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Chapter 1090 Darkness versus Chaos Part 4

One sibling controls life and the other is a Light Master.

I guess your reputation is well-earned. Bytra could use neither and even in her long life, she had rarely met a master of such rare disciplines.

Even after Dawn had split the beam into two, each one of them was still big enough to vaporize Bytra\'s human body and so fast that even with her mastery of the air element she could barely dodge the spell in the nick of time.

Don\'t fool around and watch out for the second beam! Xenagrosh warned Bytra while raising two hills from the ground to block both the blazing light and the freezing darkness rays.

Xenagrosh\'s spell, World Severance, had produced a second energy beam comprised of the opposite elements.

Unlike Dusk, Dawn didn\'t let the split energies run wild and turned them into a weapon, doubling the power of her attack.

Oh **! Bytra found herself between a rock and a hard place, with no way out.

She conjured the tier five Chaos spell, Hungry Void, that created a black sphere around her.

The barrier fed upon both pillars, leaving Bytra unscathed.

\'We need to take them out one at a time.

As long as Menadion\'s bitch stays behind her barrier, she can\'t attack us.\' Dawn said to Night through their mind link.


The problem is that I don\'t have the ability to control the other elements with such precision.

I have to improvise.\' Dusk inwardly cursed at World Severance for negating most of his host\'s abilities.

Luckily for him, the Red Sun was the master of the seventh element and pure mana had no counterpart that World Severance could mess up with.

He activated the tier five Spirit Magic spell, Manastorm.

He traced in the air an arc of emerald green light with his right forefinger.

The crescent moon-shaped energy mass released a barrage of emerald bullets made of pure mana, each one with the power of a cannonball.

The attack was so quick and powerful that it pushed Xenagrosh against the wall while also hammering at Hungry Void to keep Bytra from stepping out of it.

Yet the Raiju didn\'t choose to stay behind her barrier out of fear.

As soon as her spell had taken form, Bytra had started chanting.

Abominations were true mages hence she didn\'t need her voice to conjure a spell.

Her song was different from that of a Guardian, yet it could still affect the world energy around her.

The Song of Undoing spread through the air and resonated through Xenagrosh\'s body.

It made her stronger and she made it stronger as the two Abominations\' energy signatures became more in synch by the second.

A black pillar erupted from their bodies and Mogar responded by producing an even bigger black pillar from both the heavens and the ground that enveloped the two women just like the day they had become Eldritch.

\'What the heck is going on\' Dusk conjured another spell while his sister did the same.

They were almost done when a third black pillar appeared, soon followed by a fourth.

\'There\'s no time for questions, just kill her!\' The Bright Day unleashed her tier five spell, Daybreak, the same moment that the Red Sun unleashed his tier five Spirt spell, World Crusher.

Daybreak, its darkness counterpart, and World Crusher were aimed at Xenagrosh and strong enough to kill her.

Yet Dawn\'s spells were suddenly swallowed by a black fissure in space, hitting Dusk at point-blank range while the Dusk\'s Spirt spell struck at her from behind.

The Horsemen doubled over in pain as Bytra, Xenagrosh, and a third unknown opponent rained down Chaos spells upon them.

Thanks for calling me.

I\'ve been itching to put my new Endless Night to the test. Tezka, the Abomination-Warg hybrid, was a powerful dimensional mage.

His right hand released the tier five Chaos array, Chaos Dimension.

Grey specks of light filled the underground cave, making it impossible to use dimensional magic unless it used Chaos instead of darkness and tipping the balance in favor of the Abominations even more.

The Song of Undoing had triggered the Eldritch Tune, making each one of the Abominations a dimensional focal point that allowed the other members of the Organization to locate and reach them as if they used a Warp Gate.

You dare call for reinforcements This was a one-on-one fight, you have no honor! Dusk conjured a pillar of Origin Flames to protect both himself and Dawn from the onslaught.

First, it\'s your sister who messed with Xenagrosh\'s fight.

Second, who cares about honor We\'re not here to win a medal but to kill you all. Bytra giggled as a fifth and a sixth black pillar appeared.

\'We have to run! Those things are not there for ambiance, they are creating an array.

The moment it\'s completed, we\'re dead!\' Dusk said through the mind link.

\'Don\'t worry, that little wench and I had the same idea.\' Dawn focused all of her energy into a burst of light element that, together with its dark twin spawned by World Severance, weakened Chaos Dimension\'s effect.

The blast attacked the array from the inside while a wave of black mist attacked it from the outside, unlocking dimensional magic again.

The Black Night had received Dawn\'s distress call and had thought to be in for a treat.

Yet when she noticed the caliber and the number of enemies they were against, she just grabbed her siblings and Warped away.

\'Sorry, guys.

My new host is still a barely Awakened weakling and I have yet to reforge my equipment after it got destroyed.

I wouldn\'t last a second against one of those hybrids in a fair fight, let alone when they outnumber us.\'

Night\'s feeling of shame disappeared when a seventh black pillar appeared, completing a magic formation shaped like the Big Dipper that suppressed all forms of energy but Chaos.

\'You did well, sister.\' The Bright Day was still healing from her wounds.

The thought of what might have happened if they had remained there for a second longer sent shivers down her spine.

\'Today the three Horsemen were defeated, and it wasn\'t a Guardian who sent us with our tail between our legs.\' Dusk still couldn\'t believe that despite the help of his sisters he had been so easily defeated.

\'First Dawn got her ass handed to her by that Verhen guy, then it was my turn with that heartless bastard of Balkor, and now this.

Dusk is right, we must do something about those hybrids.\' Night didn\'t feel threatened so much as thrilled at the idea.

An eternal life and nigh unlimited powers made her easily bored.

Having found so many playmates that could survive a few good hits made her smile from ear to ear.


A couple of months later, Faluel\'s lair.

Each member of Lith\'s group studied on their own and since they each progressed at their own pace, they would rarely take lessons together.

The only exceptions were the Shapeshifting, Forgemastering, and the history of Mogar lessons.

To survive outside human civilization, where Emperor Beasts, Fae, and Awakened ruled, the knowledge about the customs that all members of the Council followed were vital.

As the last part of today\'s lesson, we\'ll cover a few topics I mentioned during our first lesson but that I didn\'t waste time to explain because they are more lore than facts. Faluel said.

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