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Chapter 1089 Darkness versus Chaos Part 3

Dusk couldn\'t accept that an inferior creature like Xenagrosh who just a few centuries before was nothing but a puppy in front of his might now dared to stand her ground and fight him on equal footing.

\'Mom was right.\' Dawn looked at the fight from Dusk\'s throne room.

\'Whoever the Master is, they are not to be underestimated.

My little brother still has the upper hand, but there are just three of us and we Horsemen are the closest ones to perfection among Mom\'s creations.

\'Abominations are few in numbers, but if they all reach this level of power, then the balance will be upset.\'

Let\'s see how dumb you are. The fist of an adult Dragon packed enough punch that even a Davross armor couldn\'t fully protect its wearer from the shockwaves the blunt impact produced.

A normal person would have his internal organs shaking so much that they wouldn\'t be able to stand up for a while, but Xenagrosh knew that Dusk inhabited a Lich.

Undead had no use for internal organs, so he would stand up the moment he stopped bouncing on the walls of the underground building.

She used that time to cast her tier five dimensional spell, Sealed Space.

It was Leegaain\'s trademark anti-Lich weapon that sealed the surrounding area and cut off the undead from his phylactery, halving their combat strength.

Yet after completing the spell, Xenagrosh perceived that Dusk\'s power didn\'t change.

I can\'t believe you\'re this stupid! Her laugh made the ground tremble and more rocks fell onto the barrier, creating ripples upon impact.

You brought your phylactery along, good to know.

Xenagrosh took a deep breath and hurled a raging stream of violet Origin Flames that pierced through the barriers.

The pillar of fire was so dense that it hit the Red Sun with the force of a speeding train.

Enough! Dusk roared as the red energy from the crystal embedded in the Lich\'s chest enveloped his surroundings.

I can\'t believe an inferior being such as you has forced me to use my true strength!

Shame and outrage fought for dominance, ravaging what was left of Dusk\'s pride.

Between his equipment and the powerful Lich who was his host, only an army of Awakened or a Guardian could force him to employ his innate abilities.

Yet if he didn\'t, the Undead Court\'s base and all those inside it would have died.

While his sisters were bound to the elements of order and destruction, representing the beginning and the end of all life cycles, Dusk was the Red Sun.

He embodied which was in between birth and death, life.

His nature gave Dusk absolute mastery over the seventh element of magic and over all the powers that came from it.

It took him a considerable amount of strength and willpower, but the Horseman managed to tame the Origin Flames and sent them back against the shocked Xenagrosh.

\'Did Dusk just take control of my Origin Flames or was that Domination\' She thought while searing pain ravaged her body as it burned even faster than her troll regeneration could fix.

Unlike normal spells, Origin Flames could hurt even their own maker and Dusk had further boosted their power by adding his own life force to the mix after using his innate ability that imitated Domination\'s effects.

Don\'t be surprised, yet.

I\'m far from finished. The world energy around Dusk started to crackle.

Silver lighting bolts typical of a Griffon\'s Life Maelstrom struck at Xenagrosh, making her fall to her knees to resist the spasms.

Dusk could not only control pure mana and life force, but also mix his own with the world energy to reproduce all the innate attacks of the Guardians\' bloodlines.

Guess what So am I! Xenagrosh knew that one day the Organization would be forced to face the Horsemen.

It had never been a matter of if, only of when.

The good thing of pooling together the strongest and oldest Eldritch Abominations on Mogar was that there was little they didn\'t know and even less they couldn\'t create.

They had created the tier five Chaos Spell, World Severance, exactly for an occasion like that.

The flames and the lightning bolts disappeared as Dusk could feel there was something wrong with Mogar.

He tried to conjure his tier five spell, Firefly, but the moment the fire and air elements started to form the spell, the space around Dusk froze, encasing him into a block of ice, while the ground wrapped him in a deadly vise.

Eat this! A tier four Chaos spell, Howling Void, struck at Dusk\'s helpless figure.

The black spear made his ax, Firebrand, fly off his hands and left an ugly mark on the Davross armor.

Xenagrosh wasn\'t an undead.

Her living body needed nutrients after healing such heavy wounds and using too many powerful spells in a row would put a strain on her body.

Dusk, instead, only needed living beings in his vicinity to have access to their life forces and had the Lich\'s phylactery with him.

It granted him endless vigor and a steady source of mana that would last much longer than her own.

A mere thought brought Firebrand back to him, yet the moment Dusk tried to conjure his legendary spell, Night End, a blinding light enveloped him.

Severed from its darkness counterpart, the light element ate at both the Horseman and his equipment, bringing him to his knees.

Stop using magic, you moron! Dawn came to his rescue before it was too late.

It\'s not her, it\'s you.

Her spell severed the world energy in its six components, so whenever you call upon an element, you create an imbalance that strikes at you with a force equal to the spell you conjured but of the opposite element.

Chaos magic is not affected because it\'s just pure darkness.

Oh my! Two Horsemen Such a pity. Xenagrosh\'s voice oozed sarcasm, sending a shiver down the siblings\' back.

The sight of one Horseman was enough to make any sane creature run away, but two at the same time were akin to a natural disaster.

Yet Xenagrosh seemed to have no intention of running away.

A blazing hammer struck Dawn\'s lovely face, ripping off her jaw.

A second hit her chest, making cracks spread along her crystal armor.

A third disarmed her, and more followed like a pouring hail of enchanted Davross.

Menadion\'s Fury\'s ability, Hammerfall, had yet to disappoint Bytra.

Any other opponent would have been pummelled into meat paste before the weapon returned to her hand whereas both Horsemen were just severely injured.

It\'s not nice messing with someone else\'s fight nor revealing their secrets.

Why do you think I just stood there without doing anything Sunlight reflected on Bytra\'s silver hair, making her look like a fairy out of the legends.

\'I guess the Master\'s buddy system just saved my ass.\' Xenagrosh thought.

\'I asked Bytra to step aside to put my new power to the test against someone who humiliated me in the past, but I never expected Dawn to arrive.

Otherwise, I would have not played this long.\'

It\'s not nice attacking someone\'s back either. Dawn unleashed a pillar of light that destroyed the copies of Menadion\'s Fury before splitting in two and chasing her enemies.

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