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Chapter 1074 Foolishness and Wisdom 4

By rejuvenating your bodies, it both keeps impurities from forming over time and your bodies from strengthening properly in-between breakthroughs.

Tista, to not need help to survive your next core refinement, you need impurities whereas Phloria has too many of them.

She needs to remove the excess and reinforce her body which is still a long shot from that of a proper blue-cored Awakened.

Quylla, Friya, Nalrond, if you remain so weak, your magic will also be limited.

Her words made everyone groan, making them feel like Lith had an unfair advantage over them, just like at the academy.

That said, you\'re also right.

A rigorous training requires rest, otherwise you\'ll never be able to absorb the knowledge I\'m teaching you and it would just roll off your back.

I plan on giving you free time, but only once you\'ve learned the basics.

Speaking of free time, this is for you. Faluel handed Quylla the letter.

The moment she recognized her mother\'s handwriting, a cold shiver ran down her spine.

Jirni used letters solely to deliver orders.

Whenever there was room for negotiation, she would always meet her children in person

Quylla imprinted the enchanted wax seal and it crumbled along with the envelopes\' protective spell.

The letter was surprisingly long and its tone mild.

Dear Quylla,

During the past years, you\'ve rejected all the suitors I introduced to you regardless of their talent, looks, or personality.

At this point, I have no idea what you\'re looking for in a companion and I came to believe that you ignore it as well.

I\'m growing afraid that if you keep up like this, you\'ll let life pass by you and miss a lot of experiences.

I\'m not as worried about your sisters because they both have the strength of character to pursue what they want when they find it.

No matter how wonderful magic is, it\'s a job like any other and once you grow older and live on your own, it will not give you a birthday present, it will not take care of you when you are sick, nor will it bring you a smile when you\'re sad.

That\'s what people are for.

Baron Eari is the perfect opportunity to face your trauma head-on and understand at least everything you don\'t want in a companion.

I\'ve spent very little time with him and I can assure you he\'s a living compendium of flaws.

After a single date with him, I\'m sure you\'ll be able to see the good in any other man.

Remember that I gave him my word you would go out with him and to wait at least one hour before dumping him.

With love, Mom.

Is he still here After reading the letter, Quylla had to admit that most of Jirni\'s observations were on point.

Sure, it was likely to be just a ruse to manipulate her feelings, but it didn\'t make Jirni\'s words any less true.

Quylla didn\'t have Friya\'s endless line of suitors, nor Phloria\'s guts to make the first move when she met someone interesting.


He is a piece of work, so I had him detained to keep me from either ripping my ears or his tongue off. Faluel\'s angry voice surprised Lith.

He knew the Hydra the best and he had never seen her that livid before, not even when dealing with the Council\'s underhanded ploys.

\'I wonder who could possibly be obnoxious enough to make Faluel angry yet manage to not get themselves killed.\' Lith thought.

The Hydra Warped Quylla to the prison and then she took Lith aside to share with him her plan about using Morok as a sparring partner for Domination.

You two could work together and learn from each other\'s mistakes.

Even though he is older than you, Morok managed to open four eyes whereas even my son is still stuck at two heads despite being the same age.

Domination isn\'t something that you can share with your friends, nor can they learn about it.

That\'s why I used only elemental mastery during our spar.

Solus can help you to understand how Domination works, but she might not be able to control more than one element. Faluel said.

I agree with you.

Who knows, maybe he could even help me to open the rest of my eyes or at least to understand what keeps them closed.

Yet Morok can\'t be allowed to stay here.

He\'s not an Awakened, a Healer, and not even a Forgemaster.

More importantly, he doesn\'t know about Solus and I have no reason to trust him.

I won\'t sacrifice what little life of her own she\'s finally achieved for that jackass. Lith said while caressing Solus\'s ring.

Those words and the moments shared together the previous night moved her heart.

Thank heavens! After five minutes with him, the idea of having Morok around was enough to give me the creeps. Faluel sighed in relief.

The moment Quylla is done with him, I\'ll Warp him as far away as I can.

Meanwhile, Quylla cleared her throat several times before realizing that Morok wasn\'t just asleep, but out cold, black, and blue.

Wow, I knew you were dumb, but pissing off a Hydra gives a new meaning the word. Quylla healed him while inwardly griping at the idea of spending time with such a moron.

Good morning to you as well, Quylla.

How\'s your sister Morok asked after recognizing her from her voice since his eyes were still too swelled to see a thing.

What She said in surprise.

I mean the tall one, not the hot one.

She was still dying before you left and I\'ve been quite worried about the three of you. He replied, misunderstanding her question.

She\'s fine, thanks.

Are you here for the date my mother promised you Quylla blushed in embarrassment.

Not only had he heard her rude remarks, but Morok had also asked her about Phloria, showing more good manners than her.

Yes and no.

I mean, I\'m here to ask you out, but I don\'t want you to feel forced because of my deal with Archon Ernas.

I did that just to have the opportunity to speak alone with you.

If you\'re not interested, I\'ll get out of your hair. Morok half spoke and half groaned.

Faluel had broken many of his bones, making even breathing painful.

You stalked Phloria for months just for that That was the creepiest and most flattering thing anyone had ever done for her.

Not stalked, protected her from the shadows.

I did it as my job, not for some weird fetish.

And yes, just for that.

Both the academy and your house staff refused to take my messages, what choice did I have He shrugged and gave himself a pang.

Do you realize that\'s too much effort for someone you know for barely more than two weeks

No, it isn\'t.

When we first met, I thought you were just a pretty face with a body to match, but during our stay in Kulah, I got to know you better. His words made her turn to a shade of purple.

Even though you\'re as fit as my grandma, you proved to be smarter than all those old fossils put together.

Your ingenuity saved us more times than my concussion allows me to count and you even took down more golems than anyone else.

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