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Chapter 1065 The Source of all Spells Part 1

An invisible sphere of Spirit Magic the size of a nut rested on Solus\'s hand while electric arcs appeared around it from time to time.

Unfortunately, the electricity was caused not by Spirit Magic but by her failed attempts.

Solus only managed to cast a second spell instead of adding the air element to Spirit Magic, triggering the arcs.

Friya and Quylla found the task even more difficult since they had never used Spirit Magic before and they had to conjure it through their wands.

Nalrond looked at the others in envy, yet instead of cursing the unjust fate, he watched and learned from their mistakes.

\'Based on what Faluel said, every time I cast a spell, I actually generate a strand a Spirit Magic.

As a true mage, my core is not Awakened but I can still use silent magic.

\'My people can\'t Awaken because our two cores would need to be refined at the same time and we are unable to control them separately, making their output unstable.

I should take this opportunity to learn how to feel mana.

\'Worst case scenario, I can adapt Faluel\'s teachings to Light Mastery to improve it.\' He thought while casting first magic non-stop and focusing only on the moment the spell sparked before letting it fade away.

Nalrond aimed to learn how to feel the mana coming from his cores and use that knowledge to create Spirit Magic.

\'Interesting.\' Lith thought while constantly shapeshifting the sphere of Spirit Magic in his hand.

\'Faluel said to use our favorite spell, but darkness and fire are unsuited for this exercise.

\'Explosions would distract everyone, me included, while ethereal spells are hard to study.

What a sly teacher I got.

The air blade was more than a demonstration, it was a hint.

If the spell is done correctly, the air element doesn\'t disappear and unlike earth or ice, air offers less resistance to Spirit Magic, making things easier for beginners like us.\'

Lith had practiced true magic ever since he had opened his eyes on Mogar.

He knew how imagination and willpower were the keys to success to every spell.

Lith closed his eyes and instead of trying to conjure the air element, he simply imagined to be holding a small vortex inside the mana sphere.

\'If there\'s something I learned after all these years, is that magic is simpler and yet more complex than people make it.

Simpler because just like it happens for world energy, there aren\'t six or seven different elements, just magic.

\'More complex because taking them individually generates an unbalance that is up to the mage to restore with his willpower and mana.\'

Lith kept his breathing steady, focusing on the flow of air coming from his own lungs.

It took him a while to realize that what Faluel wanted from them was nothing more than projecting Fusion Magic outside their bodies.

Suddenly, a small vortex appeared inside the sphere in his palm, making it visible to the naked eye.

Then, Lith focused on adding solely more Spirit Magic, to recreate the feeling of holding his weapon, something that he knew like the back of his hand.

The sphere grew and extended until a misty replica of War made of yellow energy appeared in Lith\'s hand.

Excellent work. Faluel clapped her hands.

Practice and hard work never betray you.

Don\'t be discouraged, guys.

Lith is a veteran compared to you.

Find your own way to succeed rather than blindly try and imitate him.

Why not A scaled version of the air blade appeared in the hand of Solus\'s stone doll.

I meant aside from you. Faluel sighed.

Try with other elements or focus on manipulating air.

The choice is up to you.

Even without the mind link, everything they had shared over the years had allowed them to learn how the other thought.

Seeing Lith succeed was enough for Solus to complete her own technique.

By the end of the lesson, everyone was dead tired.

Aside from Lith and Solus, no one had managed to mix Spirit and elemental magic.

There\'s nothing to be ashamed of.

Even Awakened have a hard time during their first day of Spirit Magic.

You\'ve seen how hard it is to manipulate mana on its own, mixing Spirit Magic with the other elements is even more difficult. Faluel said.

I can see from your faces how frustrated you are, so I\'m going to give you the night off.

Invigoration can restore your mana, vitality, and focus, but it can\'t lift your spirit.

That\'s why before letting you go I\'ll give you one final lesson.

Her words made everyone groan in despair.

Even Lith couldn\'t wait to take a bath and do something else.

Water and earth had proven tougher than air while light and darkness due to their ethereal nature were still beyond his reach.

I\'m sorry, it came out wrong.

Not a lesson, more like a demonstration.

So far, all I\'ve explained to you is as difficult as it seems pointless.

That\'s why I\'m going to show you where these lessons will lead you if you endure them to the very end.

Lith, use Invigoration and step forward, please. Faluel beckoned at him.

Why me He said while rolling his eyes.

You\'re the sturdier among them and the only one who can last long enough to prove my point.

Feel free to use all kinds of magic and your equipment, I\'ll use only the Spirit Magic that I just taught you and my physical abilities. Faluel said.

Sorry, but I\'m eager to put myself to the test against someone of your caliber. Lith conjured the yellow blade again.

It was still fuzzy, but more distinct than before.

I\'ve yet to go all-out with my new body and you are the best opponent I could ask for.

How naïve. Faluel giggled in such a lovely way that Nalrond\'s heart pounded.

You and I are really similar in many ways, but you forget that experience beats everything, talent included.

A yellow longsword appeared in her hand.

It was shaped with such mastery that it had a hilt and a guard instead that just a blade like Lith\'s.

Phloria could almost differentiate its edge from the fuller and even see runes over its surface.

Do your worst and remember, I\'m only restricting my physical strength and magic.

Here I come. Faluel darted forward, her usual kind expression replaced by the stone mask of a warrior.

\'Her speed is nothing I can\'t follow with fusion magic.

I wonder what did she meant with-\' Lith had his answer when Faluel anticipated his attempt to dodge her blade and changed the course of her lunge with a flick of the wrist.

Lith managed to block and felt relieved when he realized that Faluel had adjusted her abilities to perfectly match his own.

The relief, however, disappeared when her sword cut through his as if it was just a wooden stick.

To make matters worse, such a balanced fight was only possible if she had somehow already grasped his limits while he had yet to learn them.

The sudden awareness of the skill gap between them almost made Lith freeze.


He stepped back and reformed the blade, focusing on its hardness.

Get serious. Faluel\'s eyes sparked with yellow light, turning Lith\'s weapon back into just air.

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