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Chapter 1118 Dos and Donts Part 2

It\'s just that it stings at your Ladyship\'s pride that despite your unparalleled genius you are still a Mage while Lith is already an Archmage and even I am a Great Mage. He said taking those rude words out of her mind.


I mean, no.

I mean- Oh, gods, am I so easy to read She asked while looking at the deep green fabric with envy.

Usually, no.

But the fact that you ignored my arm and yet you are sticking to my robe like a tick is a big tell. Morok had been trying for a while to retrieve his high uniform from Quylla\'s hands but she refused to let it go.

I\'m so sorry. She said while he stored the clothes back.

Sometimes I let my competitiveness get the better of me.

No need to apologize.

Since you find my robe so charming, next time I\'ll make sure to wear it.

I like clingy women. He said.

Next time Don\'t get ahead of yourself, hotshot.

I- Her communication amulet drew her attention, cutting Quylla short.

Recognizing Orion\'s rune, she feared the worst had happened.

Her father never called so late without a good reason.

Thank the gods you\'re alright. Orion said the moment he saw her face.

Now listen to me because I\'m in a rush.

The undead attacked your mother\'s assistant and Lith\'s house is likely to be under siege.

We\'ve lost all contacts with their detail.

What We need to-

You need to return home as soon as you can.

It\'s not safe out there. Orion cut her short.

If this is Deirus\'s revenge against Lith for messing with the attempt on Phloria\'s life, then you might be his next target.

Remember that Velan hates you the most.

There\'s no telling what he might do.

I\'m going to Lutia with the Royal Guards.

If I didn\'t drag him in our mess, Lith\'s family would\'ve been safe.

Get home, now!

Orion hung up the call while Morok opened a Warp Steps to the nearest Gate.

Awakened or not, all Emperor Beasts could use true magic and they didn\'t need chants nor hand signs to cast spells whereas as long as she held her amulet, Quylla was a sitting duck.

For the first time in her life, she realized how big was the gap between true and fake mages, making her wish someone could Awaken her.

Your father is right.

With our fancy clothes instead of armor, we\'re an easy target. Morok shoved her to the safety of the local branch of the Association, unaware that Quylla wore one of Orion\'s Skinwalker armor.

I\'m going to see if my master can provide some help.

Call me the moment you know something and I\'ll do the same. He Warped away before she could answer.

\'That was a good move.

Now I have an excuse to call her again and ask for a second date.

Sure, the abrupt ending killed all my chances of a goodnight kiss, but I doubt I would\'ve got it anyway.

Man, going back to school is definitely making me smarter.\' He thought.

\'That was a dick move.\' Quylla thought.

\'Exploiting a crisis just to have an excuse to call me again.

The only silver lining is that it kept him from asking for a goodnight kiss again.

That would\'ve been awkward.\'


Village of Lutia, Verhen household, now.

Despite his exhausted state, despite the many still open wounds on his body and the almost tangible strain that the repeated use of Origin Flames had put on his cracked life force, Lith\'s mind was blank.

Discovering the truth about Night\'s assassination attempt on everyone he loved, Xenagrosh\'s arrival and the consequences of the truce between Baba Yaga and the Abomination hybrids were all big news.

On top of that, each one of those events had so many possible implications to be mind-numbing.

Yet Solus was right, there was no time to stop and think.

They first had to make sure that everyone in the family was safe and sound.

Lith retrieved the stone gauntlet and deactivated the black eye of the Balor.

Demon of the Fallen ceased as abruptly as it had manifested, making the spirits of the dead warriors fade away and the skeletons they had inhabited crumble.

Even though Demons of the Fallen\'s power was undeniable, there was a reason why Lith had saved it only for times of emergency.

Not only did it require an amount of darkness and Spirit Magic so great that it forced Lith to use Invigoration while casting it, but the spell would also destroy the corpses it used as foci.

Lith had followed Balkor\'s example, sacrificing his creations\' lifespan in exchange for explosive power.

To cast Demon of the Fallen again, he needed another batch of well-preserved skeletons.

Lith took flight and used Solus\'s mana sense to perform a quick headcount.

His parents and little brother, Aran, were safe inside the house along with three units of the Queen\'s Corps, one of which he had never seen before.

\'I thought there were just two units.

I guess the Royals assigned me a third squad after I left the army.\' He thought.

A quick flight allowed him to find Rena, Selia, Zinya, and their respective families deep in the Trawn woods.

Lifebringer the Kirin, one of the Kings of the woods, had remained behind to protect them while the other Kings joined the fight.

Tista was there as well, giving her all to treat Nalrond\'s injuries.

Lith had barely the time to make sure that everyone was present and accounted for when several golden Warp Gates opened along with even more violet Gates right outside the area where until a few seconds ago the air sealing array was.

Royal Guards swarmed out the golden light while Emperor Beast whose size rivaled with that of the Abomination hybrids came out the purple light, each one wearing enough Adamant to build a house.


Too much and too late.

I can\'t face the Royal Guards in my Wyrmling form.

I need to get out of here.\' Lith Warped away, using healing magic to mend his wounds before returning to the scene with his human appearance.

His exhaustion and the damages left on the Skinwalker armor matched that of someone who had fought several undead to save his girlfriend and had warped his way there.

Why the heck did it take you so long Lith said with a snarl.

He had no need to pretend to be angry and surprised because that was exactly how he felt.

We\'re sorry, Lith. The man who wore the insignia of a Captain of the Royal Guards on his sleeves said.

His helmet opened and disappeared, letting Orion Ernas talk with his voice without the armor\'s distortion effect.

Royal Guards are always on stand-by and we mobilized the second we received Kamila\'s distress call, but without coordinates for the exit point, it took a few trial-and-errors to find an unprotected location.

We couldn\'t use Steps because they are too mana expensive and too small.

Using such means of transportation would have just offered the enemy an easy target. Orion said.

Alas, we\'re late for the same reason and more. The creature in front of Lith said.

It looked like an enormous red feline with a long mane coming out of its spine along with several long jagged bone spikes.

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