repeated in several different languages.

The group was able to read them all thanks to Leegaain\'s pin.

They worked exactly like Soluspedia, allowing the knowledge they needed to flow in their minds with but a simple thought.

The road sign they were currently following led to the housings.

Tista looked around with Life Vision, discovering that the woods around them brimmed with mana.

There was nothing special with the vegetation whereas the ground shone bright.

Aren brought them to a small hill that their mystical senses revealed to be heavily enchanted and protected by several arrays.

Despite the fact that it looked like the perfect place to hunt rabbits, the ground was sturdier than most city walls they had ever seen.

In case you are wondering, everything is protected with a special earth sealing array.

It doesn\'t block dimensional magic but it keeps our enemies from making the ground collapse on our heads. Aren said while opening a small hole in the hill with a wave of his hand.

Enemies Tista was flabbergasted.

The humans are barely alive and the undead have migrated.

Do beasts wage war on each other


But the fall of humans caused the monsters\' population to increase dramatically and their foolish attempts to Awaken people created more Abominations in the last few months than how many are usually born in decades.

On the one hand, Abominations helps us to keep the monsters in check.

Both species suffer from endless hunger and destroy the environment so the moment they meet, only one survives.

On the other hand, however, cities are nothing but a grocery shop to both of them.

Sometimes an Abomination becomes the ruler of a monster army and that\'s when things get ugly.

Chaos magic cuts through any defense easily and the monsters\' innate abilities make them too strong for humans while their numbers allow them to overpower magical beasts.

So you live underground because it\'s safer and easier to repair. Lith agreed with that logic.

No, we do that because we\'re not trying to rebuild the human civilization nor to imitate it.

This is our civilization, child. Aren shook his head, making Lith even more confused than he already was.

Yet the moment they entered the underground lair, everything became clear to them.

The ceiling had been enchanted so to let the sunlight pass freely.

It spread its warmth to both the ground and the air which didn\'t smell of humidity nor moss.

Thanks to earth magic, there was no need for pillars, giving the place a wide and spacious look that didn\'t feel like being underground at all.

When they looked up, they could still see the sky.

Around them, there were several small buildings and roads that went deeper in the ground.

Except for a few magical beasts, the entry hall was empty.

I admit this is nothing like I expected a city to be.

Where is everyone Lith asked.

It\'s early morning, the busiest moment of the day.

Aside from children and craftsmen, everyone else is outside doing their job.

Which leads us to a very important question.

How do you plan on contributing to our community These are dangerous times and we have no food or houses to spare for those who aren\'t willing to pull their own weight, no matter their race. Aren said.

Shouldn\'t you first explain to us the laws of your city and then maybe show us our house Phloria asked.

The laws are simple.

Don\'t steal, don\'t kill, don\'t do harm. Aren gave each one of them a small stone bead.

In case you are the victim of a crime, put a bit of your mana in the stone and it will emit a sound all beasts can hear.

Help will arrive in a matter of seconds.

I know you\'re all Awakened, but I prefer to play things safely.

You\'re not allowed to kill humans without our permission, even if you think they deserve it.

As for your housing, it depends on your role in society.

Guards live here. He pointed at the small buildings nearby the entrance.

Mages are free to live wherever they want as long as they build and take care of their homes.

You can exchange your service to the community with furniture and other luxury items.

If you want to mingle with humans, they live in their own district. Aren said.

Why did you relegate them in a single district Lith couldn\'t believe that beasts would do such a thing and he was right.

We didn\'t.

Most humans had no idea we could speak their language, let alone shapeshift.

Between the plague\'s aftermath and so many sudden revelations at once, the shock led them to isolate themselves.

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